Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday Poll

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I started this blog as a fun thing to do. I started to get stressed about it some time in November. I finally decided I wasn't having fun in December. It was all my doing. I was pushing myself too hard. I thought I could produce the same quantity of posts as some more established bloggers, but quickly realized I was sacrificing quality for quantity. I don't want to do that to myself, let alone you all. I also have had to deal with unforeseen issues such as lack of light to take decent pictures, my husband's crazy work schedule which mean less time away from little Darthypie to write articles for the blog and a host of other personal issues. All this time I feel guilty for even starting this blog and not taking the time to contribute to it as often as I want to, or think I should. I'm a very competitive person. I obsess over hits, number of comments, followers, etc. I want to be the best and it kills me when I look at the blog and see it has been 2 weeks with no post. I know I will never be number one. I know I will never have the following of Blogs like The Makeup Bag or Blogdorf Goodman or Temptalia or The Muse. In reality, I don't think I even want that kind of responsibility. I just want to be reliable. That is something that I have not been for several weeks. I apologize to anyone that reads this blog with some regularity, for my lack of being reliable. I promise that in the next few weeks I will endeavour to become more reliable, while at the same time not sacrificing quality. I know I am basically starting over again, trying to get new readers and hopefully winning back old ones. Forgive me in my slow efforts to regroup and I hope you all will benefit form future posts.
Thank you,


1) Eye Of The Day? - Shu Uemura ME Silver 945, BECCA Chantilly, Koji Linequeen liner(black), Guerlain Kohl in Oriental Metal, Shu Uemura The Basic Mascara (black) and Maybelline Colossal Mascara (black). An actual article of the Shu ME945 will follow in the coming weeks.

2) Blush Of The Day? - Shu Uemura Sakura and Chanel Narcisse

3) Blush(es) that has(have) the biggest dip or you have hit pan on in your collection? - Chanel Narcisse and Chanel Nude Huge dips. I think I might hit pan on Narcisse next year. There is a lot of product to those Chanel JCs. They are worth the price!

4) Last movie you saw in a theater? - Punisher-War Zone! Oh Ray Stevenson is so divine. I wouldn't throw him out of bed for leaving AK-47 bullet casings on the sheets! The movie was good too..but they didn't show him topless/naked so I only give it 3 stars.

5) Latest Makeup/Skincare Purchase? - Aside from a ton of Sheet Masks from Kathi at Lotuspalace blog I picked up Lancome's Erika F eyeshadow. It's a beautiful shimmery gray green. It may be my 2nd favorite khaki colored eyeshadow next to my coveted Laneige! (an article on the Lancome e/s to be published soon too)


  1. Hey no need to beat your self up over the lack of posts - life happens. I do miss it when you are not blogging but lay back and enjoy the Holidays! Cheers!

  2. Elvira, no worries. If you noticed the big blogs need their time off too. Enjoy your family, and your "you" time. This blog is just a corner in the world for you to express yourself whenever you want to express yourself. I totally understand how you feel, but remember that this is more for you. We the readers appreciate anything you give, and we understand that life happens.

    Ok, poll
    1) EOTD--nothing right now, but I am planning on using the new lancome palette if I allot the proper amount of time.

    2) BOTD--nothing,

    3) Blush with big dip--Cargo blush in Tonga; PF blush in baked cocoa

    4) Movie--Role Models, really funny. I love stupid humor and gratuitous naked male booty.

    5) Purchases--UD 24/7 liners, UDPP, Avon waterproof eyeliner, Avon 24K lippies, mark. flip for it on sale, moisturizer, nail polish (CG in lulu heels), and something else.

  3. no worries! at least for the google reader subscribers... google reader let's us know when you are current so we are reading whenever you post. today or next week!

  4. I'd still read if you posted once a day or once a month. :)

    1) Eye Of The Day? - Not a dang thing, after much effort. Removing my eye makeup last night took a lot of effort due to crap remover. Haven't put any new on.

    2) Blush Of The Day? - Also nothing. I suck. :P

    3) Blush(es) that has(have) the biggest dip or you have hit pan on in your collection? - Milani Luminous

    4) Last movie you saw in a theater? - Is it sad that I don't remember? It wasn't even that long ago! Boyfriend and I went and saw....something. I even really enjoyed it, I remember. wtf?

    5) Latest Makeup/Skincare Purchase? - MF's new mascara that I reviewed in my blog. It's great.

  5. Hey pretty lady!! Dont fret... Its a busy time for all of us. And we all understand the pressures of life.

    Take care! })i({

  6. I 2nd wwhat Aly said- no matter if you post every day or once a month, I like to read it. Blogging is a hobby, not your life, and we know that. :-)

    1) Benefit Bunny Hop cream shadow as a wash & Clinique Cocoa Shimmer cream shaper (LE)

    2)Paul & Joe #26

    3) Stila Magnolia CC and GA cream #7

    4) have no idea... it's been a few weeks

    5) I have been on a nailpolish bender! I have swapped for or bought like 10 different polishes in the last week or so- I think I'm winding down now. :-)

    Congrats on getting the elusive Erika F.!

  7. girl, you know i don't do written polls much but i do click on them if you have those buttons. i am lazy to use my brain especially after writing my own blog. HAHAHAHA

    ok, i checked your "history" a little after what you just wrote above. girl, you started out in JULY and i started out in MARCH. you have 25 follower and i have 24. So what does that say to you???

    STOP looking at numbers!!!

    They don't mean a thing! i know of bloggers who have hundreds of followers! they are popular! so what!!! you have to do this only if you feel it's fun. when it's taking on a toll, it's no longer fun and it's good to take a mini break from here.

    i had a similar situation when i started. i thought i was talking to myself as hardly anyone post a reply. i felt like i was a nutcase.

    i tried to vary my posts to include more discussiones which drew more crowd to come forward. But i wasn't comfortable with those post as that was not me. So i quit doing them. i do only what i am feeling good at, which is just reviewing products with some FOTD and light discussion on skincare as i don't believe in trying out too many skin care products. if i don't try a product myself, i can't write about it. so if that means less posts, so be it!

    Quality definitely outweight quantity. And you know what? people like you and i have little kids around should also reframe ourselves from the NET as they are our prioritie, not this blog! and I can see you are doing that and so that's part of the reason why you are frustrated. GOOD ON YOU!

    It's the holiday time and it's stressful for most people. so breaking off from here is certainly a great thing.

    i have checked into your blog when you stopped posting. i just assumed you were too busy. (well, DH said assumption is the mother of all fucked ups! so I must be one then...) I should have be more concerned and written to you in private...

    Hugs from me girl. and believe me. you are doing so well. not all people like to come forward and let people know what they read and what they "follow"! :))))

  8. love your blog- dont sweat the post count. Live your life.

  9. Don't be so hard on yourself!

    OMG you acquired ME945? Is it the hot sex I said it would be?

    OK-on to the poll:

    1.NARS AAE and Shu P Brown 860 (a less metallic 945 imo) Lineed w/ LM Black Ebony and CG Lash Exact.

    2. Chanel Narcisse-quarter size pan showing! *boo-yah*

    3. Narcisse :)ALso showing pan in Nude and Shu P Amber 83

    4. SATC. I know. It's sad.

    5. Chantecaille Ylang ls. Still undecided :(

  10. Yay! You're back! I'm excited :-)!

    1) EOTD - UD Underground + L'Oreal HIP Teal Kohl + MUFE Smoky Lash Mascara

    2) None!

    3)If the fact that I use UD Fishnet as a blush and have hit pan on that, then yes. I hit pan on a blush ;-).

    4)Max Payne. Was a little upset by the way it played out, but Mark Wahlberg was ubersex in it.

    5) L'Oreal HIP Kohls, a TON of MAC, and... a YSL Pur Black gloss.

    Really, I missed your posts, you were even converting me to taupe! Keep on rockin'.

    A devoted reader,

  11. Aw Elvira, it's ok! And I'm always here to pitch in once in awhile! Love ya!!

    1) Eye Of The Day? - All MAC shadows: Blanc Type from lashes to brow, MAC Malt on lid, MAC Quarry in crease, MAC Charcoal Brown in outer V. Chanel Exceptionnel mascara, which is AMAZING. Some Bourjois eyeliner.

    2) Blush Of The Day? - random shimmery rose pigment from some company...

    3) Blush(es) that has(have) the biggest dip or you have hit pan on in your collection? - WTH IS DIP?!

    4) Last movie you saw in a theater? - Uh, Saw V =/

    5) Latest Makeup/Skincare Purchase? - Hm...MAC Apres-Ski and the shimmery taupey gloss from the collection...gotta pick it up from verybecca =D

  12. We love you for the way you are different from the other bloggers...not for being exactly like them!!! We'll be here whenever you are :)

    Blush of the day: Giorgia Armania #10
    Eye of the day: Chanel safari e/s, bobbi brown gel liner in espresso ink, and estee lauder magnascopic mascara
    3) blush with biggest dip: chanel narcisse
    4)movie in a theater: some kiddy or the other, can't remember :)
    5) latest purchase: vincent longo lippies and 10 sinful colors nailpolishes (yikes)

  13. I read blogdorf and temptalia and your blog is becoming my favorite amongst them. Keep up the posts. I love your witty writing style.

  14. Hi Elvira, its funny you wrote that post because there are days that I feel like that too! There were times that I actually felt like deleting my blog & than I would get a random comment or email & realized that people actually read my blog. Its come to the point that I write for myself (some sort of reference point I guess) & hope that others will enjoy my blog too in the process. But sometimes you need a break! And blogging can be time consuming. However, I love visiting your blog due to your content so when your ready I'll be here to read:)
    Happy Holidays!!


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