Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday Poll

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My lovely mother in law is in town and I was able to go on a real live date with my husband while she baby sat little Darthypie! We wont to see the new James Bond movie and I tried to restrain myself from drooling every time Daniel Craig was on screen. (which is most of the movie). I was nice to have a night out and I wish my mother in law lived closer and could visit more often. Darthypie love his Grandma "ba ba" (we are working on multi syllabic words right now). Enough incoherent rambling about my son. On to the POLL!

1) Blush Of The Day? - Pout Berry Babe. Damn a 2nd one I like. I might have to swap for more!

2) Which do you own more of?: Blush, eye shadow, lipstick, lip gloss, eyeliner, or other? - Eyeshadow with a close second at lip gloss. It used to be Lipstick but eyeshadow easily overtook that.

3) Name a favorite item you never would have tried if it wasn't recommended to you. - Chanel Mocha JC. The SA put it on my inner wrist and it looked so lovely. I was so glad that it looked the same on my cheeks. Too bad this color is not for everyone. It really is lovely! AND Pout Cherie Tart, recommended to me by Cashmerewhore on MUA. I love this flushed "just in from the cold" color it gives my cheeks!

4) Name a guilty pleasure you have when it comes to watching TV. - I love watching all the "Real Housewives Of..." series. Let it be Orange County, New York, Atlanta. I love it all. The majority of the women that participate are wretched people but I like watching them shop, especially on the Orange County Show. I thought the Real Housewives Of Atlanta had the most use of makeup and makeup artists...which is always nice. Oh I also like watching Split Ends and fantasize about being a hairdresser. Then I remember how much my back hurts when I stand in one place for too long and realize I would be a Beauty School Drop Out.

5) What perfume are you currently obsessed with and what one has lost your favor? - I'm currently obsessed with Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb. I didn't like it sprayed on a card but I put it on my wrist the other day and I fell in love! I have lost favor with my Jill Stuart Jasmine Fleur perfume. After reading a review that said they detected a "fecal" note I immediately started to smell it too! Gah. I know it's not there but now I can't rid my nose's mind of it!


  1. Yay for date night and nice mother-in-laws! I didn't like Quantum of Solace as much as Casino Royale... too much jerky-camera violence. But Daniel Craig is still the best James Bond ever, hands down!

    1)MAC Strada

    2)Hmmm, without counting, I'd say a tie between lipstick and eyeshadow.

    3)MAC Saddle eyeshadow for my brows-perfect auburn shade!

    4)Gossip Girl & The Hills *hangs head in shame*

    5)I don't wear perfume, so no obsessions, but now I'm trying to imagine what a nose's mind looks like...

    [BTW, I am still waiting on our Mood polish to arrive! I know you need another gray polish like you need another hole in the head, but it's the principle of it. ^%$#@$# Evilbay sellers and their slow shipping. Hrrmmph.]

  2. top of the morning to ya! ;) yay for date night with hubby!
    great poll as it is right on time with my lemmings and favors.. great answers too!

    blush of the day: none yet, but more than likely lancome's bombay glow.

    which do you own more of: i have no idea. i'd venture to say eye shadows, but hmmm lippies might be in a tie.

    item i would have never tried: i would agree with valerie- before being suggested cork e/s and more recently swiss chocolate e/s for my brows i wouldn't have thunk it!

    guilty tv pleasures: watching kiddie shows without my son.. disney is an iconic power house!

    perfume obsessions: issey miyake and like you flower bomb!

    which one has lost my favor: hmmm probably amazing grace by philosophy. i can only stand an inkling of it.... but i like to splash 'parfum' eww no no!

    blasphemy! how could someone curse a fragrance describing a note of fecal matter???? HILARIOUS AT BEST. don't you hate when ppl ruin things for you like that? usually for me that happens in music.. like a chord i just hate or an annoying background vocal...

    have a great day!

  3. BOTD: BE Rose Radiance, I love this because it gives just a lovely rosy pink flush to the cheeks.

    What MU do I own more of: Easily, eyeshadows, they fascinate me with all those color variations.

    Favorite Item Recommended to me: HA! Dr. Brandt Pores No More, recommended by our own Pink Sith who has become a major lemming inducer to me!

    Guilty TV Pleasure: The Girls Next Door, Hef's little bleached blonde bimbos just fascinate the heck out of me. Also, the new Blush show and the worst of all, Rock of Love, I am currently awaiting the "Tour Bus" edition. Brett Michaels is nothing but a man-whore but I just have this "thing" for him.

    Perfume currently obesessed with:
    Well not a perfume, but a note, Amber, any perfume with amber, I am currently wanting to try GapBody's White Amber.

    omg whoever decided, "mm that smells nice. it just needs a little hint of.. doggie doo." must've had some kind of "brown moustache" fetish.

  5. YAY for date night! =)

    1) Blush Of The Day? - BB Summer Tan Pot Rouge. I really like it; cancels out the red in my cheeks but still manages to give me a tanned look =) I need to get Velvet Plum next...

    2) Which do you own more of?: Blush, eye shadow, lipstick, lip gloss, eyeliner, or other? - Lipgloss, eyeshadow, lipstick, blush, eyeliner (in that order)

    3) Name a favorite item you never would have tried if it wasn't recommended to you. - hmm...Flower by Kenzo! Cavewoman sent me a lovely package last October with a decant of this perfume, and she created a monster. I'm now totally, totally obsessed.

    4) Name a guilty pleasure you have when it comes to watching TV. - Does South Park count?

    5) What perfume are you currently obsessed with and what one has lost your favor? - None have really lost my favor, but I've been obsessing over Le Labo. There's a store a few blocks off of campus, and I want their rose cologne...

  6. 1. UD Fishnet E/S - Fabulous as a blush.

    2. Eyeshadow and Mascara. Definitely.

    3. Clinique Almond Blosson Blush and Benefit Talk to My Agent Lipgloss.

    4. I LOVE, LOVE Skins on BBC America and sometimes I get suckered into Destroyed in Seconds on Discovery Channel.

    5. Right now my two loves are Burberry's The Beat and Harajuku Lover's Love perfume. VS Very Sexy has fallen out of my favor primarily because the scent profile I liked in it is better and richer in The Beat, so I never wear it.

  7. good on Mother-in-law! :p

    1) no blush as I forgot to bring any! still toying the idea to get a lancome or something for the time being... grrr

    2) eye shadows of course!

    3) that will be Chanel JC Brume D'Or, similar to Mocha in your case.

    4) don't rrslly watch TV so not guilty.

    5) doesn't apply... :P

  8. 1) no makeup today


    3)Meow Cosmetics mineral foundation

    4)There are so many! Days of Lives, Lipstick Jungle, Las Vegas, The Office, Desperate Housewives, Starter Wife

    5) None have lost my favor. Cremoso pumpkin pint has me all tangled up and wanting some pumpkin.


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