Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Poll

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Lull. A lull in cosmetics is quite awful. It's like having to watch American Idol without the power to fast forward through all the BS (in most cases that's the entire show...I haven't watched AI in a few years now) You know what I mean? It's that odd period between spring and summer and the fall fashion collections are starting to pop up and with that comes fall collection makeup and it's only April!! So here I sit. Bored with the spring collections, only because I have seen them all, anticipating some summer collections and wishing for sneak peaks at fall. WTH? Can't I just stay in one season and enjoy it? The answer is no. I am never satisfied. I am always looking for something bigger, better, newer, sparklier, taupe-y-er.

So on to the poll

1. Lip of the day? - Chanel Glossimer in Blizzard. Frosty goodness!

2. Is there a Zoya nail polish shade with your name? Do you like the color? Do you own it? Click HERE to see an alphabetical list if the shades – No, I wish there was one. I bet it would be a vampy color since my name is Elvira but I would like a shimmery taupe…of course!

3. Most recent beauty acquisition - Uber inexpensive Kevyn Aucoin eye shadow palette from evilbay. $9.99!! Whoot! Gotta love a good deal. Sadly my Awake eyeliner never showed up. It's lost in the mail and I'm debating getting it for retail or buying a Cofret D'Or liner instead.

4. Do you twitter? - No. I don't. I just don't think I have enough time in the day let alone an interest by other people to know what I'm thinking all the time. I do worry about the twitter craze and think it's gonna cause even more ADD and misunderstandings...but that's just the old woman afraid of technology that I am. PinkSith = Luddite!

5. Next planned beauty acquisition? - A Chanel Glossimer. I'm not sure if I can wait until the new Celestial Lights Collection comes out (as I read HERE) or if I might break down and get a classic shade. My current glossimer count is a woeful 10. I NEED more. NEED NEED NEED!


  1. 1. Lip of the day? I started off with silknaturals lipbalm/stick in darling...such a wonderful shade

    2. Is there a Zoya nail polish shade with your name? I guess my name is a bit too boring for giving a colour, but if I would go for my screenname I would make it sultry/seventies and I think I would go for a hot turquoise with dark shimmer...

    3. Most recent beauty acquisition - Ha ha, today I received another silknaturals haul with two blushclones samples (mac emote and a gawjus pinky coral) and two hottie lip colours

    4. Do you twitter? Nope, I know it is the next hot thing but I already hate updating my facebook and I find it strange to tell people what you are gives the potential stalkers too much space and the people who want to break into your house.

    5. Next planned beauty acquisition? ohhh, talking about new summer cosmetics collections: I really really want the Paul & Joe bronzer in colour no 1!

  2. 1. Lip of the day? Vintage Sister Lip Balm (lemon taste)

    2. Is there a Zoya nail polish shade with your name? Nope. I don't think they've done a collection with weird scandinavian names :(

    3. Most recent beauty acquisition: Estee Lauder eyeshadow duo from the spring collection and The Face Shop eyeshadow trio.

    4. Do you twitter? Sort of. I don't post very often though since I don't really have anything interesting to say.

    5. Next planned beauty acquisition? Hmmm, I don't even know. Maybe something from Becca.

  3. Lip of the day: Started out as an old Clinique demi-matte gloss (DC'ed) in Almost Famous, right now the NYX Iced Latte gloss that sits on my desk.

    Zoya Polish with my name: Sort of, it's call Jenine (one letter off from my name) and it is a Dark Candy Pink with cooler Metallic Highlights. I actually kind of like it.

    Most recent Beauty Acquisition: Just ordered NARS Falaba lipstick, Benefit Coralista, Smith's Brambleberry Rose Salve and CARGO Miami Beach Bronzer with the Sephora 15% discount.

    Do I Twitter? HALE No, I don't even own a laptop @ home! *HORROR*

    Next planned Beauty Acquistion: Not sure yet, but right now am lemming a Kathy Von Zeeland Flowered Tote Type purse for the summer.

  4. 1. Lip of the day? - M.A.C. Dazzelglass in Goldyrocks.

    2. Is there a Zoya nail polish shade with your name? Do you like the color? Do you own it? No I don't think they are aware on Arabic/Bengali names. If they did it would have to be a dark purple-ish-blue-black combo.

    3. Most recent beauty acquisition - M.A.C Dazzleglasses in Goldyrocks, Utterly Posh and Stop!Look!

    4. Do you twitter? - Yes but only for my blog. Ppl I know IRL don't know I twitter or blog.

    5. Next planned beauty acquisition? - Hmm I have been wanting the Kat Von D e/s palette in Beethoven , but now I see she's got another LE out called Gypsy (aghghhg! too many temptations & choices). With the Sephora BI sale I might pick both up? But I also need a new hair dryer so we guess we'll see how that works out money-wise when I get my big fat brown a** to the store.

  5. 1) MAC Dazzleglass in Bare Necessity... I'm such a hoor for these things.

    2)Yes, and ironically the color is not too bad. Its a glitter hawt pink.

    3) Holy Crap - I've been a swap fiend! I've gotten MAC Hepcat, Trax and Lotusland E/S, MAC Ornamental Lustreglass, Rimmel Eastend Snob L/G, Stila Jade Blossom Lipglaze, Old Gold Pigment, Smoke Signals Pigment, Burnt Bugundy Pigment, Pout Miss Canada, Miss England, MAC X-Rocks Blush, MAC Expensive Pink E/S. See also MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder, Love Alert, Moth to Flame, Funtabulous and Bare Necessity Dazzleglasses.

    4) No. I'm self absorbed but not THAT self absorbed that I want to tell people about it. Well, wait, I guess I do, I mean I have a blawg and all.

    5) Heheheeee!!! Well I'm acquiring MAC Time & Space E/S (MY NEO SCIFI QUAD IS COMPLETE!), Pout Miss September and Miss November Duos and Bonus Beat L/G.

    Someone needs to smack me. Really.

  6. I've just kinda been bored with makeup lately in general...I understand the lull you're feeling!

    1. Lip of the day? - UD Sellout lipstick, switching to UD Apocalypse when it gets darker =D

    2. Is there a Zoya nail polish shade with your name? Do you like the color? Do you own it? Click HERE to see an alphabetical list if the shades – There's a Jo, which is nice because I either go by Joey or Jo (the boyfriend tends to call me Jo!). It's a glittery bluish lavender, apparently. I may have to order it just to have it.

    3. Most recent beauty acquisition - UD Blender brush, UD Apocalypse and Sellout lipsticks, UD Blunt eyeshadow. I love it all, especially Apocalypse. It's the color of dried blood =D

    4. Do you twitter? - I used to when I was with my exBF because he's a Twitter fiend. I deleted it when I broke up with him.

    5. Next planned beauty acquisition? - Hopefully Dior Sunset Cafe quint =D I have about $11 in change to cash in with Coinstar and the 15% off coupon from Sephora...or I may just get Lancome Click eyeshadow single and save some cash =)

  7. kevyn aucoin for $9.99? that's a great deal!


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