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Purchase - Guest Review from Joeybunny - Stila Charmed Palette and Too Faced Lockdown Cream Eyeshadow

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Hey there everyone! I’m back with my latest review for my darling Elvira!
As a small birthday present to myself, I went to Sephora and bought two gorgeous new products. I got the Too Faced Lockdown Ultimate Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Bedroom Eyes

and the palette that has taken over MUA for the past week or so, the $10 (yes, $10!!! - the price caused a total WTFBBQ moment on MUA and sent everyone scrambling to buy it) Stila Charmed palette from their summer collection.

Well guys, I’m in love with both products! As I write this, I have a swatch of the Too Faced (TF) cream shadow on my left hand. It’s been there for going on 30 hours now (as of the time I'm writing this). And still looks freshly applied! I’m serious! I’m a big fan of TF’s Shadow Insurance eye primer (I use it and ArtDeco) and this eyeshadow is “infused” with it, apparently. I don’t doubt that. In fact, I've showered and washed my hands multiple times since applying it, and even went out in the rain. Oh, and the Stila swatches I made on my hands last night took awhile to wash off too. I'm pretty impressed.

So I guess I should describe both products, no?
Ok well the TF cream shadow has the same consistency as the Too Faced Shadow Insurance (TFSI) , but a little thicker/grittier due to the pigment and glitter in the shadow. This shadow is supposed to be metallic, but it isn't unless layered - one layer on my lids showed up as a sheer-ish wash with some glitter. The color is quite nice - it's a taupe, but a warm brownish taupe. The glitter in it appears to be golden, and it's a very fine glitter (less noticable with more layers of the shadow; my initial hand swatch was pretty thick and I didn't really see the glitter until I slapped some on my lids). There are five other colors in the line, but none of the others really appealed to me (especially this weird baby blue color). It retails for $18.50.

Now, onto the Stila palette. Guys, the pics floating around MUA really do it no justice - and this says a lot, because I generally despise Stila, and especially Stila eyeshadows. There's something about their texture I find too soft and crumbly. However, when I saw pictures of the new Stila palette AND heard about the $10 price tag, I figured why not? The colors were ones that appealed to me, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

First off, the texture of these shadows are a little less soft than other Stila shadows I've tried, so that was a plus. The packaging is kind of sucky though: plastic covering over the shadows! I'm going to have to be very careful with this palette. The shadows themselves are so gorgeous though. Going clockwise from the top left of the palette, there is: A strange bronzed-pink color with gold shimmer. Initially I'd compare it to MAC Expensive Pink but it's pinker than that shadow, and also has more brown in it. It appears to be the lightest color in the quad, but doesn't apply lightly. It actually pulls pretty brown-ish on me (the pink doesn't show up much). Weird! An insanely pigmented, but standard, antiqued yellowy-bronze with gold shimmer. This is the most pigmented shadow in the quad. An unique plum-brown color with gold shimmer. I can't accurately describe the color. I own nothing like it. Truly beautiful. Again, this pulls slightly more brown than plum on me. A very lovely green-teal with gold shimmer. It looks deceptively like UD Flipside but is more pigmented and greener. I did not expect to like this color, but it's so pretty! It pulls more green than blue on me. Granted I still need to try these colors wet, but they're great used dry.

Tonight I used the TF cream shadow as a base, with the green-teal color on my lids and up into the crease, and the bronzed-pink color in the crease to blend out the green-teal. My eye makeup lasted through rain, margaritas, dancing to 90s hip-hop on the Chelsea Piers, and a bizarre train ride back to the Upper West Side. I can't complain. Granted, this palette won't work on those who are cool-toned (the shadows are all very warm), but if the colors sound appealing to you, RUN and buy this, as it's an incredible deal at $10!


  1. OMG that is amazing! Stila palette for only 10$. I must run down to sephora and get one!

  2. Yes, if you love warm-toned eyeshadows it's a must have!!

  3. Do I need to go around getting involved in those cream shadows? LOL

  4. Becca, you'd probably like the champagney one and that's it. The colors are kind of ugly =/

  5. Ooh that Stila set looks gorgeous hope we can get some in Europe soon.

    Jayne xx


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