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Purchase - Lancome - Le Magnetique Vernis Star Design. Campaign to bring it back!

Why, you may ask, am I doing a review of a nail polish from almost 2 years ago? Well the reason is, I didn't get my other photos edited in time and I thought you might at least find this interesting and possibly join me in campaigning Lancome to release more colors from this line of polishes. It's THAT cute! It's so neat that I want more! more! more! Navy blue, emerald green, silvery black, pretty pink, Imagine the possibilities! It can and SHOULD be done. Join me in my campaign to get Lancome to release more colors! You can fill out a form at

In the comments section you can write in something simple like:
I read about the Lancome Le Magnetique Vernis Star Design – Bordeaux Esmee on and I now MUST have this nail polish. It is so beautiful you must re-release it and how about adding new colors too? Pretty please?"

or perhaps something not blatantly promotiong my blog like:

I think it would be wonderful if Lancome re-released the Lancome Le Magnetique Vernis Star Design – Bordeaux Esmee nail polish. It was a great product. It would also be nice if you released new colors too. Pretty Please with sugar on top?"

See. You can cut & paste. And I have dome most of the work for you! When Lancome gets flooded with requests for the Le Magnetique Vernis Star Design – Bordeaux Esmee nail polish they will HAVE to release it. Then you can take solace in the fact that you were instrumental in bringing nail polish joy to so many people! Or something like that. Oh and once you submit the form, you are sent an e-mail with a code for a deluxe sample the next time you place an order with Lancome on line.


Allow me to tell you a bit about the polish so I can convince you to write to Lancome!

The 2007 fall Lancome nail polish was so awesome! It was called Lancome Le Magnetique Vernis Star Design – Bordeaux Esmee. It is a Bordeaux wine colored nail polish with iron particles that have a different polarity than the magnet on the outside of the bottle.

I know what you all are thinking. "What the heck are you talking about Dr. Science?" The iron particles in the nail polish, when held up to this special magnet, create a starburst design in the nail polish!! So anyway, the trick is this: Paint your nails w/ one coat of the polish. Let them dry long enough to do both hands. Then paint a second coat, stopping after each nail to hold it up against the magnet on the back of the bottle.
You only have to hold your nail there for 5 seconds and all of a sudden the starburst design appears. I had fairly long nails when I took these pictures so the design looks a little off. If they were 1/2 the size I think the starburst design would cover my entire nail and it would look even cooler! The polish wears as well as all Lancome Polishes. Nice color, little to no chipping and an overall good nail polish. It was slightly expensive and sadly there was only one color choice.
The nail polish sold for $17 USD in 2007 and you did get a tiny amount (5.5 ml) but I only use it on special occasions so I just ran out 2 years later. (I made a lot of excuses for special occasions.)

Here is a picture of the final result in Natural Light:
Here is a picture in interior light


  1. I wish they'd release it again with more shades via Lancome, or at least the L'Oreal Star Magnet shades like abroad.

  2. Didn't L'oreal release their magnetic nail colors in the US? I have 2 colors and they're quite cool (a deep purple wine and a dark charcoal gray)

  3. I had no idea they had this - thanks for the FYI and I am going ot shamelessly promote you on Lancome lol

  4. the geek and the beauty lover in me are both wowed by this!!!

  5. Since it's a lazy Monday for me (like every Monday, really), I copied and pasted =P
    I had no idea a polish this cool existed, and as usual, I was late to the party. I hope they re-release it, I'd buy a few!!

  6. I am not a Lancome fan, but here it is, I sent an email to them.

  7. All:
    Thank you to all that sent Lancome an e-mail. I appreciate it...your fellow nail polish addicts appreciate it as well.

    Clockwork: I agree. I heard the L'Oreal shades were very nice. Bummer for the US.

    Kathi: Hi. No. they didn't release the L'Oreal version in the US. only in the EU as far as I know.

    J: TY for shamelessly promoting me. LOL. I have a sinking feeling our requests go into a black hole. :-(

    Laura R: I being a NERD and beauty lover was attracted to the concept of this nail polish as well. It was an even better reward for me that the polish was so pretty AND so cool!

    /lachesis: OMG you need! You need!

    Claudia M.: Thanks for writing in. You might still be able to find this at a lancome CCO or on evilbay.

    Wanderer: Thank you for writing in, despite your disdain for Lancome. :-)

  8. what the.... I think I NEED this nail polish... thanks for sharing!

  9. Hi Kathy:
    You might be able to find it on ebay. :-)
    And yes. You NEED it!


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