Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Beauty Buying & Selling Community

Aly at Gloss Menagerie created a Yahoo Group for Buying & Selling makeup/beauty items called buyandsellbeauty!

As some of you may or may not know. Makeup isn't allowed to be sold on Makeupalley.com (just swapped) and Ebay.com only allows the sale of brand new cosmetics. Which is all fine and well, but a lot of items can be easily sanitized and re-sold as long as both parties know about the condition! Plus it's a shame that so much goes to waste.

There are a couple other places where you can sell used makeup, but in my opinion they are pretty confusing and sometimes hard to join the group.
Hopefully the idea of a mailing list like the one Aly created with yahoo groups is pretty simple for everyone and the community is easy to use.

The only requirement right now is that you have feedback/an identity somewhere else. (e.g. Makeualley.com, ebay, Livejournal, etc) However, once the community gets more established that might change.

So what are you waiting for? You could score some awesome deals on items from trusted sellers and you could sell some of YOUR makeup! I know that I am certainly compiling my list of items to sell.

The URL for Buy & Sell Beauty is

Check it out and join!


  1. Nice, is it accessable for international makeupfans as well, or just US?

  2. BBB: I would say it's accessible to international but it will depend on the seller. I certainly will not have restrictions for international buyers.


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