Monday, June 15, 2009

Purchase - MAC Dress Khaki Liquidlast Liner is a steal with Friends and Family discount

I'm not one to shout the praises of MAC cosmetics from any rooftop....The Volcanic Ash Exfoliator aside, (besides that was Haiku not shouting) I do have one more little thing to sing about and it's about to be discontinued.

What is this wondrous item?

MAC Liquid Last liner in Dress Khaki. It has made it to the "goodbyes" section of the annoyingly navigational MAC website. This olive green-ish gold-ish brown-ish liquid liner is an awesome compliment to so many different looks. I can't quite believe it's going away.

2 swatches of Dress Khaki ( gave away my Clinique Egyptian liner. sorry folks)

I used to compare this to Clinique Egyptian Creme liner, but so many people see Egyptian as a different color than me (even though I swatched them together and they looked identical to me) What do I know?

ANYWAY. Liquidlast liners from MAC are like an all day tattoo. They will not come off with wter, tears, swimming, you name it. They will come off with an oil based eye makeup remover or cleanser tho...just so you know.

I love dress Khaki with the MAC shade stick in Cake Shop (oops. also going away soon) This olive greenish taupe compliments the goldish olive of Dress Khaki. (P.S. the cakeshop shade stick is an exact color match for my Laneige Professional Selection Eye Shadow Single in G767- Gold Khaki.)

So what do you have to lose other than $16.50?
Oh wait. Strike that!
MAC Friends and Family sale is going on right now. June 16th through the 19th enter the code SUMO or SAVE25 at checkout and receive 25% off your entire purchase!
That's only $12.38!!

OK. It really is a unique color and if you are a liquid liner freak like me I say go for it....of course if you are not a liquid liner freak like me ...which is a HUGE probability, then you can stop reading...actually I'm surprised you read this far, because the post is over.

MAC Cakeshop Shade Stick and Dress Khaki Liquidlast Liner


  1. Oh dayummm I already ordered from the sale, this looks lovely.

  2. I love Liquidlasts =D I wonder if Pro stores will still have this color.

  3. Oooh, that looks so pretty on you! on me it'd be like "oh, bless her heart, she's wearing GOLD eyeliner!"
    I'm digging that mac shadestick =)

  4. I love liquid last liners. I also agree that Clinique's Egyptian looks just like this liner.

  5. Elvira, I totally agree with you on this shade of's gotta be one of my faves, and I'm really not a MAC girl!

  6. Its either gone or sold out because it doesn't even show up under the good byes sections on anymore.


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