Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Chanel Makeover - Not a life affirming moment.

I was so excited. I was getting a makeover from Chanel! I’m a huge fan of Chanel makeup. I have a ton of Joues Contraste Powder Blushes, lipsticks, Glossimers, some miscellaneous eye shadows and other powders. Let’s just say I have a lot of Chanel makeup. When my favorite Sales Associate (SA) told me that one of Chanel’s alleged top Makeup Artists (MA) was coming to do makeovers, I got an appointment! Oh wait….you just read the word “alleged” perhaps, you think to yourself, PinkSith’s experience with the MA wasn’t as nice as originally thought. With that thought you have solved the mystery. The MA wasn’t just bad, she SUCKED.

Let’s start from the beginning shall we?
I arrived on time for my appointment. The wonderful SA I go to at my local Nordstrom was there to greet me. She really is a doll. I love her to death. She’s always nice, isn’t pushy and gives me samples all the time. What’s not to like? Exactly. She had no control over the Mary Kay commando that was disguised as the Chanel MA who did my makeup.

Actually, there were 2 MAs and they worked in a typical tag team. One did skin the other color. The lady doing my skin was nice enough but had no idea what a blog was or how or why people wrote them or read them. My attempt to explain that I’m incredibly narcissistic, like to hear my own voice, and have nothing better to do with my time didn’t seem to get to her. I think I lost her at the word narcissistic.
After the Skin MA did her “Magic” The Color MA started on foundation matching. She decided to use the lightest (Porcelain) Mat Lumiere foundation on me…the next shade up (Claire) was too yellow, the porcelain was too pink, but they used it anyway. Whatever. It’s not Chanel’s fault for not having a perfect shade match…is it?

Then she started to pencil in my brows. As you can see from my before picture. My eyebrows are non existent. Well. They exist there is eyebrow hair there, but it’s so blond you can’t see it. I normally use a combination of pencil and powder to sculpt and shape the brows. What this SA did to my loverly eyebrows was obscene. I had to ask her to darken them in a bit more because they looked like two light brown blobs on top of my eyes. Bleh.

She started to work on my eyes. I told her I normally wear taupe (duh) shadows but I was open to color. I also told her I favored the Chanel singles but I also liked some of the quads so either one would be fine. She noted my eyes looked green and that using purple would really bring them out. Ugh. The whole “Wear purple so your green eyes look green.” is annoying. I was willing to experiment and agreed to purple shadow. What did she reach for first? The Chanel Irreelle Duo in Orient Express. It’s an eye shadow duo with a blue based purple and a light baby pink. So NOT my colors. She combined those two heinous shades with Chanel single eye shadows in Island (a frosty peach) and Cinnamon (a warm brown). Ummm OK. A pencil liner in Violine (Warm Purple) was used under my eyes followed by more of the purple part of the duo. Viola! She was finished!
When I looked in the mirror I almost laughed out loud. The application was a mess…sloppy and the colors were so muddled on me I looked like I was sick. The purple liner was a red based purple and the blue based shadow looked so awful together it made me look like I had the flu!

While I hated to do it, I had to ask her to start again, I seriously looked like such a fright that I was embarrassed to even pretend that it looked good. I asked if maybe she could just do a neutral taupe eye. I hated having to direct her, but upon telling her 3 or 4 times that I really liked neutrals and taupes she wasn’t getting it. Finally she reached for the Crystal Dusk duo and started to do my eye again.
She started with the same Chanel single in Island as a base. (whatever) and then mixed the 2 colors from Crystal Dusk together, explaining that Chanel wants you to mix them. (OK sure) She said she used that in the crease and then took Chanel single in Ivory to highlight, Chanel Ecriture liquid eyeliner pen, and a Chanel Pencil in Denim to line the bottom of my eyes. She finished with a less than spectacular application of the Chanel Inimitable Mascara in black on the top and BOTTOM lashes! Yikes!

But the piece de resistance was the blush and application. This demonic and inept MA applied a thick layer of Rose Bronze blush from the apples of my cheeks up to past my temples. Helloooooo 1986 is over lady! I don’t know if she was mad at me so she made me look like a clown or if she really was just bad at applying makeup. I should have been concerned when her own makeup, while applied better on her than on me, looked like it was layered on with a trowel. Ugh. She put on Meteore Glossimer from the new collection and just called it a day.

Funny thing about the whole experience, The MA, Vicki*, knew I had a blog and I told her I was going to be writing about this. When asked if I could take her picture she said no. (I'm OK with that), she said she had been working as a MA since she was 16 and she was over 40 now. She said she worked for Shiseido. When I mentioned that I love Cle de Peau she had no idea what I was talking about (CdP is a higher end brand owned by Shiseido). Nor did she know anything about the Shiseido brands in Japan. I asked how you pronounce Joues Contraste and she said she didn't know and just referred to it as powder blush. That "none of us use the French names for the makeup". Lastly when I asked if it was harder to apply someone elses makeup she said. Not at all. "I've been doing it so long it's really easy." OK. Vicki! Whatever you say!

I did purchase a few things 2 glossimers and the Crystal Dusk duo. I got a nice little GWP which you all will see tomorrow, with the items I purchased and a review. For now, take a look of the Before & After photos AND photos of my own makeup application with the items I purchased and with some of my existing Chanel

Me sans any real makeup. I'm wearing BB Cream, Concealer and Chanel Wild Rose Glossimer
Note the non existant brows and invisible eyelashes.

Me with my horrendous Chanel Makeover. (All times Chanel) Mat Lumiere foundation in Porcelain, Poudre Universelle in Translucent 1, Rose Bronze Joues Contraste Blush, Island Eyeshado, Crystal Dusk Duo, Denim Liner, and Inimitable Mascara. Note the dark curcles under my eyes from the mascara already starting to transfer, the bad color match between my neck and face, and the heinous blush application.

My full Face makeup done by ME! I used. Fresh Umbrian Clay Foundation in 7th Veil, Cle de Peau Conceaker in Ivory, La Mer Translucent loos powder, Chanel JC Blush in Rose Petale, Chanel Irreelle Duo in Crystal Dusk, Chanel Ecriture Liquid eyeliner in Noir, Shu Uemura The Basic Mascara, Maybellibe Colossal Volume Mascara, Chanel lip liner in Nude, Chanel Glossimer in Cosmos. Note. Better brows better lighting...sorry but I didn't feel like running out to my car to take a picture this time.

The Chanel MA Blush application. Notice it goes past my temples and is very heavy handed.

What NORMAL blush application should look like. Notice the red mark from an old pimple is concealed. Yeah. That foundation/concealer they used sucked.

A close up of the Crystal Dusk Duo appled by the Chanel MA. Look at that liner! She should be ashamed. This was taken literally 5 min after the makeover. Look at the mascara! Yuk!

A close up of the Chanel Crystal Dusk Duo applied by me. Yes. Better lighting, but still you have to admit, the liner is better. :-)

*names have NOT been changed to protect the inept.


  1. Oh My Goodness. This is possibly better than the makeover my mom got me when I was 17. She thought I should wear a little makeup so I trudged downtown to Woodward and Lothrop for a makeover and facial. Facial - Good. Makeup - Bad. I trudged back home looking like a 2 bit whore. THANKS MOM. JoAnn never said anything about not wearing makeup again after that.

  2. Oh my gosh. I am SOOO sorry. What a disaster. She she be ashamed of herself!

  3. WOW! It's almost like you got Punk'd or something. I could maybe forgive getting the colors wrong but such a shoddy application is really inexcusable. It's bizarre she knew nothing else about Shiseido, too. Weird.

    My first "makeover" was at the Benefit counter, a few years ago when they were coming out with Glamazon, that bronzing stuff. The lady did an awesome job on me but I was really cheap and didn't know the etiquette so I only bought like one eyeshadow, after she did my whole face. :(

  4. poor you!!! that's why i dare not go for makeover...

    hey, but i am glad because of the makeover, i finally meet you in person, sort of. :P

  5. Yikes - did the MA forget to wear her glasses or contacts or was she blindfolded during the MO session? Sorry you had such a horrid experience, I would have expected better from a Chanel MA.

  6. Wow! Just...wow!

    Come to think of it, the ONLY place I've ever had my makeup done and LOVED it was from a dude at the MAC counter. But what she did to you was beyond bad... but your application was FLAWLESS!

    Michele (from facebook)

  7. you poor thing, no wonder you were upset! what a horrible and unprofessional person. *shudders*

    related queries: i've always wanted to get a MAC makeover- but is it safe? do i have to build a relationship with the SA or MA first?
    also, what is the etiquette for purchases following the makeover? and is it ever acceptable not to buy? (based on a bad experience like yours, for example)?

  8. That Chanel woman probably had a hangover or such, because her technique is not flattering at all. How could you apply blush like that?

    Your own skills are so much better: you absolutely glow in your own makeup and look flawless. I love your choice of lipstick, btw.

  9. What the hell?!?!?!? Your blush goes into your hair!!!!! Considering her utter lack of knowledge and "skills" I'd say she's blackmailing someone into giving her a job, she sucks.
    My worst makeover was at Victoria's Secret, when they first came out with make up. I went to check it out, the chick who asked me if I wanted to try some on had nice make up on HER face, so I assumed I was in good hands...NOT! I told her I was on break from my job and she did metallic blue/grey eyliner, silver eyeshadow, and red lipstick with lots of gloss. I said "oh my god" and ran back to my store to wash it off, hiding my face the whole way, I looked like I was working the corner. I showed my co-worker and he shrieked too =)

  10. Ok, I just GOTTA say this.....It's nice to know it's just NOT Clinqiue this time!!!!!!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!! On the other hand, that is a sad, sad comment on the Chanel MA training

  11. I got my makeup done at chanel counter at Saks SF store and it was horrible as well! I looked like a disco ball. The MA put really bright blush under my nose AND over my EARS =X

  12. No words at all for that MA. I mean, really now, Darthypie would have done a 100000x better job! You look incredible with your own MU job though =D very elegant looking!! *smooshes*

  13. OMG, the blush!! The horror!

    I'm so sorry you had this experience. At least it gave you some kick ass writing material :)

    I've had a few 'makeovers' and had pretty much the same thing happen. What are these makeup artists thinking?!

    But the makeup job you did looks FANTASTIC!

    (By the way, I thought I should mention, my word verification is 'rapho'. Tee hee. Rap ho. XD)

  14. OMG. She must not have wanted to work to day because her work was disgusting, she made you look a lot older! Sounds like an experience I had at Bloomingdales with the Laura Mercier counter. Awful is simply not enough, You did your makeup like a pro, you look flawless and very pretty. I would have not bought anything and if they complained ask to speak to a manager.

  15. First off, yay for seeing who you are! :D Secondly boo for a horrible makeover experience. Reminds me of my experience with MAC (one and only). I had foundation 2 shades too dark and powder so thick you could bake a cake with it, purple eyeshadow that made me look bruised and orange splotches on my cheeks that were supposed to be blush. Eyebrows were drawn in in one line. I looked like a clown. So sorry you had to go to clown school too! :)

  16. Boy, if the MA (can't believe she is even called that) would just have added some blue eyeshadow, she could have called you MIMI (Drew Carey Show). You do a fantastic job and the pics prove it! Shame on that woman!!!!

  17. Cant't believe that woman calls herself a professional... Hey why don't you apply for the job? You are much better!

  18. IVR: Most MAC stores will ask for $50 for a makeover and you can use it towards products at the end of the makeover.

  19. Poor you. What a disaster.

    I've never let a cosmetic counter rep., do my makeup. Too many people have their fingers in the sample trays. Plus they only seem to know one look...orange or Mimi, from the Drew Carey Show.

  20. Oh my...you look 10 years older and possibly hungover in the "makeover" look! It's amazing the difference GOOD technique can make...

    Ivr: MAC freestanding stores (and possibly counters?) also have events to promote new collections where they'll do your eyes, cheeks, and lips for free using the new collection.

  21. I completely understand your disappointment, poor you! I don't like at all the "work" she's made on you.
    So i got a beautiful makeover 2 days ago, thanks to my favourite MAC counter i got an appointment with Massimiliano Della Maggesa, senior make up artist for MAC in Italy. I was so excited, Massimiliano is friendly, talkative and above all he did a beautiful works on me, sharing advices and tricks.
    I'm a huge fan of Chanel make up too, but i never experienced a makeover.

  22. HAHA! I'm sorry Elvira, but I must say that that MA made you look like an eastern soviet hooker, it's ridiculous!

    Anyway, I've been reading on and on on your blog now, for about... 24h total perhaps? And I still love it.
    this word verficiation I got just now was "perbra", which made laugh. Just as a BTW :p

  23. That blush application in the makeover pic is so horrendous! And the eyebrows...what was she thinking?? Your application looks so much better. You know how to highlight your own features and it looks so pretty!
    I'm too scared to get a makeover though I've always wanted one- I think I want to try at MAC. Any advice?

  24. beautyfromanotherplanet: My best advice would be to pic a Makeup Artist that has the nicest makeup or makeup closest to what look you are going for, Stress that you would prefer items from the regular collection but be willing to try limited edition items (knowing you can probably never replace them if you run out) and don't be afraid to speak up and say you like or don't like something she/he is doing. I had to tell the MA from chanel there was no way in hell that she was putting light purple eyeshadow on me. She reluctantly agreed. Good luck!

  25. I just found your Blog, YOU are SO Funny .. I searched Rose Bronze Blush and this came up. I would like to know what is your opioion of Chanel's Rose Bronze Blush? I have it and it does not seem to suit me and everyone seems to Love it

    1. Hi! I'm glad you found me! Glad you liked the post. I'll tell you, rose bronze has to be my least favorite Chanel blush. It's not for me. I prefer rose petal as my universal fits everyone blush.

  26. I am happy to hear I am not the only one who is not feeling this blush , I think I am going to get the new Fall one unless you think that is not so great and send back my Rose Bronze. MakeupAlley is Raving about Rose Bronze and I feel it looks Frosty on me ICK


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