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Thursday Poll

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Hi everyone. I have a miserable head cold right now, so I apologize for the tardiness of the Thursday Poll. It's actually one of my favorite features because I like to see what you all have to say since I usually do most of the talking. This cold wouldn't feel so bad if I had NOT taken NyQuil last night. I have taken NyQuil one other time, it was back in 1994 before the reformulated the stuff and it had a lot more medicines in it than it does now. That was an awful experience but I figured that this time wouldn't be so bad. I was so wrong. For those of you that are not familiar with NyQuil it's the "The nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, aching, coughing, stuffy-head, fever, so you can rest medicine." NyQuil is 25 percent alcohol, which may explain why it knocks you the heck out (but let's face it. 25% alcohol ain't gonna knock me tolerance is waaaaay higher than that right joeybunny?) What really is awful is how I sleep when I have taken NyQuil. I sleep walk, hit, talk, move, etc. I have a very fitful sleep is what I'm saying. So basically my dear husband became a punching bag last night as I had awful dreams and started hitting in my sleep. I pounded him good on his knee twice before he woke up and saw me hitting the bed where his knee once was before he moved it. Thank god it wasn't his face. I hurt my hand really bad too! WTF? What's worse, I don't remember the freakin' dream that caused me to lash out in the first place. It would be nice to at least be able to know why I was hitting him...or whoever it was in the dream. Lesson learned. No more NyQuil for me....ever. Burn me once. Shame on you. Burn me twice. Shame on me. No more NyQuil "The nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, beat the sh*t out of your husband while you sleep medicine."
So let's get on to the poll.

1) Blush of the day? - Prisme Again! Blush Quartet in Glowing Rose- I can't tell you how cute this blush is. I never wrote a review of it because I was too lazy to take a picture before I used it. Now it's all marred by my blush brush and wouldn't make a very good picture so I doubt you would even be interested in seeing it, but I must say. It is loverly and smells like roses. I can't complain.

2) Age at which you got into/started using make up? -
I think I was in elementary school when I got into it, but that's because I was in an acting troupe and had to wear makeup for musicals (Annie, The Sound of Music, etc.) But I distinctly remember getting a Makeover from Elizabeth Arden at 12. In my opinion that's Waaaaaaay too young to wear makeup but my mother allowed it. I didn't wear the makeup to school until I was in Junior High, however. I bet I was the only 12 year old with Guerlain Meteorites, Dior eye shadow and Elizabeth Arden blush. Ugh.

3) If you could get away with it, what "weird" name would you name your child? - (Thank you Bronx Mowgli Wentz - Son of Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz) - I think I would name a girl Tempest Raven. It sounds like a stripper name so maybe that's a career limiting name. For a boy; Damian Danger. Just so he could say his middle name was "Danger"

4) Current Beauty Obsession? -
Right now: sheet masks. They are so awesome for me because I can lie in bed at the end of the day. (after I have cleansed my skin) put the mask on for 15-20 minutes, peel it off, toss in the trash and massage the remaining essence into my skin and not have to get out of bed. I'm so lazy in the winter. What can I say? Right now I think I like the Dermal sheet masks the best.

5) Are you going to watch the Presidential Inauguration? And for those of you that are not from the US. Is your country reporting on it? How big of a news story is it where you live? - I wish I could watch, but I do have to work. I'll probably be the only one at work, but hopefully I can find a live feed on or something so I can watch it from my desk. I am personally very excited and very hopeful for the future of the country!


  1. Hi Elvira!

    I love these polls; they are so interactive.

    1) Blush of the day--mark. love rush (I think that is the name)

    2) I think I was two or three. I didn't know exactly what it was, but I liked the deposit of color. My mom has a picture of me smearing red lipstick all over a friend's face. I was very focused, and she was very willing. God Bless her.

    3) If it were a girl I would name her greta or gertrude. They are not weird, but they are old names, which I love. I love Ezekiel for a boy. Again, just old names. Does this mean that I am boring?

    4) I am obsessed with tightlining. Actually, I am just obsessed with rimming the entire eye. I usually don't do this, so it is a huge departure for me.

    5) Yeah, I probably will watch it for a minute. I am very excited, but I get bored sometimes, so maybe between reading a book.

  2. T! OMG. I totally LOVE the name Ezekiel!! I was trying to convince my dear husband to use that name for Darthypie but he refused. Said that he didn't want a son named Zeke! I think it would be great. What does he know. Maybe the next one (if I ever have one)

  3. 1) Paula Dorf Aria (cream blush that looks weirdly reddish-brown in the pan, but is a lovely natural looking blush for me)

    2) 6th grade... I would snatch whatever I thought my mom wouldn't miss from her makeup bag, and put it on at school. I distinctly remember some god-awful light gray shimmer eyeshadow.

    3) I don't think I have any ideas, LMAO at "Danger"!

    4) Lord help me, nail polish! I've really got to stop buying it.

    5) I'm going to try! I'll have to be at work, but we have a TV in the breakroom, so I'm going to camp out in there!

  4. 1) some L'Oreal LE pink which doesn't show up so can I pretend that I'm not wearing any today?

    2)I got interested in make up at about two or three and I remember making up my face with my mom's stuff when I was about 5. It was 1970 or so, so she had very cool eye shadow sticks and things like that. I started wearing make up (not theatrical because I performed as a child so wore a lot professionally) when I got braces at about 11 or 12. Clear gloss it was and then I moved on to a little mascara and green eye pencil (blue was for blue eyes and green was for brown, lol -- 1977 or so) and peachy lipstick.

    3) I always like old Jewish lady names like Ciel and Ruby, Sadie and Miriam (which is biblical so I don't know if that counts). Ozias Midwinter for a boy after one of my favorite book characters, aka Ozzie.

    4)two words: nail polish

    5) I have to work but it'll be on all the TVs at work so we'll probaly all be standing around watching.

  5. Blush of the Day: MAC Blonde MSF from the Blonde, Brunette, Redhead collection, even though I am a "technical" redhead, this works on my pale (translucent according to my gay boyfriend) skin.

    Age started wearing MU: 14yrs old. I begged my mother for MU, but a wonderful auntie gave me a little purse overflowing with a "teen" line Avon was producing at the time. Bright blue eye shadow and bight pink lipgloss!!!

    "Weird" name for child: I only have one for a girl, Sparkling Dawn. I just love the image it invokes.

    Beauty Obession: Peel off masks, I just love when you peel it off in one piece and look at all the dead skin it picked up, totally gross thrill.

    Inauguration: Yes I will watch, my DS is in DC and will probably be somewhere in the mess. I will be working, but we plan to have TV on in our conference room to watch. I'll probably bring up CNN or MSNBC to keep track.

  6. 1) Blush of the day? - None - its so cold here I am afraid my face will freeze off so I slapped on as much Lush Paradise Regained as I could. I have been wondering how the Prisme Again! stuff is - is it worth the hefty price tag? I love the new Maharani stuff so I want to check it out.

    2) Age at which you got into/started using make up? I had pretend makeup when I was kid and wasn't allowed to wear it till I was maybe 13/14? Even then not to school but only when my friends came over and for special occasions. Despite the fact that my mom never wore anything I had a tremendous fascination for MU and probably looked a fright in 90's make up LOL

    3) If you could get away with it, what "weird" name would you name your child? - Lucifer or Damien for a boy - I don't know why ppl have to associate those names with evil.

    4) Current Beauty Obsession? - Body srubs - I have been trying Yes to Carrots C the Body Carrot Rich Moisturizing Body Scrub ,but its not worth it, leaves grainy residue behind no matter how long I stand under the shower to rinse off. I got some Body Shop Pomegranate Body Polish on sale which is working out better. Anything to keep those pesky dry winter skin off.

    5) Are you going to watch the Presidential Inauguration? And for those of you that are not from the US. Is your country reporting on it? How big of a news story is it where you live? I hope no one hates me for this , but I am sick of hearing about it even here in Canada. While I understand why our US neighbours are excited after 8 yrs of Bush, I wish the Canadian media esp. Torontonians would shut up about it already. We have a huge political mess in this country and should be focusing on that instead of what the Obama girls are having for lunch.

  7. 1) BOTD: I'm not actually wearing any makeup today (it's a lay day here!)

    2) Age you started getting into makeup?: I was the same as you, had to wear makeup for dance shows and competitions from like the age of 8 and hated the stuff. Till I turned 16 and got a job working in Boots and never looked back!

    3) Weird Name for Children? I would have to say i've always liked the name Athena but then I found out my developmental lecturer at uni called his daughter Athena too and it kind of ruined it for me. Oh and I had a friend at uni who's name was Jason Danger *insert surname here* so his middle name was Danger!

    4) Current Beauty Obsession?: It's a tie between the entire Soap and Glory range and Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation.

    5) Presidential Inauguration: I'm in the UK so I'm guessing the BBC is going to cover it and I will probably try and watch it, what with it being a momentous occasion and all that.

  8. Emma: Re # 3. That is SO EFFING Cool!!! A real kid w/ the middle name of Danger! LOVE IT!!

  9. Nyquil is bad...I dreamt that cows could sit down. I woke the whole house up laughing hysterically in my sleep. I laughed so much my face hurt all the next day.

    1. Blush...Pink Petals by MK

    2. I was 12. My Mother used to burn my makeup in the fireplace. I would buy more, and the cycle would repeat itself, until I turned 13.

    3. Alyosis Danger

    4. Of course Canadian TV will broadcast the Inaugeration. I doubt I'll watch all of it.

  10. Hi Pink Sith...this will be my first time answering your poll... he he.

    1) Blush of the day?
    I really wanted to wear my safe blush today..because I had such a short night. So I searched for my Benefit Dallas, but it had hidden somewhere. I went for the blush in my Dior travel palette instead...a lovely rosy-tanned colour. Love it, it is very fool proof.

    2) Age at which you got into/started using make up?
    Except for the fact that I played with nailpolish when I was 6...ehm...I started the roller ball lipgloss when I was 13. The mascara made its introduction at 15 and foundation when I started to go out (eighteen...oh my...I am a late bloomer)

    3) If you could get away with it, what "weird" name would you name your child? -
    I would not want to impose my child with strange names. But I would like to choose an uncommon name and would give it lots of extra middle names the make him/her feel like royalty...

    4) Current Beauty Obsession? -
    I am obsessed with the oncoming spring collection. Especially the Japanese collection. I switch obsessions a lot: one week I am completely focussed on nail polish, the other week it is Blemish Balms...

    5) Are you going to watch the Presidential Inauguration?

    I really want to stay up for the presidential Inauguration(around two or three o clock at night)...If I fall asleep, I am quite sure that the whole inauguration will be visible on the internet, or will be discussed to the end on our TV...

    And for those of you that are not from the US. Is your country reporting on it?
    Our country (the Netherlands...a little dot in Europe) will be covering the Presidential Inauguration live...It is too important to miss.

    But I can imagine the US citizens being very proud and hopeful towards the future...I am even proud that Obama became shows a bit of hope in this sometimes-wrecked-up world.

  11. 1) Lancome Blush Subtil in Bronze Glow w/ MAC Light Flush MSF

    2) I got a makeover at a Clinique counter when I was 13... and kind of coasted from there, until I found YT when I was 21 and now I'm hardcore OBSESSED!

    3)Boy: Hunter Jaxon and Archer Felix. Girl: Astrid Gaia and Athena Muse.

    4) St. Ives Microdermabrasion Scrub.. my face feels like a babies bum!

    5) Yes. Its time for a change...

  12. 1. BOTD - Earlier Becca Sylph topped with Nars Albatross, now none b/c I'm home from work and exhausted!

    2. I was in Annie too! Lol, I can remember loving to play with my mother's makeup for as far back as my memories go (to her frustration I'm sure), so I'd have to say...5 or 6 maybe? I wasn't "officially" allowed to wear it until HS, but would put it at school starting in 7th grade.

    3. Boy name: Ronan Henry
    Girl name: Aurora Claire

    4. A MLBB lipstick or really pigmented gloss for a ppp cool toned gal w/ moderately pigmented lips

    5. Absolutely! I thought about attending until I realized how crazy it was going to be:(

  13. Nyquil is the effin' DEVIL. LOL and thanks for the shoutout =D I was cracking up...nobody can withstand the tortures of Nyquil =(

    1) Blush of the day? - I'm still in bed and not planning to leave my feverish red cheeks lol

    2) Age at which you got into/started using make up? - I was 10, because I had major surgery on my face and I needed to cover the scars. Mom felt bad and let me start wearing foundation and powder and blush and lipgloss. Lipstick at 13. Mascara and eyeliner and eyeshadow at 14.

    3) If you could get away with it, what "weird" name would you name your child? - (Thank you Bronx Mowgli Wentz - Son of Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz) - My daughter is going to be named Belladonna Lee. Belladonna is the other name for Deadly Nightshade! and the Lee I get from Poe's "Annabel Lee".

    4) Current Beauty Obsession? - Right now: collecting the other NARS eyeshadow singles I want. Also, I still need to use the sheet masks I won from Lotus Palace!

    5) Are you going to watch the Presidential Inauguration? And for those of you that are not from the US. Is your country reporting on it? How big of a news story is it where you live? - I'm going to watch it at the special stations NYU has set up around campus during breaks from class. I'm hoping Obama announces when he's gonna start mailing out Obama puppies. I'm still waiting.


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