Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Poll

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Spring is in the air. Punxsutawney Phil don’t know squat about predicting the weather. He’s a fraud! It was almost 70 degrees here yesterday. I say we make Groundhog stew outta him, because he said 6 more weeks of winter and winter does not equal 70 degree weather. Damn it! I’m actually mad because I haven’t shed my winter weight that I like to hide under sweaters and such. Oh did I mention I had to pack on my winter weight on top of my baby weight and my previous winter weight? Yeah. It kinda sucks. I need about 3 winters to work off all the pounds. Thankfully taupe eye shadow still fits me.

On to the poll

1) Lip of the day? – Chantecaille lip chic in Tea Rose! OMG I love this so much. I took pictures and will post them soon. I promise

2) Beauty item you just finished and beauty item you just got? – I just finished my pressed meteorites. I adore them. Thank goodness I was able to fin a refill on evilbay for $22. I just got a Club Monaco eye shadow in Quartz. It’s taupe and it’s frickin fabulous. Thanks to my friend Tessa from MUA. She sent the sweetest RAOK (Random act of kindness) package.

3) Valentine’s day? Yay or Nay? Nay-ish. I’m married and I still think it’s a silly holiday. You should tell someone you love them every day. Not just wait until one day that the Hallmark Company decided was the day to do it. Now mind you, I won’t argue if you give me chocolates.

4) Do you have any pets? – Yes. I have 2 dogs (English Bulldogs) and one cat. My cat is 17 years old and his name is Trauma. Yup. Trauma. He complains about everything and everything is a big drama for him. He’s infatuated with my husband and thinks Darthypie is a nuisance but he tolerates him. He secretly loves the dogs and sleeps with them when he thinks no one is watching.

5) MAC Hello Kitty. Did you get some? – Yes. I picked up a little something for my Friend Pam for her Birthday. So if you are reading this Pam, don’t buy anything…like you were really going to anyway. As for the makeup from the collection, the colors are so not for me. I’m actually a bit disappointed. I still kind of wished they had done the traditional red & white color scheme, but whatever. MAC has really gotten boring. All those silly collections, it’s too hard to keep up. But I hear that a new mineralized blush duo collection is due out next month called Grand Duos. Those look VERY interesting. Just when I thought I was out, the pull me back in!


  1. 1) Lip of the day? MAC Shitaki and Paul & Joe Chocolate Mousse- both lipsticks, just doing the layering thing today

    2) Beauty item you just finished and beauty item you just got? –
    I recently finished a bottle of CG Trublend foundation and my latest acquisitions are Lancome Artliner in Ice Black (gorgeous taupe! but I'm having after-the-fact sticker shock and I'm not a fan of liquid liners) and LM metallic creme shadow in Alloy. Taupe, taupe, TAUPE!. *ahem* Sorry.

    3) Valentine’s day? Yay or Nay? I feel the exact same way about V-Day!

    4) Do you have any pets? – Yes- 2 cats, Max & Emma. They are spoiled rotten! Especially Emma, she's a daddy's girl, and likes to drape herself across DH's shoulders, like some kind of living stole.

    5) MAC Hello Kitty. Did you get some? – Nah. I recently caved on one of the Cremesheen glosses (Looks Like Sin), but other than that, MAC hasn't pulled me in too much lately.

  2. 1) Lip of the day: I'm going to fly to Pink's house and try her tea rose lip chic I think
    2) Just finished? Ecriture de chanel in navy (luckily I found, broke, and saved another one since :) ).
    Just got? A new hg blush: Chanel JC in Nude (love!). I feared I might be a teensy bit too dark for it to work for me but I was totally wrong (I'm ... Read Morenc30ish in winter).
    3) I only enjoy Valentine's Day for the cute little paper thingee's my daughter brings home from school and for the joy she will get when I pull out the gigantic "I Love You" chocolate lollipop I just bought her
    4) No pets, but my parents have a sweet little puppy that I am very attached to (I feel like an aunt? or sister? or something)
    5) I haven't bought any HK

  3. 1) Lip of the day? – L'Oreal Slimstick lipstick in Copra (circa 1985). My HG muted red.

    2) Beauty item you just finished and beauty item you just got? Finished? What in the world does that mean? Though I am almost finished with the above-mentioned Copra.

    Just bought 4 nail polishes in Tuesday night and two lip balms last night. The collection grows . . .

    3) Valentine’s day? Yay or Nay? Nay. Married but think it's the biggest waste of time and money, even when we were dating. Flowers die and chocolate means diet.

    4) Do you have any pets? – just DH

    5) MAC Hello Kitty. Did you get some? Is this a euphemism for something? :) No, Hello Kitty doesn't appeal to me at all with the exception of the gray nail polish. If I see it at the CCO eventually, I might change my mind. Packaging is a major drawback to me.

  4. 1) Lip of the day? – I haven't done my face yet but probably Mimmy lipglass.

    2) Beauty item you just finished and beauty item you just got? – Finished? Uhh...a tube of deo maybe...and I just got some HK items.

    3) Valentine’s day? Yay or Nay? Yay! It is silly but I like it anyway! Mr. Boyfriend can be very romantical.

    4) Do you have any pets? – I have 2 kitties, Sienna who is 4 and Sebastien who is 2. Sienna is a bratty kitty. She is very loud and silly and outgoing. Sebastien is quite shy and reserved, and takes a while to warm up to people. He's a little clumsy and skittish but he's a sweet guy.

    5) MAC Hello Kitty. Did you get some? – Yesh. I got a lot. Not all of it has arrived in muh mailbox yet though. :} I am not a huge fan of HelloKitty, but I AM a cat person (duh) and I love the colors of this collection. Therefore = buy buy buy. :D

  5. 1) Boy Bait Cremesheen glass.

    2) LM Secret Concealer - finished, it was ok, nothing to write home about. MAC 187 brush - just got & not liking it so far, it uses more fndtn and is heavy handed with the MSFs.

    3) Yay. I think its a cute holiday. Doesn't really do much for me, but cute attempts at romance are always appreciated.

    4)Yes! I have 2 bettas. 2 males (Mr. Hahn & Rhevenge) and 1 Female (Faydra)

    5)I did get some HK. The only thing I really wanted was the Deep Blue Green Pigment, but they were sold out. Luckily the MA gave me a generous sample. I also purchased Lucky Tom palette (pure impulse buy), and Plushlash, which is technically not really an HK item, but I needed mascara.

  6. Sorry, this is probably a wrong place to post this. I'm wondering whether I can subscribe to your blog via email. Thanks

  7. 1) Lip of the day? – I can't wait to see the pic of your Chantecaille stuff. Me - I am wearing Dior Addict High Shine Lipstick in Front-Row Fig.

    2) Beauty item you just finished and beauty item you just got? – Just finished E.O.S Shave Cream in Vanilla Bliss, just bought the same product in Island Blue. The best part about the stuff is you don't need to wet your legs to shave plus the scents are awesome!

    3) Valentine’s day? Yay or Nay? Yes - sure, its a Hallmark Holiday but I like doing things with DH. We are actually renting a room for the night at the same hotel we had our wedding night at (his treat for me) and having a romantic dinner at our most fave resto (my treat for him).

    4) Do you have any pets? – Yes I am slave to a cat named Lucifer - needless to say she is the centre of my universe. hehe, love your kitty's name!

    5) MAC Hello Kitty. Did you get some? – Yes - tons of it. At first I hated it all then I got the fever *sigh* Someone PLEASE save me.


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