Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday Poll

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Thank you for all your kind words about my dog Artie. You all have no idea how much I appreciate it.
OK. Allow me to divert my attention to makeup as this makes me feel a bit better about all the crap going on right now. I have been watching the gray skies for what seems like weeks and have not been able to take any good pictures. I finally got some sunlight and was able to take pictures of my new Taupe Eyeshadow acquisitions, which you all will see shortly on this blog. Regardless, it's nice that winter is fading and the first day of Spring will be on Friday! Spring means NEW SUMMER MAKEUP! The Chanel Summer collection is very pretty and I'm looking forward to Guerlain's new collection due out later. OK. enough babbling about the weather...on to the poll!!

1. Blush Of The Day? - Clio Art Blush # 4 Rose Pink

2. Favorite Season?
- Autumn. I love the break from the hot days of summer and the cool crisp air. The color of the leaves on the trees the smell of bonfires, the start of the football season. It's a perfect time.

3. Name a product that would make you would scream & yell if they discontinued it.
- La Mer Loose powder. This stuff is so fine & light and gives me an airbrushed finish. It's expensive but a little goes a long long way. I would die if they got rid of it....or I would hoard it either way, the end result won't be pretty.

4. What Perfume that reminds you of Spring?
- Clinique Happy Heart. It's crisp and green and floral. My favorite type of scent. However. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea is a close second.

5. Current makeup obsession? - A sparkly or metallic cool brown liquid liner. I think Fyrinnae Inks liquid Liner might have a color I'm looking for but their site says they ran out of the containers and they may not be back in stock until the end of March. Gah!


  1. BOTD: Sue Devitte Los Angeles, received in a swap and it has fast become a favorite, mebbe on it's way to HG status.

    Favorite Season: Also Autumn for me!

    Scream and Yell if the ever discontinue it: My beloved MAC Brown Gel in Girl/Boy, one tube lasts me at least 6 months and it is THE perfect color to match my dyed red hair!

    The scent that reminds me of spring: Hmmmmmmm, good guestion, actually a rather obsecure scent, Arrogance Mix in the White Musk/Apple scent. Cheap stuff but smells great, WAS available on Sephora.

    Current MU Obsession: Lots and Lots of Eyeshadows, that's all I seem to be ordering lately

  2. Elvira - hugs to you, hang in there girl!

    1. Blush Of The Day? - As usual nothing

    2. Favorite Season? - Spring to early Summer - I love to wear sandals and flip flops - soo liberating!

    3. Name a product that would make you would scream & yell if they discontinued it. - Soap & Glory Righteous Butter. I'd die. Simple as that. But not before I take some ppl with me.

    4. What Perfume that reminds you of Spring? - Hmm you know I have never thought about it. I am now trying to think of one , but can't.

    5. Current makeup obsession? - A lipgloss with the right amount of peach or orange colour for my skin tone, which is pigmented enough to show up on my lips without washing me out. Tall order, I know.

  3. Hi Elvira :-*

    1)BOTD: not wearing anything right now. However, yesterday I wore mark. kitten glo.

    2)Season: autumn as well. I love the colors and the rich quality of the air.

    3)Protest if DCed: Revlon Colorstay foundation, or maybelline dream matte liquid. I love foudnations, and these are my top

    4)Perfume/spring: Le feu d'issey light. I discovered this years ago. I bought as many backup refills as possible because it has been discontinued. I have one more bottle left. It smells like what a full-bodied clean woman should smell like to me: floral with a touch of spice and a hint of seductive musk without being overpowering at all.

    5) Obsession: foundation application tools and lipsticks. Oh and hair products for curly hair.

  4. *hugs* I'm excited for Chanel and Dior Summer =D

    1. Blush Of The Day? - none yet but it'll probably be MAC Earth to Earth =D or a Milani shimmer powder. I've been all about shimmery cheeks lately =)

    2. Favorite Season? - SPRING! I am SO excited it's coming soon! I love all the flowers.

    3. Name a product that would make you would scream & yell if they discontinued it. - Flower by Kenzo, Thierry Mugler Angel, MAC Satin Taupe e/s, GA #4 eyeliner, BB Pot Rouges, and MAC blush in Sweet as Cocoa!

    4. What Perfume that reminds you of Spring? - Flower by Kenzo, which is why it's my favorite!

    5. Current makeup obsession? - Shimmery or dewy cheeks, and taupe eyeshadows, as usual. I'm also super into shopping my stash lately, and I've only been hauling during sales! I've also been obsessed with finding great concealers - I've settled on MAC Select Moisturecover for my eyes and MAC Studio Sculpt for my face.

  5. . Blush Of The Day? OMG, none...and I did wear some makeup today. I have been having flushed cheeks lately, so I do not need that much blush right now.

    2. Favorite Season? I used to be a summer fan, but as that is related to showing lots of naked skin (which I am not so happy about these days) I would say Spring, as hope is in the air.

    3. Name a product that would make you would scream & yell if they discontinued it.
    Ohh, I used to be really bound to some products and I stock up on them, but I cannot think of one product right now anymore.
    Oh, yes...Mineral makeup foundation! and especially from Fusion of color, as that is such a wonderful tool to make my skin look like normal and somewhat healthy.

    4. What Perfume that reminds you of Spring? I like citrusy scents such as Bond no 9 Little Italy, but it could be a good summer scent as well. Mmmm, Penthagion Bluebel perfume is a nice one!

    5. Current makeup obsession? -

  6. 1) MAC Earth to Earth! Look! NEW BLUSH! :D

    2) Spring or Fall because you get crazy weather and I love crazy weather.

    3)MUFE HD Primer. If you're going to buy anything HD this is the product to buy.

    4)Lancome Tresor... I really have no idea why. Or Christian Audigier for Ed Hardy Love & Luck (because was should all blame Audigier for the bastardization of Hardy's work).

    5)None really. The 210 brush from MAC maybe. maybe. Or mascara.


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