Monday, February 9, 2009

Purchase - Kose Happy Bath Day Precious Rose Hand Essence. Non greasy Hand Care at last!

Kose Happy Bath Day, Precious Rose, Hand Essence is something I have been wanting since I read a review on GlowChaser’s old blog. I have wanted the line since I read about it on Rouge Deluxe blog, which was about last July.
Anyway, the reason I wanted it was because all the products are rose scented. And not an overpowering sickly sweet rose and not some cloying, decomposing rose either. Actually the scent of the rose is very light and slight.
Here is a list of all the Kose Happy Bath Day Precious Rose from The Rouge Deluxe blog
Hair Pack
Curl Lotion
Hair Wax (Shiny)
Hair Wax (Nuance Arrange)
Hair Cologne
Hair Spray
Body Soap
Cleansing Sheet: Makeup-removing sheets
Fragrance Soap
Mist Cologne
Lip Balm
Essence Butter: body moisturizing cream
Milky Body Gel: body moisturizer
Body Powder
Bath Set: single use sachets of the body soap, shampoo, conditioner and milky body gel

So I went to the Kose website and since I don’t read Japanese I must say it’s rather difficult to navigate. I am quite amused by the 6 guys in white suits with Japanamae/Emo haircuts that are presenting the product to you on the main page,
but whatever. Here is a link to all the products in the line.

I purchased the Kose Happy Bath Day Hand Essence for $7 usd off of evilbay as it was the only place I found it…but I’m sure you can get it from other trusty websites, however the price I paid and the seller I used was perfect, so I’m not complaining.

Right now you all are thinking. “What about the effectiveness Pink? We know all about your bizzaro rose scented fetish!”
I’m glad you asked my dear readers!
Let’s start from the very beginning. A very good place to start.

The container. A small deep pink oblong container that is no more than 3 and a half inches high (8.9 centimeters) and 2 inches wide (at its widest part) (5 centimeters). The cap twists off and the essence is dispensed through a tiny nozzle.

Only a little comes out with each squeeze which is good because you really only need a little bit to moisturize your hands. This little gem will fit in some of the smaller purses and almost fits in the palm of your hand. It’s very travel friendly and holds 35ml (1.18 oz)

The essence itself is very light, like a white creamy gel.

Once the essence is applied to your hands it sinks right in. It does not leave a greasy feeling or sticky feeling either. It’s like your hands have been infused with moisture. Now I must say that because it is very lightweight, I’m not sure how effective it will be for people with very dry hands. I have moderately normal skin and can survive without hand cream all the time. So maybe this might be a good thing to use in the summer for those that suffer for very dry skin in the winter. Either way, the essence is not a cream but it still moisturizes my skin just as well as my hand creams. I really enjoy it! Oh and I absolutely HATE that greasy, sticky feeling that I get when I use other hand creams. I can't touch anything and I feel all smeary after using it. Bleh! Don't get me started on the AVON silicone hand glove gel cream thingie...or whatever it's called. I felt like I had put Monistat anti chafing gel all over my hands. *barf*

So should you get this?
Well if you love the scent of roses – YES
If you like a lightweight hand cream that does not feel sticky – YES
If you are enamored with all things Japanese – YES

Will I be buying more things from the line? – Yes
I have already purchased the lip balm. Look at how cute the little rose shaped container is!

It's about 1.25 inches (3.5 centimeters) wide and .75 inches (2 centimeters) high

But do I love the lip balm. Welllllll, no. It’s no Labello or Nivea but it’s cute. This is the one time where I think the rose scent is too much. When I wear it, every breath is like inhaling rose perfume and that’s not such a great feeling. It does not taste of roses, thank goodness! It does keep my lips moisturized but I won’t be repurchasing it, it’s a tad too greasy and the scent it too overpowering for lip balm. I’m thinking of using it for cuticle cream instead. How does that sound? Yucky?
Well, whatever. I’ll have the nicest smelling cuticles on the East Coast!


  1. the lotion sounds lovely & that's a great idea to use the lip balm for cuticle cream- such a cute container!

  2. Yippee, you enjoy this as well! It has become my on-the-road lotion for appr 3 months now...I love it.

  3. hello! i'm a passerby annddd just for extra knowledge, the 6 guys in white suits are called NEWS XD a very famous boyband in japan.
    *ahemiLOVEthemahem* =D
    dont mine me if u dont care XD

  4. Hi jadeyeap! Thanks for that comment. I didn't even think about a boy band, but that makes perfect sense! Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it!!!

  5. I absolutely love the hand essence. I have the pump bottle (I bought it last year) and lasts a lot. I may be buying this version to have it always in my bag.


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