Monday, March 16, 2009

Purchase - Dariya Japan KEANASH Makeup Base - Meh results in 2 installments (Part 1)

In my never ending quest for porcelain doll smooth like skin I ventured into the Dariya makeup base primers.

I have some shocking news for you all. I, Pinksith, do not have perfect skin.

There. I said it. Wow. I feel so much better now. You have no idea how much stress I was carrying around with me. It feels so good to be able to tell you I do not have perfect skin. I know you all are kinda shell-shocked right now, but I promise…..What? You knew this already? Huh? Oh riiiiiiiight. All those posts about my imperfect skin. Yeah. I guess I do have a sort of obscene fetish with perfection, especially when it comes to my skin. OK. Well now that we all know I’m not perfect, nor is my skin…why am I always the last one to know?...we can move on.

So any way. I have seen these Dariya primers around for a while and finally decided to give them a try. They are so freakin’ cute. How adorable is it to say I have Strawberry Nose or Orange Cheek versus the actual Blackhead Nose and Pore Crater Cheek. See Orange sounds so much better than Pore Crater! I picked up (from one of my face sellers on all things Japanese and Beauty related AlphabeautyUK) Dariya Japan KEANASH Makeup Base for Strawberry Nose and Dariya Japan KEANASH Makeup Base for Orange Cheek. Two different items for basically the same problem. Imperfect skin that needs a smoothing out to look flawless.

Dariya Japan KEANASH Makeup Base for Strawberry Nose claims it offers
1. High Coverage for Unevenness - with the high coverage powder ingredients, it helps cover the pores, unevenness, and blackheads in nose region.
2. Prevent Makeup Dropoff - with densely packed polymer covering on skin surface to help prevent makeup drop-off.
3. Sebum Absorbing - it contains sebum absorbing powder to remove excessive sebum from the nose, and leave you a clear & matte finish, it also help prevents acne.
4. With green-tea extracts for pore tightening performance
5. Can be used as a concealer for concerned area
6. In natural skin color finish for the best matching, no fragrance.

OK Let’s dissect this
1 = Pass. Pores did look covered.
2 = Pass. The makeup stayed on until I blotted on most days , which was around 11am
3 = Fail. I have oily skin. The oil absorbing properties failed as soon as it came off when I blotted. It almost felt like the oil was trapped under the makeup/primer
4 = Fail. My pores were not tightened. I don’t think green tea is capable of this
5 = Fail-ish. If I was 2 shades darker I guess I could use it as concealer…I guess
6 = Fail-ish. Natural skin color of someone 2 shades darker than me, maybe. But no fragrance so Pass.

Let me say that it did a fairly good job at masking pores. If you are darker than a MAC NC30 this product would work well for you. It didn’t work for me because of the darkness of the product but also because of the silicone in the product. My nose broke out with horrible cystic type lumps and large whiteheads. It was awful and painful. That’s the reaction I have with silicone products. I have to give this an overall FAIL in my book.
If you A) are dark enough, and B) are not sensitive to silicone products you might want to give this a try.

It’s inexpensive at $10.45 (on ebay) and comes in a large enough tube, 15g /0.5oz as you only need a little for your nose.

In my next post I’ll fill you in on the Dariya Japan KEANASH Makeup Base for Orange Cheek.

Here are some photos of the product. I must that that a little goes a long long way. It does not feel silicone-y or too slippery. Rather it is very creamy and dries down to a nice matte finish. There is no scent which is great since you have to apply it to your nose!

A small dab on the back of my hand to show color

This is that "small dab" spread out. A little goes a long way. See how yellow it is?

Here is the product completely blended into my hand. It does a good job hiding imperfections and such but the color match for me (MAC NC20) just did not work. :-(


  1. Too bad the product didn't work out, but Japanese packaging is so friggin' cute!

  2. Well the search continues me thinks Ms. Elvira? Too bad cuz the packing is too cute.

  3. just gotta love reading your reviews!!! i willw ait for the part 2.

    and why are you looking for porcelain doll skin? your skin is very good already! geez!

  4. I'm silicone-sensitive too =(
    Omg, everything has silicone in it!!!!! I got some nasty ones on my chin that I'm still dealing with. Trying not to mess with them, but they're there everyday, taunting me >: /
    What are you doing to deal with the cysts?

  5. it definitely looks dark on your skin.

    great review, you're right the packaging is too cute to resist :P

  6. Wow - thats really dark for a natural skin tone. Its cute how they tried to cutes-y up skin problems :).

  7. Hi Valerie: Yeah. Another primer to add to the pile of primers that don't work. :-(

    J: Yup. I should just stick w/ what works but I can't resist trying something new.

    Jojoba: LOL. You have not seen me up close. I'm sure my skin looks fine to the average person but under the scrutiny of my 10X magnification mirror it looks awful. :-P

    Claudia m: I feel your pain...literally. Right now I am using Mario Badescu Drying lotion. You know that pink sludge in the bottom of a bottle filled w/ clear liquid? It seems to work for most inflammations but I also try to take advil to reduce the swelling too....but it's not a cure. I have been thinking of trying Mario Badescu's Acne Serum all over but I am on another regimen right now and don't want to interrupt it. What have you been using?

    M: I am under the impression that almost everything in Japan is cute!

    /lachesis: It might work for you...but your skin is pretty smooth as it is. lemme know if you want to try it.

  8. I kinda want to try this, just because the packaging is so bloody cute!

  9. Joey: You might get your wish but I may have thrown out the packaging....

  10. I really like Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask, it's like a miracle cure for *normal* break outs, for these...just try not to mess with them. Personally or through the web, I haven't found ANY solution to them =(


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