Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Free Sample - Laura Mercier Lip Stain. Finally a lip stain that does not dry you out!

image from saephora.com

Laura Mercier Lip Stain isn’t really a traditional lip stain. It’s more like a highly pigmented lipstick that has been melted into a glass jar. Don’t get me wrong. I like the color and consistency very much, but when I think of a lip stain I think of something a bit more transparent and a bit more liquidy. Fortunately this lip stain from Laura Mercier has just as good staying power as other lip stains!

I received this as a “gift” from Sephora when I cashed in 100 beauty insider points. I can’t tell you what a scam that thing is. Sephora's Beauty Insider program is kind of useless to me, only because I have tried so many things so a lot of the deluxe samples they offer don't appeal to me. Sure they have good samples every now and then, but lately there have been craptacular “rewards” for spending your hard earned money. Since I hadn’t used my points in a while, because I found the “gifts” too useless, I had enough points when Laura Mercier Lip Stain in Mulberry came around in the BI prize box. I had a code for free shipping so I simply purchased a lip liner (I’m sorta addicted to them) and used my BI points to get this lip stain.

I must say that despite its lack of lipstainlike appearance I rather like it. The color I got was Mulberry. It is described as a “deep berry red” but I think it is more like a red that has some warm brown tones to it. It’s perfect for me because it doesn’t turn fuchsia on my lips after a meal. The lip stain line from Laura Mercier comes in 6 colors total:

Mocha - rich milk chocolate

Mulberry - deep berry red

Peach Glaze - light nude peach

Scarlet - bright cherry red

Shy Pink - light natural pink

Sugar Violet - deep rosy mauve

The lip stain is creamy and does not dry out my lips like the Giorgio Armani Lip Wax did…the only downfall is that it’s in a pot. It’s “stain-y” enough for you to NOT use your finger to apply…and why would you, because that’s not sanitary…although I have been known to do this with potted glosses & balms from time to time…..but I digress. That’s the downfall. It requires a lip brush to apply. But fortunately I like to apply all red lipsticks with a brush for a more even and more flattering appearance. The lip stain does not have a scent that I can detect…unlike Laura Mercier’s lip gloss which smell heavily of Marshmallow (a scent I quite like but some people hate). It also has no taste to it either.

Sorry for the used appearance I didn’t think I was going to do a review on this item. I have used it 4 times since I received it and as you can see, this small sample size jar is going to last me a long, long while. If you purchase the full size version you are getting a lot of use for your money. At 0.21 oz for $20 it’s a great investment is you like the color or if you are one of those people that wears the same lip color every day….but somehow I think if you are reading this blog you are not one of those people! LoL. Also please note that this is a sample jar. The actual product is in a larger jar (same height but larger diameter).

This is how it looks on the lips. I used a lip liner to define the lips and then applied it with a lip brush. I did not blot.

This is how it looks after drinking hot tea and a few Digestives (McVitie’s of course)

Not bad really.

So if you want a nice lip stain for a good price and a few different colors to choose from I say Laura Mercier is your best bet.


  1. Color me impressed.
    But...but...it's IN A POT. Hum. I'm torn. :\ Btw you have a really awesome lip shape. Is that incredibly creepy to say? :P

  2. a gorgeous lip stain AND menion of McVitie's digestives...swoon!

  3. Wow impressive color, looks amazing on you.

  4. oh i really want this now!! I tried there lip creme and it really dried me out..

  5. I'm tempted to try them out! However, I agree not crazy about the pot.

  6. OMG- that color looks amazing on you! I'm intrigued by the color Mocha...

  7. Aly: Thanks for the compliment. It's all lip liner that gives me that shape. I have no definition in my lips. other than one top part is higher than the other...which is evident from the photos. lol

    Ivr: Yumm Digestives. I have them every morning for breakfast with my PG Tips tea!!!

    Anon: Thanks! Its pretty and since it doesn't fade all that fast, it's easy to maintain the red lip. :-)

    C: This one is far more moisturizing and pretty forgiving if you use a lip balm under or over it.

    Monica: I agree. the pot sux. If you don't love the color it's not worth it...thankfully I love the color. =D

    Valerie: I KNEW you would like that mocha one!!


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