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Purchase - Shu Uemura Glow On Blush in Steam. An opportunity missed once is given a 2nd chance

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Shu Uemura’s past Fall collection had some pretty blushes in it…I picked up pulse, but I passed on the highlighter, Steam, at the time it was released. I knew I was going to regret it. By the time the Shu Uemura Friends and Family sale came along those darn blushes were gone and I was S.O.L. (Sh*t Outta Luck).

A Sales Associate at Barney’s in Chicago applied it on top of the Pulse blush from the same collection and my face just lit up. I wanted to purchase it but I decided against it that day. I don’t know what my problem was. I think I had this thing called “A moment of clarity” in which I realized that I have 3,216,546,546 highlighters back home and I probably didn’t need another one.
Stupid rational thought!

Well I pined away for that light peachy-white highlighter that gave me a wonderful glow for many, many months. Finally in December, a full 5 months later, I decided I would buy it from before the end of the year (a date I had put on halting frivolous makeup purchases – another rational thought. Drat!) It finally arrived from and I’m thrilled!

See I knew I needed this? Only highlighter can bring me such joy…well maybe blush and taupe eye shadow can as well, but you get my point!
My POINT is that I NEEDED this little 0.17oz of peachy-white-gold powdery goodness.

Shu Uemura’s glow on blushes are not highly pigmented but that’s not a bad thing. They provide subtle color to your cheeks. In a day where I see more of the 1980’s wretched makeup showing up on the runways and in women’s magazines (Yeah I’m looking at you Cosmo) I have come to appreciate the more toned down cheek. Also, I like to do a dramatic smokey eye and too much blush can make me look whorish and like a woman that puts her makeup on in the dark.

As simple swipe of my Body & Soul #2 blush brush across the surface of the blush and applied to my cheek bones and temples and I have a glow like you get when in candlelight. I adore it!
As with most Shu Uemura makeup products the blush has no scent. Yea! Oh and I know you are asking yourself. “Does this look like a disco ball with that gold imprint on one side? The answer is, No. It’s overspray and basically disappears after your first use. But there is subtle shimmer, SUBTLE I tell ya, built into the blush.

Now the Shu Uemura website does not have it for sale, but like I said, you can find it on or on evilbay…the person selling it on evilbay is asking a decent price for it. Not my auction, but I just wanted to give you some options if you wanted to look for it.

My favorite thing about Shu Uemura makeup is that it can be put into Shu Uemura Palettes! I have depotted this blush and put it into another palette with another Shu Uemura blush.

So have you ever regretted not buying a limited edition item only to find it later? Did it live up to your hopes or was it all built up in your mind, and when you finally got it you weren’t as excited?


  1. yup i had this same problem with stila baked e/s trio. not that they are great. but i just had to have them. so they are all LE here and i had to swap for them.

    but once i got them, i don't really touch them much!

    just what's up with that???!!!

  2. Dammit Elvira! So how does this compare to Becca Hyawatha? I have forsaken all other highlighters for Becca, but now my interest is piqued...

  3. Hi babe, I gave you a triple award. I'm not sure what it is (maybe like a pyramid scam but without the money), but it means I lurve your blog :)

  4. Hi Elvira! I just wanted to extend the love and give you the triple award. I appreciate your humor, your reviews, and your love for all thing taupe!

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  6. Hi there!

    I just wanted to tell you that I really did not regret buying this Glow on Blush in Steam too! The first time I saw it was at a department store sale where the SA threw a bunch of these into a box and were going at about SGD$18 per piece (about USD$12). Apparently no one really bought it because there were a huge bunch of them so I passed on buying it.

    Then about 3 months later at another sale from another department store and I met the same bunch of poor Glow on Blushers in Steam who have not found a happy, loving home. So I chanced on it and bought one. I thought I was quite lucky because it was manufactured in Aug 08, and I bought it in Dec 08. I love the glow it gave me. The difference between this and the normal highlighters is that the glow from the Glow on Blusher is more subtle. It looks like the skin is literally glowing from within and is not just sitting on the skin (like normal shimmery highlighters do).


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