Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Purchase - Dior Addict Shine lipstick

image from Sephora.com

I hereby bring you a miracle. Dior Addict High Shine Lipstick in Chestnut Chic # 612.

Why is it a miracle?

It's a miracle because it's the only lipstick I have purchased more than once...more than twice... but a stunning three times! I have actually used up this lipstick on three other occasions and have had to replace it. How's that?

OK. To any non makeup addicts reading this, and you know who you are, Pam!, finishing a lipstick is almost impossible. It's akin to "Hitting Pan" on an eyeshadow our blush (Face powder does not count in my book) I have sooooooo many lipsticks that actually finishing one...more than once, twice or three times is an achievement.
So why have I finished this lipstick so many times?
It's my go to neutral emergency lipstick.
I carry this in my purse at all times. If I forget my lipstick for the day I know this little guy is there to save my lips from becoming parched and looking hue-less. (Is that a word?)

Chestnut Chic #612 is not a color name I would immediately reach for, but the name is misleading. It's a pinky, plummy, browinsh, mauve. It's sheer and looks different on different people, but it's neutral enough to go with pretty much anything. It has shimmer in it but it's not over the top. The glitter on the lipstick is not gritty and does not stick to your lips when the lipstick wears off.

The lipstick has no scent and no taste and since Dior has changed the packaging on this lipstick a few times I have no comment about it. The Dior Addict High Shine lipstick retails for $26 and it comes in 20 different shades.

Dior claims that The lipstick was developed for "fashion show performance". Whatever that means. They claim it is long wear, "extreme show-stopping shine" and "light-drenched color". OK. I'll give them that. It wears well, but I wouldn't call it long wear. It is shiny. It's almost like a stick gloss. Dior also claims that the light reflecting properties of the lipstick will camouflage wrinkles giving a youthful appearance. Um. OK. I don't see it, but whatever. I'm not going to argue with perfection.

YES. I said it. PERFECTION. What else can it be if I have purchased it three times in a row?

Do you have a repeat lipstick. One that you have purchased more than once (an losing the original tube does not count for a repurchase!)


  1. OK, I have EIGHT of the Dior High Shines!

    Nuff Said!

  2. I have never finished any lipstick or gloss - but if I did it would have to be this same one in Front-Row Fig, always, always in my bag!

  3. it shows up so nicely on your lips! not enough pigmentation to cover mine though :(

  4. I love the photos of your lips...for some reason they crack me up. When I finally have the $$$ to do my makeup spree maybe this should be on the list?

  5. Yep, you got me hooked! LOL! I have two now and plan to get the new coral one from the summer collection! And, if anyone cares, the Lip Glow is wicked nice!

  6. Jamilla: 8! That's awesome! I think I might need more!

    The Mighty J: Front Row Fig looks like a beautiful color!

    M: Yes. This one is fairly sheer and my lips are very pale but I know there are other ones that have more pigmentation.

    Anon/Pam: Yes. You might like this a lot...but they are sparkly so we will see once we go shopping. P.S. Thanks for agreeing to be my guinea pig for MU application!

    Tessa: I created a monster. Sorry about that...but hey! At least you are wearing lipstick instead of gloss. We must go out shopping again soon!

  7. I have used 3 and half tubes of MACs Rubia. Yeas entirely used.

  8. I bought my first one last night, Front Row Fig and I'm not looking back! I'm with you - the only time I have gone through a lipstick and I mean THROUGH was my NARS Canaille. I wore that sh*t everyday! I can see myself reaching for this many times - that said I better start saving up now.

    I almost tried on Chestnut Chic but it probably wouldn't show up on me - I have a darker skintone.

  9. OK people - how do I get this lipstick...it is now dicontinued and I can't find it on ANY interent website...please help. Respond if you have any for sale.

  10. Hi, Chestnut chic is still available at dillards.com :)

  11. Dillards.com has High Shine lipstick...which I can get anywhere...I NEED the ULTRA SHINE kind that is discontinued....but thanks. Anyone else know where I can get Ultra Shine 612 (Chestnut chic)????

  12. I was in Sephora and noticed that Dior has this in "612" but it is now called "Spotlight". I believe that it is the same color. Yay! I've been wearing this color for 3 years and would not know what to do if it was discontinued!!


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