Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Purchase - Stila Diamond Lil Versus MAC Smoke & Diamonds. HOT Taupe on Taupe live action!

The question remains why I proceeded to swap for a Stila eye shadow that is supposedly the exact same color as my much beloved MAC Smoke & Diamonds. I guess it was because I wanted to see for myself the duplicity of the shadows gray taupey goodness. Or Perhaps I’m just insane about taupe eye shadow. My bet is on the latter.
So I did manage to swap for a NEW IN BOX Stila Diamond Lil eyeshadow and I must say that it is quite pretty. Spectacular to be exact. I actually had such a wonderful reaction upon seeing it and swatching, that it brought back memories to my first encounter with MAC Smoke & Diamonds from the Starflash collection.
Now I know why.
It’s the exact same effing color!

My swatch shows you how incredibly close they are. The MAC swatched a tad more sheer but the color is the same.

I guess there are good & bad things with my discovery.
1) MAC Smoke & Diamonds was limited edition (bad)
2) Stila Diamond Lil is part of the regular line (good)

3) MAC Smoke & Diamonds has a creamy feel with very little fall out (good)

4) Stila Diamond Lil is very creamy, but there is a lot of powder fallout and it seems fragile (bad)

5) MAC Smoke & Diamonds is now going for $27-$29 usd on evilbay (bad)

6) Stila eye shadow pans do not fit in MAC palettes (bad)

Oh the list could go on and on…but you get my point.

The only reasons one would need to buy Stila Diamond Lil shadow are the following:
a) You had MAC Smoke & Diamonds and you have used it all up. (lol. Yeah right…maybe if it was the only shadow you ever wear)

b) You never got a chance to get MAC Smoke & Diamonds and don’t want to pay 2x the retail price for one off of evilbay (I don’t blame you for not wanting to spend $$ on MAC shadow)

c) You are a hopeless taupe addict that will buy almost any taupe just to say she owns almost every taupe (that’s my reason)

d) You don’t care if it doesn’t fit in a MAC palette and actually like the texture of Stila Shadows. (phffft. Whatever psycho!)

So there you go,
My expert analysis on Stila Diamond Lil eye shadow.
Check back for future reviews of Laura Mercier Topaz, Shu ME 945 (a.k.a. hot sex in eye shadow form) and Lancome Erika F (It’s not really taupe but I love it just the same)


  1. My my the colours do look mighty similar dont they? You and your Taupe!! : )

  2. Taupe on taupe action is hawt, baby! And dupe-schmupe- I say you should have all the taupes in the world, if that's what your pretty heart desires. :-)

    I tried Diamond Lil, but it was too cool for me (or too dark? something, it just didn't look right)- but this picture makes me want it again!

  3. on my screen, they look identical!!! I like them both, just from the picture.

    I now grew to like MAC eye shadow after tring the Dame Edna Wisteria Trio I recently got. I hope I am not going to MAC eye shadows or else I'd die of trying to catch up all the collections!

  4. I might be the odd one here, but I think that the Stila has a bit more sheen or lustre on top of the colour (or it might be my computer screen).

  5. I'm so happy to find a junkie out there who is just as bad, if not worse, than I am! Thanks for the great review!

  6. This might be sacrilege but I actually like the Stila a little bit... better. I like how its not as sheer. Smoke & Diamonds is pretty, but fails to be as impactful on my face as I would like it to be. I know *hangs head in shame* I feel like I've committed MAC treason.


  7. You crack me up. Get this, I have S&D but don't use it much. As an allover wash it looks a bit too green/silver on me. Do you have any suggestions on pairings? As for LM Topaz, I LOVE it but really in my opinion it's just a more sheer version of MAC Satin Taupe. Thoughts? I LOVE your blog, keep up the good work!

  8. Glow Chaser: - Yes. me and my taupe. It's an illness. I admit I have a problem. That's the 1st step right?

    Valerie: I can always count on you to enable me! *smooch* Have you tried it as a liner? That might work for you?

    Jojoba: LOL. you don't need to start collecting MAC eyeshadow. You will run out of room in your home!! :-)

    birkinbagbeauty and /lachesis: Perhaps I was being too judgmental with my Stila comment. You both certainly aren't psychos. :-)

    Ms. Salti: I assure you I am probably worse. Trust me. Glad you like the blog!

    Julia: I use smoke & diamonds as a crease color paired with MAC Arctic Grey (from the new chill collection) or with Becca Chantilly. Sometimes I use it as a liner with Benefit Skinny Jeans cream eyeshadow as a base. Thanks for reading the blog!!

  9. I don't have one taupe to save my life but after seeing an eye done with MAC Smoke and Diamonds, my mind is changed and i was directed to your blog for a dupe. A lemming is BORN!! Hopefully it will look good on my warm, fair skin.


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