Friday, May 22, 2009

Purchase - Guest Reviewer Joeybunny - Laura Mercier Eye Mosaic and MAC 's lame Style Warriors color story

Hi again faithful Pink Sith readers! Once again I have come to bring you another (somewhat) hilarious and (hopefully) informative review. Originally this was meant to be a review of MAC’s latest color story, a collection laughingly called Style Warriors.

Well, I saw it today and it’s more like (HUGE BLOODY LACK OF) Style Warriors. I mean, really now MAC – it’s been about 3 years (in my humble opinion) since your company has released a spectacular color story. Get on the creative train, people! The eye shadows were garish and chalky, the lip colors were garish and unwearable, and the bronzers were pure orange. Sheesh. I forgot my B2M (I was going to get Patina eye shadow), so all I ended up with is the famed 224. This damn brush better be life-changing.

So, moral of Joey’s story is: MAC needs to step their game up, for real. I used to be known on MUA for my love of all things MAC. Now I’m just the chick on MUA who screams “DO NOT BUY!!!” every time someone asks for a MAC recommendation. Meh.

So does this sad sob story have a point? YES. After that ill-fated trip to WAC (a M upside down is a W, and honestly, MAC really is wack at this point…), I ventured into a Sephora and lo and behold I saw this gorgeous gem of an eye shadow palette:

I apologize for the stupid glare on the eye shadow. This gorgeous gem of a palette (called Sahara Sun Eye Mosaic) is from the Laura Mercier summer collection, Moroccan something or another. Who cares about semantics when the product is THIS lovely?
I mean, just look at the swatches! :

Starting from the top, we have a gorgeous orangey-bronze, a pretty champagne-gold, a simply stunning rose color, and a dramatic khaki green. They’re all silky smooth and shimmery and RIDICULOUSLY PIGMENTED, people! These colors are definitely for those who prefer a warmer-toned eye shadow (the top color does seem like it would be hard to pull off for those who are cool).

For those who are cooler-toned, there’s an equally gorgeous blue version of this palette that I think I may also need.

image from

This palette costs $35 and honestly is worth every cent. I cannot wait to figure out all the pretty looks I can do with this thing!


  1. I've just recently begun trying Laura Mercier products and I have to say I like nearly everything I've tried so far. Thanks for the review and man oh man, I pretty much agree with you on the whole MAC and their collections.

  2. you are so not helping!!! i am IN IN IN LM now!!! and these two items have been on my wish list for some time but ppl kept telling me they are not worth it!!!

    sigh, now i soooooo want them to reach here ASAP. i could get them from the states but i should and want to try them out before i spend the $$$.

    i spent too much on my house renovation already so i have to be careful with my hobby!

    rant over and thanks for an awesome review! see, i am busy but still have to come by and tell you all these gobbledegook!

  3. You should write a letter to MAC asking them to stop sucking at life. See what kind of response you get, I bet it would be comedic gold! Heneways, Oooo that palette is loverly!

  4. Pretty Stuff: I've never been blown away by LM powder eye shadows but this palette is incredible! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels MAC has gone way downhill.

    Jojoba: OOPS =( sorry! You don't have LM where you are? That's a shame; I think you would LOVE the cream eyeshadows. And this palette is so nice...I wore it yesterday and even my boyfriend had to compliment it!

    Lachesis: GET THE PALETTE. and I really should write a letter...


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