Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Press Sample - Diamond Cosmetics Nail Polishes - Big 3 Free and a Bargain to Boot!

image from diamondcosmetics.com

I recently had an opportunity to try several of the new summer shades and some regular shades from Diamond Cosmetics. This is a small brand with mostly on line sales. The best thing about these polishes is that they are only $2 each!
That’s right ladies…and gents.. $2 gets you a ton-o-colors. And they are Big 3 Free. Learn more about Big Three Free check out All Lacquered Up blog.
The big 3 chemicals are Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde and Toluene. Check out her blog because it goes into more detail than I care to type at this time. I will say that some Big 3 Free polishes can be kinda suckey.A fter tying several of the shades, Diamond Cosmetics nail polishes are not only Big 3 Free, they are also SUCK FREE!

The polishes apply evenly and are pretty opaque. Usually 2 coats is good enough to have a very finished looking nail. They dry quickly and do not get clumpy. Best thing. The base coat and top coat are fantastic. I wore one of the colors for 5 days straight with minimal tip wear and no chipping! I expose my hands to a lot of water (bathing Darthypie, watching Mr. Sith do the dishes, washing my hands and face, etc) and I have yet to find the polish chip away. How awesome is that? I am happy to say I got the same long wear results that I get with my trusted Seche Top Coat and Creative Nail Design Stickey Base Coat. Diamond Cosmetics Super Base and Super Dry ate a whopping $2.50 each. Not too shabby I must say!

So the colors. Well. It’s been kinda overcast here, and between the rain, clouds and the few sunny days when I was chasing Darthypie around (hey he’s 2 and a half and he’s active as heck) I was only able to get a few shots of some polishes. I will bring you more shots of the polishes I tried, but until then, you can feast your eyes upon Scrangie's GORGEOUS nails and pictures. I really cannot compete with her expertise. Follow this link to see her reviews of the Diamond Cosmetics polishes

So here is my favorite pink color from the summer collection. It’s called “Cotton Candy”.
A sweet pink, perfect for my conservative office with a hint of shimmer. Oh this color makes me happy just looking at it!

Next is a color very close to Tiffany Blue. It’s called “Oh, Tiff!” I say very close because it is slightly lighter than the actual Tiffany blue. Actually. China Glaze’s “For Audrey” is the perfect match for Tiffany blue, but I find it too bright for my nails.

Diamond Cosmetics “Oh, Tiff!” is a great compromise and light enough for my hands, while ChG “For Audrey” is fine for my toes…but since “For Audrey is sort of hard to find (at times) this $2 alternative from Diamond Cosmetics is perfect! Oh and yes. I used a Tiffany catalog to show the actual color. Sadly I have no Tiffany Boxes to hold my nails against…some day.

Lastly is a polish so important I think every woman should buy it. Its teal. It’s opaque and it’s for a great cause. In honor of Ovarian Cancer Awareness month in September, Diamond Cosmetics has introduced it’s new shade “Don’t Teal my Heart Away.”
Teal for Toes is an organization that aims to increase awareness about Ovarian Cancer. Women are encouraged to paint their toenails the Ovarian Cancer Awareness color, teal, to spark conversation about the cause.
Diamond Cosmetics will be donating $.25 from each sale of “Don’t Teal My Heart Away” the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. This organization aims to raise awareness and promote education about Ovarian Cancer.
“Don’t Teal My Heart Away” can be purchased on the Diamond Cosmetics Website www.diamondcosmetics.com
More information about Teal for Toes is available at www.tealtoes.org

Diamond Cosmetics is in the process of updating their website. The swatches are kinda small and hard to view right now, but they aren't too far off. Trust me, for only $2 a bottle if you get a color that isn’t right, it’s cheap enough to give away, mix with another polish (Frankening) or use on your toes. Oh and guess what club kids? Diamond Cosmetics has glow in the dark polishes and some striking neons. How cool is that?

Do you need these polishes? Yes. For an inexpensive price, long wear and a teal colored polish proceeds that will go to a good cause, how could you not?


  1. And thus a new quest is born...never heard of it before - must have it now :). Thanks for a great review (especially loved the image of you watching Mr. Sith doing the dishes, presumably while your doing your nails).

  2. my other sis having ovarian tumour :(

  3. If only I enjoyed nail polish! =( it's the one beauty product I'm immune to lol

  4. I'm going to have to get these polishes! Darn it, I just broke my makeup diet...


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