Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Purchase - L'Oreal Beauty Confidential inspiried by Diane Keaton Eye Shadow Palette - Diane's Mauves

On to part 2 of my foray into L’Oreal makeup inspired by Diane Keaton. I think I already told you how I feel about Ms. Keaton’s acting ability so no need to beat a dead horse. Let’s just say that the eye shadow quad from her L’Oreal collection is a good analogy to how I feel about her as an actress.
Yup. This quad was all that and a bag of chalk.
Chalky texture, muted/almost invisible pigmentation
Disappointing taupe. Need I say more?

Oh yes. I need to say more. The darn palette is called DIANE’S MAUVES!!! I see no MAUVE in this damn palette! I guess that’s beside the point.

First of all, that taupe-y looking shadow looked champagne on my skin. It was silvery shimmer. It was OK but not what I wanted. I’m not sure why it was even in the palette. If your eyelids look like Diane Keaton’s they are crepe-y and shimmer is the last thing you want. TRUST ME. (My eyelids are going to look like this one day...it runs in the family)

Secondly, the pink shadow has glitter in it. Not subtle glitter, this was in your face, silver glitter. Used all over my eye it looked like I had sparkly allergy eyes.

Thirdly, the white/bone highlight has so little pigmentation and was so chalky I wondered how anyone could get this to look good?

Lastly the reddish color confuses me. Is it a liner? Is it a crease color? Is it both? I used it as a liner under my lower lash line and I must say that it’s a look I don’t wish to repeat. I used it as a crease color and it was OK, and worked well with the pink but it’s not a favorite look for me.

All in all, this palette was a total and complete FAIL. I should have known I wouldn’t like it because I had a L’Oreal Show Stopping Taupes palette a few years back that I thought I would adore…hello an entire palette of taupe! It turned out to be a total suckfest! I swapped it away. I’m picky about eye shadow I guess. Skip this newest LE palette from L’Oreal. You’ll be glad you did.


  1. Elvira, I agree with every word! I am sorry, but I just stay off the drug store eye shadows in general--they are too disappointing.

    The only L'Oreal eye shadows that are really any good are the HIP products.

    The Infallible 6HR glosses are also at the pinnacle of my drug store purchase list...I compared this to Lancome La Laque Fever and it did very well!

  2. Wow, the packaging is hella boring. It's pretty hilarious that it says "WEAR INFINITÉ" though. Do not want!

  3. Awww, certainly disappointing :( So strange because I've usually had good luck with the LE quads in the past. Ooooh well. Thanks for steering me away from a useless purchase!

  4. If its any consolation it looks pretty on the eyes! Anyways, ITA about Diane Keaton... about as entertaining as geriatric wallpaper paste. Blech. At least she was dressed well in "Because I Said So", but if this is a line that is to be marketed to older ladies, this palette is a complete fail.

  5. I don't really like L'Oreal...

  6. Weird but I think it actually looks pretty on you! But I can understand being pissy about how the colors look vs. how they show up. I'm still struggling to like the Showstopping Taupes quad from last Christmas =(

  7. i also don't like most drugstore eye shadows...

    but i like your eyebrow! :)

  8. Most hilarious review of Diane Keatons acting ability I have ever read (both posts). Kudos, madam.


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