Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Purchase - Laura Mercier Topaz Eye shadow. A basic taupe for a basic eye

Since I taunted you all yesterday with a discontinued eye shadow from 3 years ago I thought I would be nice, no matter how much it pains me to do so, and post about a lovely taupe eye shadow that you can still purchase.

Laura Mercier Topaz
It’s Taupe
It’s Basic

It’s still available!

I was fortunate enough to buy this little gem off of evil bay for $9.99 + s&h. The shadow normally retails for $22 USD. This shadow could be a close color dupe to that Chanel Vega but without the shimmery-ness. It’s more of a satin finish and makes a lovely base eye color to build upon and also can work nicely as a crease color. Although Laura Mercier has this Topaz color in its “Luster Eye Colour” range (There is that darn U again!) which it describes as:
“...pure dynamic iridescences with a sophisticated frost finish providing amazing adherence for a freshly applied look throughout the day.”
Topaz is not as frosty as Chanel Vega or Safari for that matter. It’s still beautiful, don’t get me wrong. It’s also not as frosty as say, Bobbi Brown Metallic Shadows. When dealing with any Laura Mercier eye shadow product, be prepared for subdued color.

Bold eye color girls may want to stay away from the shadows in this line. Sorry. The shadow itself is a little harder than Chanel or Dior shadows but does not leave any powdery fall out like some Chanel shadows do.

Topaz comes in a square compact with no applicator, so if you love sponge applicators you are SOL (Sh*t otta luck) but I personally never use them so I couldn’t care less. The color is a nice neutral brown taupe. It is slightly warm and does not turn plum on me at all.
It’s a great every day shade. With a primer it lasts all day with no fading or creasing.

I personally find the retail price of this shadow to be a bit on the high side but when compared to Chanel, Dior and Bobbi Brown it isn’t, so I guess it’s all relative. Still though. Great deals to be found on evilbay for Laura Mercier shadows.

Now that I have posted a new taupe eye shadow that is within your grasp I hope you will all put down those pins you have been sticking into voodoo dolls of me and stop cursing my name.

Is this a taupe you MUST own?
No. You won’t die if you don’t have it. But when you buy Laura Mercier’s 3 pan custom palettes for only $10 USD what else are you going to put in there? You might as well right? I think that Topaz Luster eye shadow with Coffee Ground Matte eye shadow and Guava Sateen eye shadow would make a loverly 3 pan palette! Just saying!

Here is my eye of the day. Apologies for the fuzziness. I think something is wrong w/ my camera's macro feature. I used Laura Mercier Topaz as a base color, MAC Mineral eye shadow (from the Ungaro for MAC Collection) in the crease and MAC Phloof to highlight. I also used Bobbi Brown Black Mauve Shimmer gel liner to line upper eye and waterline. I finished it off with my normal Shu Uemura The Basic Mascara and Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara layered over top.

Just so you know I am also looking at putting this Topaz eye shadow in a 3 pan palette. I haven't decided if I want to pair it with Stellar and Black Plum or Coffee Ground. Either way it will be a "can't miss" taupey smokey eye.


  1. That is a HOT eye look. I love LM Topaz!!

  2. I LOVE love love this eye look. Neutral enough for work but not boring. Awesome!

  3. You know, LM has reformulated her eyeshadows and the most recent ones I have tried were quite soft. In addition, a reformulated Luster had much more frost/sheen than the previous version (Rose). I haven't tried the reformulated Topaz, but I'm hoping it is much softer and has a bit more frost to it. The 3 pan palette sounds fab.

  4. love your eye today. that liner is very nice. my mono eyelids has so much difficulty to get upper lines correct...

    ok, do i need this taupe if i am not a taupe fan? you said it's for everyone...

    and it does look nice.

  5. FairyRebel and lynettepleasant: Thank you! I work in a conservative office so my EOTDs are almost viewed as OTT by my co-irkers (intentional misspelling)

    Julia: I had no idea. I must have an older version. Thank you for letting me know about this. I'm going to update my post to reflect this new information!

    Jojoba: If you are not a taupe fan, do not get this shadow. In fact, don't get any taupe. No sense in buying an eye color you aren't a fan of. That would be like you encouraging me to get a frosty blue eye shadow even though I'm not a fan of that color. :-) If you really, really want a taupe eye shadow I suggest getting Chanel Safari or Becca Lame.

  6. How about a taupe parade? I feel like I'm missing out on some gorgeousness.
    I have some passive-agressive co-workers too, which is why I'm dipping my toes into the color eyeshadow pool again. I just realized that since I really don't care about anything else they say, why should I try to tone down my eyeshadow? It's really not going to affect anyone's work, so yay me.

  7. Love the EOTD! I see lots of taupe e/s posts... haha

  8. Oh, NO - save me from myself!
    I am a hardcore taupe fiend, and this one is calling my name!
    lease tell me it's a dupe for MAC "Warming Trend," so I won't be [that] tempted.
    Or for "Style Snob."
    Or for Stila "Grace."
    See what I mean? :/


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