Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday Poll

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Hey y’all I’m back with the Thursday Poll! My much neglected Thursday Poll has been collecting dust as I have not posted enough these past few weeks to even warrant a poll. But here we are, a new month and a new outlook on life (OK. Not really but I have carved some time out of my day to post more) and a new poll! This weekend The Watchmen opens. For those that have never read the Graphic Novel by Alan Moore. I strongly suggest that you do so STAT! This is one movie that you will benefit by having read the GN prior to watching the movie. Unlike with the movie Wanted, (which was alos a GN prior to being a movie) the GN was far superior and reading it first, only made the movie that much more of a suck fest. But as my enlightened and brilliant husband pointed out, Wanted may have been a good movie had we not the expectations from the GN prior to watching it. OK. Comic book geekness aside. I am so excited about The Watchmen that I can barely contain myself. On to the poll.

1. Blush Of the Day?
– Chanel Rose Petal. I adore this blush. It is fast becoming my go to every day blush!

2. Latest beauty acquisition? – Humm Let’s see. Since I’ve been on a no buy and have proceeded to still buy crap from evilbay I guess my no buy was broken. That being said I recently purchased some back ups of my beloved Koji line queen black eyeliner. I eagerly wait by my mailbox for its arrival.

3. Will you be seeing The Watchmen move this weekend?

4. Current beauty obsession? – Clear skin. I have decided that all the stuff I keep putting on my face is making it worse. I have decided to slowly approach "a less is more attitude" with my skin. That means no 5x a week sheet masks, multiple microdermabrasion treatments and various other harsh things I have been doing to my skin. I will also have to take a hard look at my diet as I truly believe it is contributing to my awful breakouts. As much as I hate to admit this. I think dairy and sugar may have an awful effect on my skin and I need to give up both. ::cries::

5. Do you remember your High School’s Fight Song? Did your HS even have one?
– Yes! Mine did. I was a band geek and orchestra geek. Most people hated me in HS or I hated them or whatever. I have no friends that I keep in contact with and I do not plan on going to my 20th reunion. Don't feel sad for me or think I'm a bitter loser. I don't feel sad for me and I don't think I'm bitter....maybe I'm a loser, but that's beside the point.
Anyway. Our Fight Song was the following:
Fight on fight on for Whitman.
Vikings give us the score.

Black & white our hats off to you

Show them we want more

Fight, fight, fight on for Whitman

Hear our Roar

it's W-H-I-T-M-A-N

Whitman Fight On!


  1. Yay Thursday poll!

    1. Becca Frangipani- got this in a swap, and I am on the fence about it- it's pretty, but I'm not sure it's pretty on me

    2. Last thing I purchased was a NARS polish (had a Sephora GC) and Armani lipstick (and before that, Becca sheer lip tint- I've been so bad! But it feels so good.) ;-)

    3. Seems likely, as DH is very interested...

    4. I don't feel particularly obsessed at the moment... maybe I'm so obsessed, I don't even realize it!

    5. I do not think we had one... and I'm with you on the reunions- didn't go to the 10th, will not go to the 20th. :-)

  2. BOTD: ULTA Afterglow, I am beginning to really like there line of cosmetics, cheap and good color pigmentation.

    Latest Purchase: GOSH Cosmetics Shadesticks (similar to MACS), because of all the buzz on the MUA board.

    Watchmen Movie: No, I am Freaking working all weekend selling the Sith's very favorite MU - Clinique!

    Current Beauty Obsession: Eyeliners, just aquired 2 Mad Mineral ones and 2 Fyrianne ones.

    Fight Song: Good Catholic High Schools do not have fights songs.
    Although we did have a few weird dudes who would jump on the rail of the stands and get us to spell out CRUSADERS.

  3. 1. Blush Of the Day? – I can't remember the name! It's a Jordana blush and I think it might be called Blushing Rose. It's very pretty.

    2. Latest beauty acquisition? – 7 nail polishes last night. Now I have about 50 untried nail polishes

    3. Will you be seeing The Watchmen move this weekend? – nope

    4. Current beauty obsession? – dare I say NAILPOLISH?!

    5. Do you remember your High School’s Fight Song? Did your HS even have one? – No fight song for our school. The closest our school came to even having a song was 'Tomorrow' from "Annie" since half the school was either in "Annie" or auditioning for "Annie", though it was really the lower grades and not the high school kids. To this day, 30 years later, I still can't stand that song!

  4. 1- None. My left cheek broke out last night and I am trying to keep my face as clean as possible to heal fast.
    2- Perlier White Almond body lotion. I love that stuff1
    3- Work will keep me from it
    4- Nail polish...always!
    5- It's been too long...

  5. Wooohoo, I love talking about myself, LOL

    1. Blush Of the Day? I wanted not a in-your-face blush today, but a soft coloured glow: so I went for my beautiful Becca Princess.

    2. Latest beauty acquisition? – Oi, I have been a very naughty girl on gmarket yesterday, and 5 minutes ago I bought the Cle De Peau palette in 20 (the one I blogged about- of the girl that looked like Brigitte Bardot). It will be my first Cle de Peau palette...woohoo.

    3. Will you be seeing The Watchmen move this weekend? Nah, I will have a terrible weekend of projects, writing essays, a funeral and perhaps some sleep.

    4. Current beauty obsession? –
    Looking innocently sexy (oxymoron?). I kind of want my hair to behave as well, but it is not easy to manipulate my hair in any leads a life on its own. (oh, and my skin is always my beauty obsession so I will not mention it explicitly)

    5. Do you remember your High School’s Fight Song? Did your HS even have one? that a US phenonemon? (

  6. Wooohooo the Thursday Poll is back! Yay!

    Ok, Wanted the movie had nothing in common with Wanted the comic and I am sure was just absolutely idiotic just by seeing the ads - I can't stand Angelina Jolie's umm err "acting", although I would try to get through it if it was on TV just for James McAvoy.

    1. Blush Of the Day? – Nothing as usual.

    2. Latest beauty acquisition? – Yikes woman, you've see the list on my blog so I wouldn't repeat and bore it with you again lol

    3. Will you be seeing The Watchmen move this weekend? – YES! YES! YES! On Sunday! IT.BETTER.BE.GOOD!

    4. Current beauty obsession? – Trying to find a better skin care routine just like you. I have never had this many problems with it before, I think the harsh winter is a major factor this year and let's face it, I am getting old. I am getting quite tired of this uneven, rosey patches on the left side of my face and sometimes over my nose. Plus I need a better eye cream. As much as I love my LUSH Paradise Regained, I think I need something that will address the redness issue a bit more. I am leaning towards Fresh Lotus Eye Gel. Oh and of course *trying* to eat better...

    5. Do you remember your High School’s Fight Song? Did your HS even have one? – You know I have no clue at all if we had one or not.

  7. 1. Blush Of the Day? – None. Today I'm too lazy to wear any. I just put on my foundation, press powder, lipstick, and lip gloss, then I'm good to go.

    2. Latest beauty acquisition? – We just got Mac Hello Kitty in last week and I got a brush set, Tippy Beauty powder blush, Big bow lipstick and Mimmy lip glass. I'm so happy!

    3. Will you be seeing The Watchmen move this weekend? – Nah... I'm thinking about that new Julia Roberts' movie I saw the preview this morning.

    4. Current beauty obsession? – I'm with you on the skin. Lately I feel like I can't never do enough to keep it in good condition. Sigh...

    5. Do you remember your High School’s Fight Song? Did your HS even have one? – Yes! We have a lot. I remember some of them, but man! They're so long. More like a school march that kind of song.

  8. Woohoo!

    BOTD: MAC Brunette MSF

    2) Probably... MAC Big Bow L/S from HK.

    3) Maybe.. IDK what I am doing this weekend.

    4) Eye Kohls. I am on a mission to test out Guerlains Oriental Metal Kohl. I absolutely adore the look, the mystique and application of Kohls.

    5) No, my HS was lame. We had no fight song.

  9. I want to do this because I know there is nothing to write about for me....

    1. the cold weather
    2. random korea samples from Andy's last trip
    3. probably not
    4. none
    5. Not even sure we had one

    Shout out to Pink Sith...I like being known as anon.

  10. 1. Not wearing any blush but if I was it would be Cargo Catalina.

    2. Nothing

    3. Nope

    4. My hair. I went back to using dye and I can't get it the color I want. I might go back to henna if this continues.

    5. HS did not have one that I know of.

  11. 1. Blush Of the Day? – I dunno yet, but it'll probably be NARS Orgasm. It's been my "go-to" this weekend.

    2. Latest beauty acquisition? – Sephora Chrome 09 eyeshadow single. Gorgeous deep shimmery wine-purple.

    3. Will you be seeing The Watchmen move this weekend? – I saw it opening night at midnight. I want to FORGET that I saw it. HORRIBLE. HOW DARE SNYDER DO WHAT HE DID TO THE NOVEL!!!!!!!!!!!! rant/over.

    4. Current beauty obsession? – Taupe-purple lips and smokey eyes. No idea why...

    5. Do you remember your High School’s Fight Song? Did your HS even have one? – We didn't have one =/


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