Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gift - Pout Cherie Tarte blush - That Delusional Ex-Child Star Keeping Her Disabled Sister, Prisoner - Color Flush

For what it seems like moths I have been chasing red blushes. I have purchased a few and tested many. All in vain. Why would a light neutral toned gal like me wan with red blush? I wanted that "just in from the cold" look. That true blush of embarrassment, love, anger, you name it. I wanted that red flush. I seem to wear so much base makeup to cover redness in places I don’t want that I end up not having any natural “blush” in places I do want.... Oh that and I’m a blush hoor! I like buying blush. I like to have a lot of blush at my disposal…but sometimes I go a little crazy and get obsessed with finding the “right” color. Well I found it. Unfortunately it’s been discontinued.

Pout Cosmetics was a UK cosmetic company that seems to go out of business over a year and a half ago. I really don’t want to go into the details here. a) because it’s old news and b) I’m too lazy to look it up. Do your own google search

So what is this miracle blush? Pout - Cherie Tarte blush is that “in from the cold” natural flush I have been looking for. It’s not even red!

I am fortunate enough to be friendly with a wonderful woman who has an enormous makeup collection with sometimes multiple backups of items. This woman, let’s call her Cashmerewhore for this example, had this Pout blush. She was willing to swap it to me for another blush I had…which was from a swap from her in the past...and…well it gets convoluted and complicated. Let’s just say that we were able to broker a deal where she got what she wanted and I got what I wanted. Personally I think I got the better deal…but let’s not nit pick shall we? ANYWAY, Cashmerewhore sent me this blush with the promise that it would be love at first swipe. She was so right!

When first opening this blush I was in awe of the size. The diameter is larger than the diameter of a soda can. However thin, it’s still a decent amount(12g/0.42 ounces) The sleek pearlized green compact opened to reveal a bright pink sparkly blush. This blush is not for the weak at heart. It’s highly pigmented. A little goes a long way. And as much as I adore this color and wear it many days in a row I doubt I will ever hit the pan on this blush.

Now the glitter averse should be aware that the sparkle does not translate to the face when I apply using a small skunk brush. I use the Flirt (Kohls Brand) Dust-her brush that is similar to the MAC 188 brush, the anorexic twin to the MAC 187. I lightly swipe the brush over the blush and then gently sweep the brush over the apples of my cheeks. The blush is so pigmented that I fear that using a regular blush brush would result in some diabolical “What Ever Happened To Baby Jane” type of makeover. Yeah. I know the move was in black & white and I’m showing you a color promo picture, but work with me here, OK?

As I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted by you nit pickers with your “details” and wanting “clarity” rather than hyperbole, I was trying to tell you that this blush is really freakin’ pigmented and use a light hand when applying.

So how can you find this blush? Well, you can try to swap for a used one on, or buy it used from or possible or perhaps search for it on evilbay. You never know. You might luck out. If any of my UK readers can tell me about the availability of finding Pout blushes or other items across the pond, that would be great!

So do YOU need this blush? Probably not. Not everyone NEEDS that “just in from a day frolicking on the snowy hills, sledding and taking horse drawn sleigh rides with Daniel Craig” flush. But if you do, I suggest you start looking for this blush as soon as possible!


  1. oh my god.
    I want it.
    I've been searching for it forever.
    I hate you. I can't believe you have it!!!
    It's the I've just been fucked in the snow look.
    I waaaaaaaaaant.

  2. Good grief!!I love this film so so so so much!

    I see alot of ancient ladies wandering around london all frocked up and gleeful with their red blush! I am going to try an snap a pic just for you!

  3. Can I work a color like this, or would I need not-blue hair for it to look okay on my nuclear winter complexion? It looks pretty, but Outlaw by Nars looked kind of.. rashy on me.

  4. This one is my favourite Pout blush. I'm sure there were quite afew UK-based sites selling Pout stuff. And they're always popping up on Ebay too.

  5. omg that film was soooo fabulous, that just brought back memories!

    now you make me want to go rent it, I do have Mommie Dearest tho....


  6. I love your hyperbole! I'm a timid little thing when it comes to blush though, so I'll be leaving this one for the braver ladies.

    Off topic-I finally did a mani with my Mood polish. The application kind of sucked, not at all smooth, but I'm loving the color! It's so weird how I can see little blue sparkles when I look up close, but from a distance it doesn't seem to have a "blue" cast to it at all. Also, it has a really nice shine/reflection to it. I think it will go in the category with Ni-Coal as one of my favorite grays. Score! :-)

  7. Awh, this is the second, or third time I've been name-dropped here.

    I told you you'd love that blush.

    And I think you're right, I've carried that other tokidoki once since I got it.

    Better than stila petal by far, huh?

  8. mc.lizzle xx: You CAN get it. There are auctions on ebay for them. A lot in the UK too. Good luck w/ your snow f*ck look!

    Glow Chaser: Isn't it the best movie? Both actresses are amazing. They just don't make em like they used to!

    Kristy: You can, but you will need to be light handed. I'm not a fan of NARS blushes so I say you should give Pout a try if you can. You will be pleased w/ the result!

    Hi Cargolover! Thanks for stopping by! I'm so glad Amanda swapped it to me! I bet it looks HAWT on you!

    Kimberly Tia: "Christina! Bring me the ax!" Love MD movie too! but yes. go rent WEHTBJ.

    Valerie: I just love using the word hyperbole! I had similar problems with that nail polish. It peeled like crazy on me too. I didn't notice a blue cast but you are more warm and I'm neutral/cool so maybe that's why it shows on you more. KWIM?

    Amanda: You are the best!! You are right. I do love it. MUCH better than Stila by a long shot. Thank you again!


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