Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Purchase - Chanel Vega - Taupe discontinued

Chanel Shadowlights eyeshadow in Vega
What can I say about it other than:

It is Taupe
It is Chanel

It is impossible to find!

So why am I writing about this shadow if you, my dear readers, may not be able to get one?
Because, I’m evil and I like to flaunt it.

Chanel had a line of eye shadow singles called Shadowlights. They came in small square compacts and in many pretty shades. Vega was the premiere taupe shade in this collection. Chanel discontinued this line in 2006 I believe. Anyway. Since then, taupe addicts, like myself, have been wheeling and dealing to get their grubby paws on Vega. I finally got my grubby paws on one via evilbay. I stalked evilbay for 1 year. After 3 lost auctions I finally won! Take that 8***e, j***j and e***n!! I beat you all! MUWAHAHA.
I paid $31 for this shadow, but I did get 2 shadows. I also got an Anna Sui eye color in 502. It’s a reddish/purpley brown. Not really my color so I’m giving it to joeybunny if I ever get my butt to the post office. I digress.

The shadow has a soft silky texture and seems almost too powdery some times. I see a lot of powder fall out on the product but not on my cheeks, so either the powder is left over after I use my brush or the eye primer I use, has grabbed it well enough to avoid any fall out. Either way. I find that a tad annoying because I feel like product is being lost. I always use an eye shadow base but there are some shadows that don’t last all day even with a base. This Chanel Shadowlights did last all day. I’m happy to say and it still looked great at 7pm!

The taupe color is neither warm nor cool. It’s a good neutral brownish taupe with some shimmer and some micro glitter that is not over the top (OTT) for wearing in the day. It has no red undertones and sort of reminds me of a discontinued MAC pigment called Coco. The best thing about the color is that it is perfect alone on the eye. I use it alone as a wash and line under my eye with it. I even used it wet to line under my eye and it looked wonderful. It's a great every day color. In fact I wore this every day for an entire week and I didn't get tired of it. It's a great color to grab and go!

So is this the be all end all Holy Grail taupe eye shadow? I don’t really know if there is one. It’s like asking to choose a favorite child. You love all your taupes for different reasons. I love Chanel Vega just as much as I love Chanel Safari. Sure they look different, but they come from the same mother so what’s not to love? Regardless, if you love this shade I'm sure there is a good dupe of it out there and you aren't going to "die" if you don't have it...however...if you are taupe hoor like me, you will not be alive until you own it.

How many readers here have this eyeshadow?

Here we are with a swatch of Vega next to a swatch of Safari

Here is my Chanel Safari that has been worn down and had a dip forming in the product. I expect to hit pan some time in the next 3 years or so.

Here is my eye of the day using Chanel Vega. I applied to base of lid to above crease and blended with an old Skinmarket shadow that was applied to highlight. I used the Koji Line queen to line. On my lashes I have the usual Shu Uemura The Basic Mascara and Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara layered over it.


  1. *iz dead* WANTS.

    That EOTD is gorgeous!

  2. You're horrible!! (but hilarious, so I'll let it slide) Discontinued in 06? How can you taunt us with these impossible to get shades?!?! I didn't even know Erika F. existed until a few weeks ago, now I *casually* check the web every now and then. =P
    "you love all your taupes for diff reasons" rotflmao!!!!!
    They're so pretty though =')

  3. Woman you will be the death of me - how lovely is that e/s? Loves it!!!

  4. i love safair but i don't own it as taupe isn't my favourite colour. therefore, vegas won't do too much for me either. but i can't understand why all good things have to come to and end...

    oh, and i can live with my MUFE 127. (now you have to have that! :P:)

    loving this post!

  5. *sobs* VEGA!! I hate you a little bit. But I do have Chahut Shadowlights, which was a Christmas present from verybecca =D

    oh, and way to ruin the RAOK surprise =P I'll pretend I didn't read that =D you're too good to me, regardless of whether you make it to the PO or not!


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