Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Poll

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Thursday again? It seems like just yesterday I was sharing my trials and tribulations with the feral cat in our back yard. Situation unchanged at the moment and I'm getting kinda annoyed that NONE of the shelters have called or e-mailed me back. WTF? I know it's "kitten season" and they are busy but I don't have the $$ to spay a feral cat on my own...let alone care for 2 new kittens. I still have my own cat...Trauma. Yes. His name is Trauma. He's going to be 18 in July. He may or may not have a slipped disk or spinal cancer...either way, some anti inflammatory steroids are doing the job and I'm not getting a CAT scan (lol) for my 18 y.o. cat. He is happy, gets around well and is not in pain. I think he's too stubborn to die (to be quite honest), which is fine by me. But what reminds me most about my cat Trauma turning 18 is that my loverly niece (My brother's daughter) is turning 18 in August. She has grown up to be quite a beautiful woman. She doesn't know about my blog or that I have a facebook page. For some reason I am embarrassed about my own family knowing about this blog. I think they will find it frivolous or silly or a waste of time. It's sad really. I tried so hard to get her into makeup. I bought her $100 worth of makeup from Sephora once...I even gave her my NARS Orgasm blush (Removed the label so her mom wouldn't have a conniption fit at the name) and I find that all that money and makeup went unused. Probably her moms doing. Her mom seems very anti makeup....yet another reason to avoid telling my family about this blog. Shhh. You all can keep a secret right? On to the poll!

1. Lip Of The Day? - Lancome Pixel Pink. I forget how much I love the formula of this lipstick. I think I wear it once every 3 months. I really need to wear this cool pink more often

2. I try never to be seen without wearing _______. - Mascara and the minimum...I usually never leave the house without a full face on...but that's just me.

3. What move will you see next? What did you last see? - I can't remember the last movie I saw. It's been that long. But I plan to see Terminator this weekend. ::Sigh:: Christian Bale is soooo dreamy. I don't care if he is a bit crazy and has anger issues. I only need to look at him. I don't need to live with him!

4. last lipstick/gloss and fragrance you bought? - Last gloss I purchased was Chanel Bel Air glossimer. Expect a review soon! It is LOVE!. and Last fragrance I bought was a bon bon (as they like to call them - I call it a sample) of Bond No 9 New York The Scent of Peace. It is TO DIE FOR. I think this will be my birthday splurge perfume. Last year was Lancome Mille Et Une Roses.

5. Longest you ever went without sleep? - I went almost 2 days when I was traveling across Europe via train. We woke up early to do some site seeing in Berlin...only to find that there was no hot water in hour hotel (a hold over form the cold war it looked like a communist housing development) and that the clerk had misunderstood and told us we HAD to check out that afternoon! So we trekked around Berlin with all our gear and saw some awesome stuff. We left Berlin at night to head to Prague. We didn't make reservations for the train we just hopped on the next one going to Prague and all the coaches with seats were taken so we basically hung out in the hallways and between cars...near the bathroom. We met some German punks that didn't speak any English (we didn't speak any German) and smoked cigarettes and drank together the entire trip. When we finally got to Prague we were delighted that the exchange rate was in our favor and found one of the nicest hotels we could and crashed for 5 hours before we explored the city...which was amazing by the way!


  1. Sorry to hear about your niece - I think makeup can be so fun at that age! Ah well... on to the poll...
    1. LOTD - None at the moment, will be Dior Lip Glow, I'm loving this :)
    2. Undereye concealer, blush, and a dusting of loose powder
    3. The next one will probably be Harry Potter - can't wait! The last was Easter Parade with Astair and Garland, it was on TCM early this morning when I couldn't sleep ;) Very cute btw, 'Flix it!
    4. My latest gloss purchase was just this morning, actually, Le Metier de Beaute Lip Creme in Sweet Creme. Can't wait to get my paws on it :) The last frag was Hanae Mori Butterfly, which I've worn almost every day for a few months now. I'll probably switch to something more summery pretty soon though.
    5. This question made me lol, seriously. I'm a terrible insomniac, so I'm not entirely sure but probably between 3 and 4 days. It gets a little unclear towards the end :)

  2. 1. Lip Of The Day? - Guerlain Divorina #222. This is a deep luscious red. I usually wear this when I see my favorite opera singer.

    2. I try never to be seen without wearing _______. - eyebrows. Concealer is a close second. My features disappear in my moon face without defined brows

    3. What movie will you see next? What did you last see? - The next movie I'll see is probably The Earrings of Madame D. . . which I took out of the library. The last movie I saw was . . .? I can't remember! I saw the opening "Calvera" scene of The Magnificent Seven on PBS the other night. I turned it off after Eli Wallach (sigh) rode off into the sunset.

    4. last lipstick/gloss and fragrance you bought? - I bought an Ulta sheer lipstick/gloss stick in Seattle a couple of weeks ago. It went through the laundry already. Last fragrance? Probably the Linden Blossom fragrance oil.

    5. Longest you ever went without sleep? - Maybe 24 hrs both times we went to Austria. We landed and didn't stop until nightfall. But I guess we slept on the plane. Who knows. I'm a sleeper.

  3. 1. Lip Of The Day? - Smashbox Untamed Summer Lipgloss in Raw

    2. I try never to be seen without wearing _______. Some lipglass at least. I can't bother with a full face of MU everyday.

    3. What move will you see next? What did you last see? - Terminator Salvation despite all the bad reviews. I , too have a bit of crush on Mr. Bale despite his anger issues. I mean haven't we all had bad days at work and freaked out? No? Ok never mind...

    4. last lipstick/gloss and fragrance you bought? - Smashbox Untamed Summer Gloss in Raw. Last fragrance was Harajuko Loversin Lil Angel.

    5. Longest you ever went without sleep? - I can't recall - I don't think I have ever stayed awake for 24 hours or anything like that, I have probably just survived on maybe 4 hours of sleep but thats about it. Which is what I did this past Sunday night into Monday simply because I couldn't sleep.

  4. I am right there with you on #3 :)

  5. 1) MAC Creme d'Nude with Clear Gloss over top.

    2) Nothing really, I like to go barefaced regularly. Uhmmm but I do love me some mascara and brow powder.

    3)Last saw was Star Trek (OMG ♥) and I kinda want to see the Disney Movie Up.

    4)Last lipstick I purchased was MAC Brave New Bronze and NYX Electra. Last fragrance was a decant of Ed Hardy Love and Luck Perfume.

    5) 4 days. I shit you not, I wasn't even tired. There really was no reason for it, I just didn't want to go to sleep.

  6. 1. Lip Of The Day? - Becca Daquiri gloss, one of the lippie loves of my life!

    2. I try never to be seen without wearing _______. - Brow pencil, mascara, and blush of some sort. I try very hard not to go bare-faced.

    3. What move will you see next? What did you last see? - I last saw The Breakfast Club on DVD, last movie in theaters was Terminator Salvation. I'm going to see Up later today =)

    4. last lipstick/gloss and fragrance you bought? - Um, wow. I don't know. The last lippie was probably MAC Creme in Your Coffee, and that was months ago. Last fragrance I bought was YEARS ago - I usually get them as presents. I am planning on getting Ralph Lauren Notorious soon. I should have hauled today but I'm 99.9% positive I lost my college ring =( so I was too sad to go to Saks. I'm still looking but I am pretty sure it's gone and it will cost a lot to replace, so...meh.

    5. Longest you ever went without sleep? - 4 days. I was an extreme insomnia during high school...this was summer after freshman year, the weekend I first hung out with the guy who would become my first boyfriend =) I was too excited to sleep I think.

  7. I forgot the second portion of Question No.3 - Last movie was Star Trek which was surprisingly good! But I worry the next movie will be bad as thats how these things seem to go.


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