Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Purchase - Dariya Japan KEANASH Makeup Base - Meh results in 2 installments (Part 2)

My second installment of the Dariya Japan KEANASH Makeup Bases and my quest for perfect looking skin is the Dariya Japan KEANASH Makeup Base for Cheek! (I reviewed the Makeup base for "Strawberry Nose" yesterday.) Look how freakin cute this is! Orange Cheek? How sweet is that? Yes. I have orange cheeks! OK. They look like oranges only without the orange color. I had high hopes for this one but it didn’t quite live up to the promises. However, the product is so darn cute I can’t be mad at it.

This stuff claims to:
Cover the unevenness of cheek, like smoothing an orange surface!

1. High Coverage for Unevenness - it contains soft focusing powder which hides the pores & skin unevenness with the help of light reflection.
2. Collagen Content - with collagen ingredients for moisture care
3. Sebum Absorbing - it contains sebum absorbing powder to remove excessive sebum from the cheek region, and leave you a clear & matte finish, it also help prevents acne.
4. With green-tea extracts for pore tightening performance
5. Can be used as a concealer for concerned area
6. In natural skin color finish for the best matching, no fragrance.

OK. Let’s break it down.

1. Fail. I would not call this high coverage. The formula is sticky and the pigmentation is not strong enough to cover dark blemishes or spots…but it did have medium coverage. It did not mask my pore size. This was the main reason for buying this and It didn’t work.

2. Pass. It certainly didn’t dry out my cheeks, but my cheeks can be oily so it’s not like I needed extra moisture. I use a moisturizer already that takes care of this for me.

3. Pass. Like with the “strawberry nose” this base worked well at controlling oil but once I blotted any sebum absorbing properties were gone because my makeup came off with the blotting. Again, it felt like the oil was trapped under my makeup and once I blotted, it was released. Sad.

4. Fail. This is a bogus claim. My pores were not tightened at all.

5. Pass. Yes. I did use it as a spot of concealer but it certainly was not superior to my Cle de Peau concealer or even that of my Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer. It sort of reminded me of MUFE lift concealer (medium to light coverage) without the lifting properties.

6. Fall-ish. This product is slightly lighter than the "strawberry nose" base but if blended well, it worked on my NC20 skin tone, but would suit a MAC NC25 better. It’s still really yellow based and not for the fair skinned.

OK. So not a bad review on the surface but the main reason to buy this was to cover the moon craters on my cheeks I like to call pores. This product did not do that. Clarins Instant Smooth perfecting touch did a far better job with this and has no color to blend in. I would pay the money for Clarins over the Dariya Keanash product any day. One more thing…The silicones in this product really did not react well with my skin. I got awful breakouts from this …but that is me. I’m just sensitive to silicones.

So should YOU buy this? Yes if you need a lightweight concealer that dries to a semi matte finish and you are not concerned about covering large pores, but have fairly small ones that could benefit from some masking. But that’s it.

You should NOT buy this if you are sensitive to silicones. Yuk. The breakouts I had were terrible. I still have a dark red mark left over from a recent inflammation caused by this stuff. (And No I didn’t try to pop it!)

The price is right $10.45 (from a seller on ebay AlphabeautyUK) and the total weight is 25g /0.88oz which is a lot considering only a small amount is needed. And Yay no Fragrance because it’s being used on my cheek I’m likely to smell any fragrance with my super sensitive nose!

OK. I have decided that the masking properties of the “Strawberry Nose” along with the lighter color and formulation of the “Orange Cheek” and had my skin not be sensitive to silicone products this would be an excellent item. ::sigh:: I guess it’s back to the drawing board for me. I think my skin needs more help than a simple cover-up. I need resurfacing…which will have to wait until Darthypie is old enough to get a NFL or Major League Baseball contract and buy it for his mommy.

Here is what a small dab of the product on the back of my hand looks like. It's very yellow.

Here is the product blended out a little bit. See how yellow it is...but not as dark as the "Strawberry Nose" product.

Here is the "Orange Cheek" fully blended out. Not a terrible color match but the back of my hand isn't exactly like my cheek...but you can see some light masking abilities.

Here is my cat, Trauma, trying to work his way into my blog. Cheeky little bugger!


  1. i've been waiting for the part 2. glad i didn't have to wait for long. :)

    but what a disappointment when you said PASSED. Oh well, i trust you. if MUFE only OK for you, then this will be nothing for me. i am on the look out of a new concealer (for blemish though.) my Full Cover sometimes doesn't FULL COVER for me now.

    getting OLD!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hmmm, I'm not sensitive to silicones, but that part about what happens when blotting is very scary.

    Thank you for the review. Very informative :)

  3. Thank you for explaining the strawberry nose and orange cheek thing. I wouldn't have made the connection between strawberry -> blackheads and orange skin -> unevenness if you hadn't laid it out that way for me. I would have been like "Oh those crazy Japanese marketers, substituting fruit for facial features!!"

  4. hi i just started reading ur blog and i cant stop. i keep reading ur past entries. you are so funny! i see you have been into japanese products - are you japanese? just wondering. thanks!

  5. I loved the two reviews!! Y'know what would make them even better, though, hint hint?

    More Trauma photos =D

  6. Jojoba: I definitely do not think this is what you are looking for, but the Strawberry nose might be a good fit for you as it can be used on your cheeks and does have more opaque coverage than the Orange Cheek.

    Pixie: I think it's because I'm so oily that maybe the makeup I wear came off with the blotting as it does seem to come off a bit when I blot, even when I don't use the Orange Cheek. However, my makeup sure did come off a lot more when I blotted using this product.

    Kristy: You are welcome. I love the way some items in Japan are marketed.

    Beauty Chest: Thanks for the compliment. I'm glad you are enjoying the blog. No I am not Japanese. I am a mix of Argentinean, Italian and German. I have ash blond hair and light eyes and skin. I just am fascinated with Japanese & Korean products and would love to live in Japan some day.

    J: Trauma is a cutie! He is almost 18 and acts like a kitten. He is chatty as heck too.

    Rae: Thanks! I'll try to include him more in future reviews...he is camera shy but is sleeping most of the time so maybe I can sneak a few more pics. lol.


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