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Purchase - TheBalm - TimeBomb Concealer. It's great, but is it THE Bomb?

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During my quest to find a suitable substitute for my Cle de Peau concealer. I happened upon TheBalm TimeBomb Concealer. Now to start let me say that I’m a complete germaphobe when it comes to products for my face. I like pump style applicators the most followed by squeeze tubes, but since I overcame my Howard Hughes germaphobe barrier using a stick concealer I figured I could give the TimeBomb a chance, even though it was in a pot. I mean heck, what’s the worst that could happen? It comes with a teeny tiny sponge that fits under the cap. I immediately tossed it because I am a germaphobe and sponges like that harbor all sorts of creepy crawlies that are murder on your skin. Thankfully, my irrational fears did not come to fruition and I didn’t develop some incurable form of MRSA or strange Attack of The Mushroom People (Matango) fungus from using a pot style concealer. The trick is to use a CLEAN concealer brush. Duh! You can use the sponge but I don’t recommend storing it in the product itself.

TheBalm TimeBomb concealer comes in 6 shades. I used the concealer in “Light” which is the second lightest shade, and I found it a very good match to the Cle de Peau in Ivory. (Maybe a tad more pink but nothing too bad.) I happily found that a little goes a long way, just like the Cle de Peau. I was able to successfully cover my blemishes and under eye circles with this concealer and it blended in well. However, I strongly recommend that you use an eye cream under your eyes and moisturized well as I found that TheBalm TimeBomb concealer was a tad too drying for under eyes on its own. One nice part about this concealer is that it won’t feather or settle in to little wrinkles. It does not seem to crease or cake either. Oh, and in a pinch you can use it as an eye base. Yep. It’s that nice!

The best part of this concealer is that it didn’t contribute to breakout and didn’t irritate my skin. It’s never a good thing when a concealer leads to MORE acne. Jeez. That’s the reason I’m using this stuff!

0.25 oz will cost you $18. That’s an excellent price in my book. It performs better than some $30 concealers I have used.

The pot is teensy tiny but like I said a little goes a long way. I doubt I will ever finish the stuff, so I decided to carry it in my everyday makeup bag. This way, if I need it, I can do a quick touch up during the day or before an important meeting. It’s small enough to fit in your pants pocket or purse or whatever you prefer.

Will I abandon my beloved Cle de Peau for TheBalm TimeBomb concealer? NO! Hello! You are talking to a princess here and while I liked TheBomb it wasn’t THE Bomb. Cle de Peau is still be holy grail and a loverly beauty blogger in Canada (The Mighty J) went to a Shiseido warehouse sale, braved throngs of pushy women, a huge line and insane conditions to get me a new concealer. Which, by the way, cost me after mailing fees and packaging, a whopping $26 USD! How could I NOT use it!?

I hope you all try this as a nice alternative to an insanely priced Cle de Peau!

Oh and TheBalm corporation allows employee’s dogs to go to work with them! (Obviously not in the production environment) How cool is that? Read more about TheBalm and it’s products at

I see they have a new foundation. I might have to try that!!! (I’m such a foundation hoor!)


  1. Now I want to try this! I wonder if Mid-Medium would be a good match for me =)

  2. I love, love, love this concealer!!!! I bought one on my cruise last year for $15, and the next day I had to go back and get another one, it's absolutely perfect for me =)
    I've been using them every day for almost a year and sure enough I still have tons of product left. I dust a little bit of powder to set it because 1. I'm oily as heck and 2. I live in Houston, the hot and humid capital of the world.
    After all this time, I just tried their eyeshadows and they're sooo good, I've read several reviews that call them the best kept secret. Soft, silky, and pigmented, I have to agree. Plus like Pink said, they can take their pups to work!!!!!

  3. I'm always on the lookout for my HG concealer but I've never found it. May have to give this one a try once I finish my MAC Studio Sculpt concealer. Thanks for the review!

  4. thank you for the review, i love knowing everyone's makeup thoughts! and your title made me laugh, lol.

  5. Ha! You crazy girl :P I'm loving my TimeBalm in Lighter Than Light, too - I do agree that they run a little warm, though! It was "meh" through the cold winter, but now it's plain 'ol stunning!

    (I'm not nuts, it's just that we keep the heating really low at night and use heated blankets. Coincidentally, this means that my TimeBalm isn't creamy in the winter, boo!)

  6. gosh, i think i need this. i am in a concealer rut at the moment.

  7. Rae, if you hold it in your hand or put it in your pocket for a bit, it softens up.

  8. Ok I need to try this and glad I could help. For that price I guess I should have grabbed two eh?

  9. I like time balm too :) I use lighter than light (duh). I think Apothica has this for under retail, too. *wink wink*

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