Friday, March 6, 2009

Things I’m excited to try out

OK. This might be a phoning it in post but I had to share my excitement about some lovely KenzoKi skin care products I received. Yes. Kenzo like the perfume. They have a skin care line as well. The KenzoKi line I'm using is geared towards Combination to Oily skin and is referred to as Energizing and uses Bamboo Plant water.
I’m currently trying out 4 items.
- Cream with a Zing
- Face Phenomenon
- Chilly Foaming Cleanser
- Smooth Bamboo Water

The KenzoKi line also has skin care for the following
-Normal to Combination - Euphoric (Ginger Plant)
-Normal to Dry - Relaxing (White Lotus Plant)
-Dry - Sensual (Rice Plant)
So far I like the results but I really I like to give skin care a few weeks, if not months, to see results I’ll be posting about it some time from now.

I think I might have found the mirror effect silver nail polish I have been looking for. While searching on Scrangie’s blog I came across an old post about silver nail polish and she said the Sally Hansen (Rectangular bottle) in Sterling has a mirror like finish. I ordered a bottle from evilbay…so here’s to that mirrors on my fingertips look I have always wanted. Expect to see a post in a few days.

Taupe eye shadow. When am I not looking forward to taupe eye shadow? Never. I found an old NYX single that I forgot I had (That shows you how much makeup I have when I forget I have something! I still can't find my Stila talking eyeshadow palette that gives smokey eye instructions in Korean!) anyway. I hope to swatch & wear it and post about it soon! Soon! Soon!

Not to neglect my other love but I have a new blush that I got from my loverly friend Pam…well from her loverly husband b/c he bought it when he went to Korea. I hope to have a picture next week it's swirly, pink and Korean…need I say more?


  1. Ohhh the sikncare line sounds intriguing. Which NYX single is it? Because I picked up Eucalyptus which looks taupe in the pan to me - haven't had time to actually try it yet.

  2. I love that Smooth Bamboo Water. Who knew Kenzo made skincare? It's way spendy but if you get a chance try the Belle de Jour cream, it's amazing.

  3. i want/need to see this blush you speak of immediately

  4. Ohh! I currently use the kenzo creamy white day cream as my morning-before makeup moisturizer. The packaging is as nice as on the website, opaque white plastic simplicity ;)good if you like streamlined design.If you sign up on the kenzo site they give 3 samples.
    I also tried their eye makeup remover, but it was too gentle. I like the creams though, the scents are sophisticated, not the usual skincare smells... :)

  5. i know when i need perfume advise, i'll have to find you and cavewoman. :P

  6. This is totally OT but I have to say it. Everytime I read your blog I become a happier woman than I was before!

    I haven't had the time to check in on You in a couple of weeks and today, yay, my god, how I missed You, I didn't realize until I read You again!

    Don't You ever stop, and greetings to the little man, I have two small girls to cope with, so I recognise a lot. I intruduced nail polish and that's worked out all right so I think the road to make-up junkies is getting paved.


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