Friday, April 10, 2009

Exciting News about Besame Cosmetics!!!

Finally after much rumor and innuendo...OK maybe not so much innuendo, Besame has finally released more information about their revamped line of cosmetics.

For those unfamiliar with Besame Cosmetics. They are a niche cosmetic line sold mostly in boutiques and largely on line through their main website. Besame means "Kiss Me" in Spanish. The creator, Gabriela Hernandez, is Argentinian by birth, but has the American Spirit and Ingenuity to create her own line of cosmetics. Besame was only launched in 2004, bust since then they have created quite a cult following. Their unique formulas and packaging hearken back to an era of simplicity when it comes to cosmetics. The Art Deco Period. But the line also draws inspiration from such 1950's/60's starlets like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn! Who doesn't want to look like Grace Kelly? The elegant packing and classic colors make this line a truly unique and simple luxury.

According to Besame, a new look is coming to Besame in May. Apparently the site will be taken down after April 16th and their limited supply of their "Classic Line" (Original line) will only be available at a few select stores and retailers. I believe has the full "Classic Line". Besame will be coming out with their long awaited FULL SIZE lipstick! It's called Voluptuous! In May the Besame site will re-open and we all can get our greedy little paws on this, what I hope to be, new Holy Grail lipstick!

Fortunately for those that wish to purchase a few items from the "Classic Line" you won't have to wait! Starting April 8 through April 16th you will receive a deluxe sample of Voluptuous in Red Velvet with your purchase of $30 or more from the Besame "Classic Line".
The fine print is:
Limit one deluxe sample per order while supplies last. Deluxe sample only available with purchase. Orders that receive Voluptuous deluxe samples may not be returned. All sales will be final. Voluptuous Deluxe Sample provides enough product for 4 full applications and includes a full color brochure with photos of the Voluptuous Lip color Set.
I know I'm excited. Check out the Besame Website here

Want to know what some of the colors look like? Take a look at my poorly lit collection of eye shadow, blushes, lipsticks and glosses. I have a few more blushes and a few more glosses & lipsticks that aren't pictured here. In addition I have the loose powder, foundation, mascara and Rose Moisturizer. All excellent values and wonderful products. P.S. Plum Dandy is a loverly Plummy Taupe eye shadow and Red Velvet is a classic Deep Red lipstick

lip gloss (Click on picture to see full size)

lipsticks (Click on picture to see full size)

lipstick and lip gloss swatches (Click on picture to see full size)

eye shadows (Click on picture to see full size)

eye shadow swatches (Click on picture to see full size)

eye shadow size comparison (Click on picture to see full size)

blush (Click on picture to see full size)
Sadly I have my fill of the "Classic Line" so I won't be partaking in the "order $30 and get a deluxe sample" deal. I'll have to wait until May to partake in a full size Red Velvet lipstick...which, by the way, is my HOLY GRAIL Red colored lipstick!

Promo pictures of Classic Line from

Alluring Eye Shadow (a.k.a. eyeshadow)

Boudoir Rouge (a.k.a. blush)

Enchanting Lipstick (a.k.a lipstick)

Enriched Lip Glaze (a.k.a. lip gloss)


  1. most classic and elegant collection!!! This is the kind of makeup I'd buy even if its quality isn't so great simply because of the delicate packaging! LOL.

    I also read about the new besame few days ago and I WISH we had it. Sigh..

  2. I've been wanting to try Besame for a long time. I think i'm going to have to suck it up and buy it online soon - thanks for the pics - and for tempting me :P

  3. I always pass the counter by - next time I am stopping!


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