Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday Poll

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This week was a kind of slack one as far as posts go. Sorry about that. I have been struggling to find a good place to take pictures of my makeup to show you all and to write reviews. And on top of that I have had to cut back on various expenses so getting my eyebrows threaded on a regular basis is kinda any eye of the day photos are tricky because my brows tend to look like Groucho Marx after a few weeks, months, etc. of no maintenance. So I pledge to make a concerted effort to do better, tweeze more and write more reviews in the future. Getting Verizon FiOs will also helps as I'll save some money on TV/Internet/phone and will have a few more dollars to spend elsewhere. I mention the FiOs because we have an installer coming today to hook us up! I'm so excited. Finally HD picture for the Real Housewives of Orange County!...oh and the Superbowl.

On to the Poll:

1) Blush Of The Day? - Chanel JC in Rose Dust. I got this in a swap from a lovely woman in Canada. I have been holding off using it until she got my end of the swap and I am so excited that the US mail got her package to her in RECORD time. Mailed on a Friday received on a Wednesday. Whoo Hoo! The blush is awesome. I'm so glad I got it.

2) Do you watch trash TV? - Yes! As I mentioned above, I adore The Real Housewives of Orange County. Actually I adore all the various locations. NY, Atlanta. I wish they would have one for Washington, DC because then people could see what uptight stick in the mud people live here...and I would be able to stalk them when they shop at Neiman Marcus in Tysons II mall...Maybe make a cameo. I'll be the chubby one wearing $1,000 worth of makeup and $20 shoes.

3) Favorite beauty treat for dull winter skin? - My trusty Baking Soda and CeraVe scrub followed by Fresh Rose face mask. I scrub a dead layer of skin off, and hydrate what's revealed with aloe, cucumber and rose petals. Indulgent and rewarding.

4) Will you be watching the Superbowl this Sunday? - Hell YES! I love football. I didn't before I met my husband. I used to have "Stupid Bowl" parties in which I required guests to talk during the game and Shut The Hell Up during the commercials, before I met him. But he taught me the joys of football, I finally understand the rules and know the players so I'm converted. I secretly still like the commercials more than the game, no matter who is playing. GO STEELERS!

5) Latest beauty purchase? - Humm. It's been a while since I purchased anything. December 31st to be exact...but I guess my Kose Happy Bath Day Hand Essence that came in the mail after the 31st counts. I'll be writing a review of this lovely lightweight hand emulsion that has a subtle scent of rose and moisturizes with only a few drops.


  1. 1) Chanel Narcisse - Just got it a few days ago from NM, it's...jusr ok so far. But I'm holding out hope, maybe I'll discover just the right way to wear it :)

    2) Hmm, not so much right now, but only because nothing really grabs my interest at the moment. I'm open to suggestions!

    3) My newest treatment is Skinceuticals Phloretin CF. Not sure if this is specifically for winter, don't think so, but it sure does make for a beautiful glowy complexion!

    4) Yep, but I won't understand a second of it. Football always seems so constipated to me, for lack of a better word. Hockey, on the other hand, now THERE'S a sport :)

    5) Chanel Poudre Douce Almond, Pink Tweed blush, Lotus and Cinnamon Soft Touch e/s

  2. 1) Blush Of The Day? - Passport color stick in JFK a nice yellowy red

    2) Do you watch trash TV? - no cable tv and barely any reception but if I had the opportunity I'd be the queen of trash tv

    3) Favorite beauty treat for dull winter skin? - Walnut shell powder mixed with almond oil. Great scrub.

    4) Will you be watching the Superbowl this Sunday? - yes. We will suffer my mother to watch it on the big TV at her place. Go Steelers!

    5) Latest beauty purchase? - nail polish. 2 China Glaze and 4 Essies that were 2/$1.

  3. 1) Blush Of The Day? - Again none - I like to scare the co-workers away with my bare face, gives me more time to read this blog so its all good!

    2) Do you watch trash TV? What qualifies as trash TV? Cuz I would never watch The Bachelor or some stupid ass skank show like Tila Tequila or something in that vein. Never seem The Real Housewives or anything like that either- doesn't interest me in the least. On the other hand I watched Hell's Kitchen last season so I am not sure where that leaves me.

    3) Favorite beauty treat for dull winter skin? - I am still trying to find it. I am loving Paradise Regained by Lush as moisturizer though. I keep looking at the Fresh Rose mask at Sephora and the price just scares me.

    4) Will you be watching the Superbowl this Sunday? - Not if I can help it.

    5) Latest beauty purchase? - Clarins Nature Temptaions Palette - it has this lovely shade of blue and purple which I couldn't resist.

  4. ) Blush Of The Day? - I checked out my own Mac box and found the mineralize blush in Dainty. It looks a lot brighter on pale winter skin than in the summer when I am (fake) tanned...

    2) Do you watch trash TV? Not so much, but I still like ANTM kind of shows...lots of beauty and girl troubles.

    3) Favorite beauty treat for dull winter skin? Ai, this winter my skin is rebelling soo much against me. I have to stick to products that are target to hypersensitive skin...I do like Clarins Santal Oil right now for a nighttime treatment for dry skin.

    4) Will you be watching the Superbowl this Sunday?
    Oh, I do not live in the US so I was completely unaware that Superbowl was up this sunday.

    5) Latest beauty purchase? I really resisted to buy the Shiseido Maquillage face creator, but I caved...I bought it in 33 and I am looking forward to receive it soon.

  5. 1) Blush Of The Day? - Stila Lillium CC. It's my lazy girl blush since it's in my purse at all times. It's a mini size, very convenient. And this dang blush goes with everything.

    2) Do you watch trash TV? - I don't know, not really? I'm *from* Orange County, I don't need to watch a TV show about the type of people I see every day, lol. I swear there are a lot of nice normal women here, too though. :) I admit I was mildly entertained by the little of Girls Next Door I once saw, but it's not something I'd really seek out.

    3) Favorite beauty treat for dull winter skin? - In order to answer this question I would have to know what winter is. Being that I'm from socal, I have no idea. ;)

    4) Will you be watching the Superbowl this Sunday? - Probably not. We were rooting for the Chargers and don't really care about the Steelers etc. I wanna watch the Puppy Bowl on animal planet.

    5) Latest beauty purchase? - An excessive amount of Prestige eyeliners. 9 of them to be exact. I love them. I'm wearing Poly today, which is purple, a little lighter than UD Rockstar, which apparently I own but just can't find.

  6. Today, I got a makeover @ Kanebo Coffret D'or counter so most of the item I use will be from them. :P

    1) Blush Of The Day? - Coffret D'or pink. I didn't look at the name or the number though. It look similar to many pink blushes I already own. But I get their 3D eye palette in pink and PK215 lipstick.

    2) Do you watch trash TV? - No. What is it? :) I live outside the US.

    3) Favorite beauty treat for dull winter skin? - Scrub, rub, mask. I don't have my fav yet.

    4) Will you be watching the Superbowl this Sunday? - No. Not a fan even when I went to Penn. I watch them once but don't really get into it. I prefer soccer. :P

    5) Latest beauty purchase? - Today! Like I told you, I got a lipstick and an e/s palette.

  7. Pluck your brows, woman!

    Anyway, of course I'm terribly, terribly late with this.

    1) Blush Of The Day? - Yesterday (since I'm still MU-less hoy) it was Inuoi ID PK1. It's a hot pink flush with a shimmery white highlighter. Hotness.

    2) Do you watch trash TV? - I worship at the Church of Maury Povich. Enough said.

    3) Favorite beauty treat for dull winter skin? - Sheet masks and a crapton of moisturizer. I need a new scrub though =(

    4) Will you be watching the Superbowl this Sunday? - Hell yes! I ordered a ton of wings for me and Lewis so it should be fun. WINGS AND BEER, YO! WINGS AND BEER!


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