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Gift - Clinique Butter Shine Lipstick - Paving the road to redemption with lipstick

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I started the week with a $45 lipstick and I’m ending it with a $14 lipstick. What’s even more unbelievable is that this lipstick is from CLINIQUE! That’s right. My most disliked department store brand…lest we forget the awful makeover I received in the 1980’s as described in my post about Clinique Happy Heart Perfume.
Anyway, my friend Janine is always trying to convert me to the Clinique brand. She’s a very sweet and thoughtful woman, so when I offered to send her a Chantecaille Lip Chic in Geranium that I got on sale for $16 she offered to send me some red lipsticks from Clinique in exchange… I told her it wasn’t necessary but she insisted. She sent me 2 different lipstick formulations and one of them happened to be in the Butter Shine formula. According to Clinique, Colour Surge Butter Shine Lipstick is
“The creamiest, richest, smoothest lip colour you can imagine. Our revolutionary gel formula delivers the shine of a gloss, the comfort of a lipstick. Drenches lips in moist, lush colour that glides on buttery-soft, feels luxuriously smooth.”
WTH? ColoUr. When did Clinique become a British company? Since when do Americans spell color with a U? What Next? Spelling Behavior like BehavioUr? Calling a trash can, a bin? Calling the trunk of a car a boot? Calling the bathroom a loo? Having us queue up instead of line up? WHEN WILL THE MADNESS END?

As Susan Powter says, “STOP THE INSANITY!” Hey is she wearing the same color as me?

OK. Where was I?

Butter Shine lipstick.

Janine sent me a color called Parisian Red. It’s a deceiving name because it really isn’t red, per se... It’s more like a very hot pink or REALLY blue based red. When I applied it to my arm it looked kinda pink but was closer to the red side, but when I applied it to my lips it turned bright hot pink on me. Wow. That is so not a color I would ever wear in the daylight...or early afternoon. Maybe if I was going out dancing in a dark club. (I used to do this before I had Darthypie every weekend). But the color choice was not any fault of Janine or Clinique.

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The swatch on the Clinique site shows the color very close to what it looked like on my lips…so I say A+ to the swatch accuracy for this one.

Color choice aside the Butter Shine lipstick was impressive. Yes. Don’t adjust your monitors; I did type the word “impressive”. The formula is creamy without being waxy, it’s soft without being greasy and shiny without being sticky. I am really in love with this formula, and while I find that the descriptions of a lipstick formula from the manufacturer contain a high amount of hyperbole I can say that the Clinique description is spot on! Oh jeez. Now I’m talking like a Brit! Spot On! Pip Pip!

Clinique offers 21 colors (1 limited edition which is the Parisian Red) in a silver bamboo looking tube…which I actually like the design very much. The lipstick has no scent. They cost a reasonable $14 a tube and apply smoothly and evenly. The only criticism I have is that the lipstick itself is a tad too wide and applying a red lipstick requires precision. You will not get precision with this baby. You definitely need a lip brush if you are using any of the red shades or a steadier hand than I have. I’m a bit bummed that the color selection isn’t a bit more diverse but I think the Apple Brandy color looks nice and possibly the Chocolate Ice would make a beautiful brown sheer lipstick. So go check these out when you can…of, course, I might be the last person on earth to discover them, and you already have a ton of them.

I still don’t love this brand and I will evaluate them harsher than I will most any other mid-end brand. Sorry but the blue mascara makeover takes a lot to forgive and one nice lipstick it’s going to erase all that pain!

Clinique Parisian Red Butter Shine lipstick Swatch

Clinique Parisian Red Butter Shine lipstick on lips


  1. a beautiful red on you! i do like the lipsticks from this line. so what it's clinique? i even like EL, which many ppl say only for AUNTIES! oh, well, i am an aunt!

    great review!

  2. I like the lipstick on susan powter. You wouldn't happen to know of one in that color, would you??

  3. Kristy: Besame Cherry Red lipstick looks like that on me. :-)

  4. You know I have been digging Clinique a LOT lately and its def. one of those brands which I have NEVER bought a single thing from (till recently) just beause they look like they should be for your grandmother. Plus the colours always seemed too pale and frosty for anyone of colour , but I have been pleasently surprised. I love the colour on you, it really shouldn't be relegated to just Sans Darthypie evenings! I think I need to check this formula out as well!

  5. I have a Buttershine in Rum Kiss (warm, rosy brown) and I love it! It really is a lovely creamy/shiney formula.

    If you wore cream eyeshadow, I would also recommend the Quickeyes cream shadow in Truffle- a gorgeous taupe! it's sheer, but buildable.

  6. We spell "colour" with a U up in Canada as well! And okay, so maybe the majority of the nation spells it without - but we're *techinically* supposed to have that U in there.

    Anyhow. <3 the review, as usual! I adore the Butter Shine formula. My solution for Clinique? Find out what I love at Sephora, and then buy it at the counter. I know, it's terrible, but then I can get great CS plus the GWP :P

  7. I don't have any of these, but it looks delish, must drop by the counter! i haven't bought anything from clinique for ages!

  8. Look at Susan Powter and her bald self!

    I'm usually underwhelmed by Clinique too. Everything just seems overpriced for how boring it is. I do like their face wash, that's about it. Don't even get me started on the ripoff that is DDML!!

  9. I also love the texture on the butter shines. I have it in first love, which is a very pretty pale pink!

  10. Hey Sith!! Thanks for the shout out! Clinique is worth taking a second and even a third look at people!!! We do have some rocking new products to the line.
    Just sayin'

  11. OMG I actually love that color on you. Jellz!! I can't do brights =/ I actually love all my Clinique stuff. They haz good taupes.

  12. You must Try Cranberry Cream in the same formula - beautiful!


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