Friday, April 3, 2009

Purchase - The Icing Nail Polish In Metalhead. Mirror Mirror On My Nail!

What can I say about Icing nail polish in Metalhead? Well It’s IN YOUR FACE SILVER. It’s like having little mirrors on your fingers (or toes). The only thing I don’t like about this nail polish is having to go into The Icing store in the mall to buy it. Ugh. I get this tweener high pitched whine stuck in my head along with whatever is that latest Jonas Brothers abomination they call a “Song”. Then the smell of angst and ignorance is stuck on my clothes for a good solid hour, or until I walk into a Williams Sonoma…whichever comes first. That’s it. That’s the worst thing about this nail polish.

The polish bottle looks exactly like the China Glaze polish bottle so hey, at least I’ll have consistency in my polish box. Ummm yeah. Whatever.

The Polish applies nicely. 2 coats and this sucker is opaque and shiny. It has some glitter look to it but it didn’t really translate once applied to the nail. It is truly a great metallic polish. Not too frosty, very little as far as brush marks, dried well and lasted for an entire week. (Using my Seche Top Coat of course)

I highly recommend using a base prior to application. My makeup shopping buddy tessa form went with me and got the exact same polish. They were having a buy one get one ½ price deal at The Icing so basically I paid $3.50 for this polish. Anyway, she put hers on without a base and it had flaked off in an awful mess within a few days. So that being said, Creative Nail Design Sticky is a great base and Seche Top Coat is an awesome top coat and well..

What else is there to say about this? If you like Silver you will love this nail polish!


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