Monday, December 8, 2008

Gift - VOV Aura Shimmer Blusher - A Glowy gift from Korea

I was fortunate enough to have my friend Pam offer up her dear husband, Andy’s, services to pick me up a few treasures on his next trip to Korea. How could I say no? I e-mailed Andy a long list WITH pictures and told him to get whatever he could find. I learned a few things. A) Lotree is a brand like AVON. You can only really buy it on line or through a rep…so say bye bye to that shimmer bling face powder I wanted. B) The exchange rate is good for the dollar. I got a BB cream, BB powder and 2 blushes for $40! And C) My Friend Pam has an awesome husband! I don’t know many men that would buy makeup for someone, let alone go to a foreign country and buy makeup. He ROCKS!

So I’ll tackle the BB cream review at a later date, but let me start with the eye candy.
VOV Aura Shimmer Blusher!
I asked for 2 different shades. 01-Highlight Shimmer Aura and 02-Pink Shimmer Aura. I was able to get both of them.
Let’s start with the packaging shall we?

Look at how pretty this is! The flowers are too cute for words and the container is a medium weight white plastic. The design is girly yet not immature. Does that make sense? Anyway…. I digress.

What is important is the product inside right? Yeah. Sure. If you are picky. Hello!! You all should know by now that I could sometimes care less about the inside. Might I remind you about the Lancome Lotus I procured? Yeah. I thought you had forgotten about that. Moving on.
The Blusher comes with a brush. But where is it? It neatly stored in the top of the container! A nice little half circle handles holds what looks to me a natural hair type blush brush. The brush is actually effective; however I wouldn’t choose to use it since I have a ton of other brushes that work just fine. But I applaud the design as I don’t have to handle the brush every time I open the product. I can even forget it’s there!

The 01-Highlight Shimmer Aura is a white based highlighter with a light pink stripe and a tiny speck of a beige spot. I’m not saying this to be cheeky. I just want you all to know that you are not going to pick up any color from the shade variations. What you get is a glowy white highlighter that is excellent applied to the upper cheek bone. It’s not sparkly or glittery. Just a nice glow. If over applied you will get a powdery almost chalky texture, so a little goes a long way.

The 02-Pink Shimmer Aura is a light pink based blush with a frosty punk section and 2 dark rose pink sections. This is also a glowy look. I really think that it’s too subtle for blush alone so I wear it over some of my other blushes. It looks amazing over my Chanel Narcisse and Rose Petal blushes. It gives a pretty pink glow. It is also not glittery or sparkly. Just a nice shimmer…but as with the white highlighter too much and you get an overly powdery chalky look.

So all in all. I am super pleased with my new acquisitions. The highlighters are beautiful and very subtle. It really gives a final polish to my every day look and I am so very grateful for Andy’s generosity and I give two cheers to Pam for volunteering him and a big hug to her for having to be without him when he travels.


  1. They both look so pretty and I love the packaging!

  2. "glowy" you say??

    I need this!! You are a star for doing this post -I keep seeing these and wondering!!

  3. Nice powders and nice husband- what a sweetie!

  4. Awesome!!!! And I can't wait for the BB cream review.

  5. this pink one is calling my name!!! you gotta to a BOFD some times so at least i know how it looks like on your cheeks. wink wink!!!

  6. the pink one looks absolutely lovely. I love your global collections.

  7. Those look gorgeous! Wish they were easier to get a hold off!

  8. Because my Thursday is not complete without telling you my BOTD and/or LOTD: MAC Brit Wit with Becca Angel and Dior gloss 587 lace beige.

  9. I love reading your blog but my bank account gets afraid. You always talk about the prettiest cosmetics.

  10. i got to try VOV at a small stall here but they only had very few items. I didn't see this but a pressed powder. It was very cheap looking and bad quality. :(

    ps: I got that Pupa Luminys Baked Blush because I really like it!I did read your review beforehand but I tried it out in person and liked it... *_*


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