Monday, April 6, 2009

I have no self control

I went to to order a refill for my beloved Sofina Lucent sunscreen. While I was there I decided to look at the "specials" and "what’s new" sections.
I loaded my cart with all sorts of items. From face masks to eye shadow to mascara and lipstick. I then, before clicking "check out" had a brief, flickering moment of rational thought and whittled down my basket to JUST the sunscreen and a mascara. Fairy Drops mascara, to be exact.

image from
I had read about it on Musings of a Muse last year and I kinda wanted it, but I never got around to ordering it. Well, Damn Adam and his Beauty! He lured me into it. I’m not even so mad that I got it, I’m mad that I didn’t price comparison first. I paid $17 USD on and today, (while doing an image search on google) found it for only $13.90 USD on! That’s what I get for impulse shopping.

Next time I order from Adambeauty I’m JUST getting the sunscreen. Nothing else!

So how often do you set out to buy one beauty item, but look at your lonely item in your on-line shopping cart and feel the need to add more to your order?


  1. self control is so overrated, and you have to fill the sasa card untill $75, and now you are cheaper off ;D

  2. No, it only happens to me EVERY DAMN TIME! It's 100% impossible for me to buy just one thing.

  3. but this is a famous mascara now if you had self-control, you won't know how it is. so sometimes it's good to be a little bit loose.

  4. agree with birkinbagbeauty,also you tend to have custom charged everytime with sasa,so there is a saving!

  5. Lol, that happens to me all the time. I figure it's just not possible to order only one item. And like birkinbagbeauty and miss_waterlilly said, you were really saving money, hehe.

  6. This is the exact reason I don't want to order just one lippie from NARS, I want the new Falaba lipstick, but I also want Benefit's Coralista, so I am waiting for the new NARS to hit Sephora so I can make an entire haul @ once. But yes, one lonely thing in a basket does look awfully pathetic.

  7. Oh puhleezeee where does self-control get anyone? No where I tell you! We were born to be wild and free to indulge in not limiting ourselves to just one measly purchase - enjoy it!

  8. ahhhh! i always feel the need to add more to the shopping cart! but love the mascara you picked up!

  9. That always happens to me lol.


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