Friday, November 7, 2008

Soap & Glory - My Obsession

Some of you might recognize the name Marcia Kilgore? Yes? She was the founder of Bliss spa. Remember being bullied by the Bliss Spa Catalog to buy something RIGHT NOW or else they would stop mailing the catalog to you? Yeah. I was a sucker. I bought stuff. If you remember that, then you have been witness to Ms. Kilgore's most genius marketing concept. While many may not like that tactic, it's effective for business. Being a good little capitalist can appreciate that and being of good humor I can also laugh at myself for buying into it and ordering from the Bliss catalog...just so i could keep getting it. That damn catalog is like porn to me! Well, Ms. Kilgore has since left Bliss and now has come out with a lower-priced product line called Soap & Glory. As she did with Bliss, Ms. Kilgore has come up with some cutsie names for her line. But don't let the pink plastic and kitschy names fool you. What's inside is great stuff!

One of the major reasons I love Soap & Glory products is because of the scent. Everything from the shower soap to the body butter smells like Christian Dior's Miss Dior Cherie perfume! I happen to be a huge fan of that scent. It has been described as having notes of Green Tangerine, Violette, Pink Jasmine, Patchouli, Crystalline Musk, Strawberry Leaves, Caramelized Popcorn, Strawberry Sorbet. Popcorn? Yes. My nose is not as sophisticated as others but I like what I like. But this is a Love it or Hate it scent. If you hate it the Soap & Glory products won't be on your shopping list....sad to say.

I have only been able to purchase the Soap & Glory products at Target in the USA but the Soap & Glory website is being revamped and will have on line shopping soon! Let's hope the shipping isn't too expensive.

After purchasing my 3rd tub of Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter I figured I would finally write a review of it. I also have a few other products from this line and I'll comment on those too. But lets start with the body butter shall we?

For $14.99 and at a giant size of 10.14 oz!, this body butter comes in a large plastic pink tub with a screw off top. It's super packaging because I can get every last drop of this stuff out. The body butter is rich. but not waxy or greasy. It sinks in immediately and leaves no residue. It definitely keeps my skin soft. With continued use I have seen an improvement in my skin on my arms and legs. Now my feet, well that's another matter entirely. I have awful feet. I hate them. They are in terrible condition and I feel sorry for anyone that has to do a pedicure on them. I tip very well whenever I get a pedi done. But I will tell you. When I slather the S&G body butter on my tootsies they got a bit better. It's a miracle. I actually saw an improvement in my feet after repeated use.

So what else is good?

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter Lotion - This is a lighter version of the body butter with the same delicious scent. I use this on my chest and neck and back with no pore clogging! 7.7 fl oz for $9.99 it's a deal!

Soap & Glory Clean On Me Body Wash - 2 pumps and you have a ton of lather! One bottle has lasted me months and months! The body wash is not drying and rinses well leaving no residue. I wish it was a tad more moisturizing but I have the lotions & spray oils to help. 16.2 fl oz at $9.99

Soap & Glory Scrub of Your Life Body Scrub - for days when soap is not enough I use this body scrub what is a foaming scrub so it not only cleans but sloughs away dead skin off my arms and legs. It has the same scent and comes in a squeeze tube. It rinses clean without any residue or grainy bits left over. A little goes a long way. 6.6 fl oz for $14.99

Sorry no picture available!

Soap & Glory Girligo Body Moisturizing Mist - For days when I need extra moisturizing i spray this mist on as soon as I get out of the shower. it feels like an oil, it spreads in evenly and does not leave a greasy feel but I feel like my skin is more moisturized. It has the same wonderful scent and is a great item if you like to layer scents. I find that my perfume (Miss Dior Cherie) tends to last longer when I layer it with the Soap & Glory products. 7.7 fl oz for $11.99. 2-3 sprays for each limb and 1-2 for your chest & neck this bottle will last a while!

Soap & Glory Great Shakes Hand Cream - A nice moisturizing hand cream but it is strongly scented so watch out for use with a different perfume. It may clash. It leaves my hands soft and supple without feeling greasy or waxy. 4.2 fl oz for $9.99

So All in all. I'm in love. I love the quality, scent, price. You name it I love it. I might not agree with Ms. Kilgore's past marketing philosophy 100% but I'm able to let bygones be bygones for the fantastic products she offers. I want every item she sells from this line...except for maybe the cellulite cream which I think as an idea is worthless...and I'm too far gone, that a cream isn't going to help me.

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  1. I have the S&G Sexy Motherpucker lip gloss. It is really awesome! It is the longest lasting gloss I've ever used but beware, because it is a plumping gloss it really burns your lips for a short time.

  2. WOW!!

    I'm suprised u didnt get the sexy mutherpucker lipgloss sets mama -- they mega TINGLY and vaVOOM the lips, plus the colors are nice!!
    (next purchase) but yes you're right the scent does smell alot like Chanel, I couldn't place it!!!

  3. I have eyeballed this line at Target but now I think I'll grab me up a product or two. I never really gave it more than a stare as I passed by. Like some lines I assumed cute packaging is making up for the crappy product. Good to know it is worth it!

  4. archellebaker and kimberlytia: I have not tried the glosses yet. I must now pick one up b/c of you two!

    tink: I started with small sample sizes because I didn't want to "invest" the money into a larger one. That's what I like about this line is they have small sample sizes for sale. :-)

  5. I bought the body butter in the large tube and the shower was in a sample... OMG! I smell sooooo good and feel soooo silky! This stuff rocks!

  6. I bought some of S*G's 'Firminator' last week - I'm not sure if it's actually working but it tingles and feels wonderful. Loved you reviews of the products, lovely blog!

  7. Hey, thanks for subscribing to my blog! I so want to try out all the ones listed here that I don't have- this brand is oddly addictive?! Great blog, love the pinkness and content x

  8. cat, northern irelandMarch 11, 2009 at 5:16 PM

    hey, got loads of soap n glory products today. My body feels amazing after using clean on me shower cream along with the flake away body scrub! The gloss is amazing! Mine's has'nt come off for hours! However, the fill monty dab on instant wrinkle filler did not work at all and it burned my eye area... do not try!


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