Friday, June 26, 2009

Purchase - Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector-Review & Giveaway!

During my search for a replacement concealer for my beloved Cle de Peau, I tried a few different ones. One of them being Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector. A Concealer & Highlighter duo. I figured for a few bucks, (compared to the CdP) it was worth a shot.

I picked up the lightest shade (Light) and the 2nd lightest shade (Light/Medium) at the drugstore. I paid around $8 for each. I bought 2 different shades because I wasn’t sure which one would work best for my skin tone. I started with the lightest shade first. It was perfect, so no need to open the other one. I would return it the next day.


Where did that receipt go?

Oh no. In the washing machine?

Did Mr. Sith forget to empty the pockets before he put the jeans in the wash? (Did you like how I blamed my husband for not emptying pockets rather than taking the blame & responsibility of emptying MY OWN pockets before I put anything in the clothes hamper? Yeah. I’m good)

OK. So the receipt is a million little white pieces of fluff stuck in our lint trap in the dryer.

What’s that? The drug store won’t accept returns without a receipt?


Well what am I gonna do with this thing now?

….Oh Hey! I’ll give it away to my loverly readers!

So easy peasy. There is a contest entry form at the end of this review. You enter the contest know that you will get a brand new, unopened, unused Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Double Face Perfector in Light/Medium. The contest is open to everyone and please only one entry per person. I will announce the winner on Monday, July 6. The contest ends at 11:55 PM on Sunday the 5th.

So how is this concealer?
Actually, it’s really nice. So nice that I used it for a full month and almost thought about not getting another CdP concealer…that is until The Mighty J picked one up for me at a CdP sale! Whoot! Anyway. Back to the matter at hand. The Maybelline concealer is a liquid concealer on one end and a liquid highlighter on the other.

The concealer is administered via a doe foot applicator

and the highlighter has a soft brush.

The concealer is very nice because it doesn’t crease or settle into the fine lines around my eyes. It’s moisturizing but not overly so that it slides off my oily skin by midday. A little setting powder like Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder or MUFE HD powder and you are covered for a good 8 hours. I did mention the moistureization, but I must add that I did use this concealer on active and healing blemishes. I had no adverse reaction, it didn’t cause additional breakouts, and it lasted pretty well on my face with some setting powder. Not a full 8 hours, but nothing I couldn’t touch up during the day. The majority of the time, moisturizing makeup breaks me out, however, some oil-controlling makeup tends to dry me out and my skin looks dull and flaky. I had no such problems with this concealer!

I do have a few complaints. It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t mention that I think that the concealer part is very small. Less than .09 fl oz. Being that it’s only $8 I guess I shouldn’t complain, but I feel dumb throwing it away when the concealer is used up, but there is a ton of Highlighter left over. To be honest. I don’t use the highlighter all that much. I dab a bit on the inner eye area and lightly on my cheekbones, but I don’t think I could ever use both products up at the same time. I wish Maybelline would give more of the concealer part and less of the highlighter…but then how would they make their money right? They count on us using up all of one side and buying another.

If I were a total hoarder I would have a small jar full of used up concealer/full highlighters unable to throw them away because the highlighter had not run out. That collection would grow and grow and grow until my 18 cats eventually knocked over the file box of empty concealer/full highlighter duos causing a domino effect and all of my hoarded newspapers would tumble down and all the plastic lids from cool whip tubs would fall over, falling into the used pickle jars, and eventually all the plastic grocery bags I had been saving, would cushion the fall of all the items, keeping everything from breaking. Except now the door is blocked and my 18 cats are hungry and I’ve run out of food. It gets pretty ugly after that. Thank goodness I don’t have 18 cats…oh and I’m not a hoarder.

Do you NEED this concealer? Well if you win the giveaway you do, but if you don’t win, YES! The consistency is very smooth and lightweight. It gives a natural look and a decent amount of coverage. It conceals well but does not look cakey. What more do you want for $8?

P.S. Here is the color chart on the back of the concealer. I didn't find it helpful because I have never used Maybelline foundation, but maybe some of you have and could use this as a reference.

Entry Form Below.


  1. thanks for the review, Elvira! I have heard good things about this concealer.

  2. Hey Elvira! Maybe you can RAOK the highlighter to someone who doesn't use the concealer part. Just an idea.

  3. Love the hoarding story and wonder if any of its 'true to life' LOL.

    And who cant have enough highlighter? Maybe you could paint the bathroom with it?

  4. Hi Kat! No. None of the hoarding is true. I did pet sit for this crazy lady in DC who had an apartment that was teeny tiny and full to the ceiling of anything you could imagine. I was always scared the one of the over stuffed bookshelves was going to fall on me & trap me in there. LOL..but if I had my way...I might have more than one cat. We are going to look at the ones at the pound this weekend!

  5. I am always on my DH for not emptying his pockets and then when I forget to check he gets in trouble. LOL

    I love their rewind for under the eyes. Been an HG for a while now. Might need to check this one out too.

  6. I have this too and it's ok. I used to use maybelline's Instant Age Rewind® Concealer that came in a little tube and I liked that better. You got much more for you money's worth, a tube lasted a long while, and the texture wasn't as thick or quick drying.


  7. I just had to add this post to the weekly roundup on my site. How could I not? :)


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