Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The dog at my homework

Anyone that has access to my Facebook page has seen pictures of my dogs, Floyd & Artie. They are both English Bulldogs. Bulldogs like to chew. I was fortunate enough to get one, Artie, that likes to chew EVERYTHING.
Here is the number he did on a leather chair.

Bad dog!

So Apparently one of my Besame lip glosses fell out of my purse and Artie got his teeth on it.

And here is the result

Luckily the gloss was not damaged...just the top. I guess I can still use it but somehow I think I might retire this one. Something tells me that my anal retentive ways will not allow me to have a damaged gloss top next to my 4 other pristine ones. It's OK though. I didn't like the color all that much anyway. It's a creamy light pink. Almost milky looking. I only use a dab of it in the center of my bottom lip to create depth when wearing my ultra corpse nude lipstick (MAC Blankety).
If you haven't had an opportunity to sample Besame Lip gloss you might want to.
They are sticky and they last quite a long time on the lips. They are heavily scented with coconut and the color range is very limited. But despite all that. I still like them. Which is odd because I normally hate all those aspects when it comes to gloss. Go figure.


  1. Hey I love corpse colored lipstick!!!

    Urban Decay had a great one that was a pale greyish silver. Pallor was the name. I still have a tube of that ancient stuff. I don't know what will happen when it runs out. It's perfect for Zombie Chic.

  2. hehhe...
    he did a good job on the chair..
    Amazing how much he can chew...

  3. Oh wow! I have an American Bulldog and have been lucky to have her respect our things. Bully breeds need so much attention and quickly turn on your things if they get bored. When we found out English bulldogs have an even great chance of being chewers we opted for the American. Plus we wanted a bigger dog. I heard the Olde English have even more of a chewing desire. Scary!

  4. OMG!!! I don't think I can look at that dog again...

    bad doggie!

    please keep your makeup away from children and animals!!!

    this is a fun post though.

  5. DAMN! And I thought the Pitt bull that I use to have was bad.


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