Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Purchase - Lancome Piha Lip Set - Guest Review by Joeybunny!

Hello Pink Sith readers! I’ve returned once again with a review of a product that has been haunting my dreams (and my bank account) since the summer: Lancome’s limited edition Piha lip set.

Now for those of you who have no idea what the hell a Piha set is, please refer to Darth’s original post: http://pinksith.blogspot.com/2008/08/exclusive-lancme-color-fever-gloss.html
[edit from PinkSith - Please note Joey's comment about this set]

For those who’d prefer to not read the original entry (you’re missing out!), Lancome has a new artistic director named Aaron de Mey (replacing the incredible Gucci Westman). de May wanted to create a red similar to that of the Christian Louboutin shoe sole. Also, black lips are in for the fall/winter, so I guess he decided to combine these two into one hot, lemming-worthy lip set. Thus, Piha was born!

I preordered this like the junkie I am back in August, and finally picked it up this past Saturday. The set is $48 and comes with Aaron’s Red lipstick and Piha Black gloss. If you weren’t on the waitlist, you can stalk Evilbay for your own exorbitantly overpriced set!

Now, on to the review! Aaron’s Red is TO DIE FOR. This is the f*ck me red lip of my dreams. Excuse the vulgarity, but really – this lipstick is for the fearless only. It is an incredibly bright, neutral slightly glossy red. It IS the color of a Louboutin sole. Aaron, you did a great job here! The best part is that it has a better texture than the previous Pret-a-Porter lipsticks. This lipstick is, honestly, worth the $48 price tag itself. That really says a lot. I am going to start going back to church, because I need to pray that Lancome makes this color permanent. It truly is that amazing. The color is amazing, the feel is amazing, and the wear is amazing.

I wish I could rave over the Piha Black gloss. Now, most people haven’t embraced the black lip trend as much as I have. Admittedly, I don’t have the YSL Black gloss, because it is very streaky when applied (and thus, not worth my $30). However, I do own Fyrinnae’s black gloss and both Lipstick Queen’s Black Tie Optional lip gloss and lipstick. I like black lips! They’re quite sexy, and a sheer black gloss turns the lips a very sexy plum color.

Piha Black gloss was touted as being a wearable black. First off, it is quite sheer which should make it wearable – but it isn’t. First off, the gloss is gray, not black. Secondly, it is FULL of multi-colored micro glitter. Not shimmer, but glitter. Think about this, everyone: a sheer grey glittery gloss. It does NOT show up over Aaron’s Red. In the pictures below, I have COATS of the gloss on, and can you see it? No. It slightly deepens the lipstick, and makes it glittery.

But do I get that cool black lip look from the Lancome promo pictures?
Hell naw! I did try the gloss over bare lips and it was meh – it did turn my lips that nice plum color, but all the glitter just killed it. I need to find a way to make this gloss work – I think it may work over a nice pink lip color. I may just take Lancome’s recommendation and try it as an eye gloss. So was this gloss worth it? Not quite. But would I return it? Of course not! It’s limited edition! And I’m crazy!
gloss swatch

All in all, if you can, skip purchasing the set and stalk Evilbay for Aaron’s Red…or join me in church to pray for its continuing existence!

Aaron's Red with Piha Gloss over top - no flash

Aaron's Red with Piha Gloss over top - with flash

Aaron's Red with no gloss - with flash


  1. pardon me while i droool! soooo willamina harker.

  2. That red is H.O.T. on you! Sucks about the gloss, but if the lipstick is worth the $48, then it's alllll good. :-)

  3. Great review, Miss Bunny! The red is to die for, and it is beautiful on you! I'm off to church! Haha!

  4. wow that's some red! i like it best with the gloss on. so shiny!

    thanks for another great review.

  5. See I have it too. I picked it up on Monday. For some reason it came out darker on my lips. I also just tried it quickly, didn't use a brush or liner. I also put the gloss on first! This may make a difference.

  6. Does anyone know which number is the red colour, because they are many red shades to choose...


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