Monday, January 5, 2009

A few of my favorite things Part 2 (Base Makeup)

On to part two of my favorite items. This time I’ll bring you a list of may favorite base makeup items. Foundation isn’t for everyone, but it is for me. I have a lot of scars form old acne and new so I feel better when they are covered up. Not to mention that my face is very red when compared to my neck so it’s nice to even out the color.
I have a few items that have truly become my favorites over this past year. It’s like I have come into my own and have finally settled down on a foundation, powder, and concealer that work for me. That’s not to say that I still won’t try new items in that arena. I’m a makeup addict and I like to try the newest gimmick. I’m a sucker that way…wait for my upcoming review of Fusion Color Adjusting foundation for an example of exactly what I’m talking g about. Anyway. I digress. Here are a few of my favorite items for base makeup.

Liquid foundation
I have come to understand that the best foundation is a very subjective term. What might work for you won’t work for me and vice versa. So let me give you a bit of background on my skin type and you can decide if these items might work for you.
I have combination skin. It’s oily in the T-zone area. It’s normal on the cheeks but clog prone and sensitive to some silicones. It gets drier in the winter and much more oily in the hot & humid DC summers. I have red undertones and large pores on my nose & cheeks. I have acne scarring, that is slowly fading with use of microdermabrasion and some whitening products, but I still like to cover them.
OK. So now that you have a better understanding of my skin type let me tell you what I like.

Dianne Brill Fresh Water Pearl Foundation. I have already reviewed this “gem” of a foundation here but allow me to reiterate how lovely it is and how much I do like it. I have managed to find it twice on eBay for less than ½ the cost but I fear that some day soon I will have to pay full price and that’s going to be a killer. It’s $60!! But it is slowly becoming my “Holy Grail” of foundations. The jury is still out until this summer, and then we will see how well it performs in the heat.

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy foundation.
In the dead of winter, when my skin is at it’s driest I have found this inexpensive foundation to be a godsend. It does not clog my pores, it is moisturizing, but not overly so and does not slide off my face by noon. The color match is a bit tricky since drugstores don’t have testers, but I have found that combining 2 shades give me the perfect color. It comes in a frosted glass bottle that has a hygienic pump dispenser. It’s small enough to fit in my train case or medicine cabinet and its no frills simple packaging make it a nice and inexpensive addition to my foundation stash.

Oh, foundation stash is not a typo. I used to be a foundation hoor! I would buy almost any new foundation out on the market. I think I have tried them all at one point or another. I did finally get my head on straight and decide to stop buying them and settle on just one. (Dianne Brill) but I used to have 8-12 different foundations at one time. It was a mess. Anyway. Enough of my foundation addition. I kicked it!

Powder foundation:

My favorite powder foundation has to be Guerlain Parure. It comes in the most elegant gold package and 02 Beige Equis is a perfect summer shade for me. This powder foundation does not get cakey and stays put for most of the day. I use my MAC 187 skunk brush to apply it and I get the loveliest diffused matte glow to my skin. The compact & powder will set you back $60. Refills are a measly $45. Yeah. That’s sarcasm. It’s not cheap. But it works so well on me, especially in the summer I pay the price. I go through a pan once every 4-5 months…depending on use.

Another powder foundation I am fond of is Dianne Brill Freshwater pearl powder foundation. Another Dianne Brill foundation. It works very well, but not well enough for the price. It’s a whopping $45 and the compact is not refillable so you have to throw away a huge plastic compact every 6 months. (It seems to last far longer than the Guerlain) but the finish isn’t as pretty but it does not cake up, so that's a plus. It’s still a nice alternative to my Guerlain and that’s why I listed it here.


I have already reviewed my favorite concealer here. It is my Cle de Peau concealer stick. It’s worlds beyond better than any other concealer I have tried. It’s expensive as hell, but it will last you a long while 7 months to a year…depending on usage.

Another nice and inexpensive alternative is Maybelline Age Rewind concealer. It’s a liquid concealer with a sponge tip applicator on one end and a liquid light pink highlighter with brush applicator on the other. I find the concealer is good at covering the under eye and does a decent job of covering some spots on the face, but you might need to layer it. It does not cake and seems to last a good 6 hours. That’s not bad considering it’s a drugstore concealer. The highlighter is OK. I’m not a fan of liquid ones but for what it does it works well.

Setting Powder
I have two favorites in this category.

One is La Mer loose translucent powder. At $65 a jar this powder is pricey, but I have found a little lasts a VERY VERY long time. Since powder hardly ever turns bad, if kept dry, I believe this price per use is very good. I was given an extremely generous sample from my friend Sophia and I’m still using it months later. I purchased a small sample size on eBay for about $20 and I haven’t even had an opportunity to use it because the original sample I have is still going strong. This ultra fine milled powder has some ever so slight shimmer to it, but when applied it melts into your skin leaving a fresh diffused poreless look. It is truly amazing. This stuff is wonderful! If you have been debating buying it, don’t wait any longer. Get it today. I know I could not live without this stuff!

My 2nd favorite if for days when I wear powder foundation. Make Up For Ever (MUFE) High Definition Powder is simply pure silica powder for $30. Sure you can get it for less money from various e-tailers, but since some of those e-tailers have questionable customer service or don’t ship overseas I wanted to give you all an option that is available to most of the world. MUFE HD powder, as I like to refer to it is a wonderfully finely milled powder that sets your makeup while giving a soft diffused look to your entire face. It is flash camera friendly within a few minutes of application (This means, no ghostly paleness from the camera flash – unless you are already ghostly pale). It is allegedly supposed to keep oilies at bay, but frankly I have not seen that at all. I apply it after I have put on all my makeup for the day, except for Mascara and Guerlain Meteorites, which I apply last.

So that’s it for base makeup. Not too exciting, but a good foundation is the key to a wonderful looking face.
What are some of your favorites in the categories above?


  1. I have practically the same skin as you and this has given me some ideas of stuff to try. I'm really starting to go off mineral foundation but I'm going to check out that Dianne Brill one I think.

  2. Dear Elvira

    I love bases! One of my favest is the Beauty Credit Q10 Gel base - so light so fresh so easy!!

    I love this post - I was going to do a similar one on my fave BBs.

  3. Ruh roh, I feel lemmings coming on! My fave drugstore foundation find is the CG TruBlend ("new" formula)- the Ivory color is perfect for me, and the formula is sheer and melts right into my skin. It's the only d/s foundation that's ever worked for me. I also love LORAC Neutralizer- mix it in with my moisturizer or foundation- zaps redness beautifully!

    I can't believe it's Monday! This will be my first full work week in like 3 weeks *headdesk*

  4. i LOL when i read about your foundation stash is not a typo! that's so funny! i didn't know sally hanson has foundation! all i know is just nail stuff. and the guerlain powder foundation looks so lush!!!

    i tried MUFE HD powder but it didn't work for me. I finally got HD Primer and I am dying to try it out!

  5. Oh, I have similar skin to yours. Have you tried Double Wear? That's what I've been using, in Shell.

    Does the Dianne Brill stuff come in a 'Corpse' shade? That's the biggest problem I have with foundation, finding something pale enough. :(

  6. Hi Elvira - Happy New Year (yikes we are already into Jan 5th - crazy eh?). I haven't tried any of the items you mentioned , but would like to try the MUFE HD powder as I recently purchased the HD foundation. I have dry patches in winter , but found that the MUFE foundation sets pretty well. BTW Love the new layout and look forward to reading you blog in '09.

  7. I still have yet to try your Diana Brill foundations/powders. I just love her packaging though!

    and the way you keep raving about it, makes me wannnnnnnnnt it. I'll have to check on eBay and get me a steal of a deal, I'll have to check out your swatch and find my color.

    i love seeing other blogger holy grails, gives me the opportunity to get my hands on something new or introduce me to something new =)

    so thank you!

  8. Your skin sounds a lot like mine. I get so annoyed with mine. I hate looking like an oil slick. I just told my BF that the price of oil would go way down if they could just find a way to extract the grease off my face....

    I really want to try out the Brill foundation. The packaging reminds me of Pout. I loved Pout!

  9. I love La Mer for loose powder as well, it gives such a beautiful finish :) My fave concealers are Lancome Maquicomplet for redness, BB corrector + LM brightening powder for undereyes. My daily "foundation" is Lancome Aquafusion TM. My skin is I guess what you would call "normal" i.e. dry during the winter and normal-to-oily during the summer. Thanks for the great posts, keep 'em coming!

  10. The Dianne Brill packaging is so gorgeous! Ah!

    I'm going to sound like a HUUUGGEE broken record but

    Liquid Foundation - MUFE HD
    Powder Foundation - Don't like it. I'm not a fan of the coverage it gives my skin.
    Concealer - Right now Neutrogena 3 in 1 concealer in Medium.
    Setting Powder - L'Oreal Hydra Perfect Loose Powder in Translucent. This is ok. Its the first setting powder that I've extensively used.


  11. I MUST check out the diane brill stuff you mentioned!

  12. Hi Emma: I gave up on Mineral Foundation a few years ago. It's a mess, it's not "all that" and I find there are sooo many better options out there.

    Hi Glowchaser: I would love to see an entry about your fave BB creams!! I have been meaning to do one myself...but I'm too lazy.

    Valerie: Isn't it great when you find a foundation that actually works? And at d/s prices none the less! Going back to work...I know. Monday was a hard one for me too. Bleh.

    Hi Jojoba: I have heard good things about the primer. The HD powder isn't for everyone. Your skin is pretty wonderful anyway so I don't think you need to cover it up. :-)

    Hi Kristy: I have actually been thinking about trying the Estee Lauder DW foundation...but I might wait until summer. I think Dianne Brill comes in a slightly undead color close to corpse. I believe it is a shade lighter than the one I wear called Venus Pearl...but it still may be too pink for you.

    Hi The Mighty J: Hows that MUFE HD foundation working for you? I tried it but decided it didn't provide enough coverage for my liking and wasn't suited for my oily skin...I think it would work for you much better.

    Hi Kimberly Tia: I love reading other people's HGs too. Now I have a craving to try that EL DW foundation that someone mentioned and the Rimmel Stay Matte foundation I saw on The Pink Train Case blog!!

    Hi Pixie! I used to say that too (oil prices joke) but as I have been dragged kicking & screaming into older age I have found my face to get drier. I haven't reviewed it yet but there is a company called Fyrinnae that makes a rice powder great for a powder primer. I have used it but I'm waiting until the weather gets warmer to review.

    Hi Sarah: Yea! La Mer Powder Love!! I have heard excellent things about the foundation too!

    Hi /lachesis: The MUFE HD foundation looks awesome one you. I have seen your pictures & your skin looks flawless!

    Hi M: If you go to Dianne Brill's website you can check out where she sells her MU in various boutiques as well as on line. :-)


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