Saturday, June 20, 2009

Oversensitive much? Yes. I Guess we all are.

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OK. I wrote a post about MoroccanOil and how I didn't find it a good buy for ME. I felt it was laden with silicones and it didn't do anything better for MY hair than the OTHER silicone laden products I already use. Therefore, I felt it unnecessary to purchase, as I could find similar products with the same benefits for less money.

I received a slew of passionate responses defending MoroccanOil. I think that's great! I'm glad it worked for some people and I hope that someone on the fence about buying the product was able to get enough information from my post AND the comments to form a decision.

But I received a comment personally attacking me and my choice not to recommend it. I admit. I was pissed when I read it and quickly chose not to publish that nasty comment. I shouted at my computer "IT'S JUST A HAIR OIL THAT I PERSONALLY DON'T LIKE, LADY. DON'T TAKE IT AS A PERSONAL AFFRONT TO YOUR BELIEFS! JEESH!" Then I realized it's my blog and if I don't like comments I can delete them. But would I be the better person for doing that? Nope. So here is the comment. That I decided not to publish, but now will print here.

From Anonymous.

"wow i think you may change your mind if you used it more that 4 times. i have been using it for over a year now and never have build up. the argan oil that they use is the highest quality out there so not very much is needed. not too mention that may in the end be the result of people claiming that pure argan oil made their hair greasy. i respect your opinion however labeling it crap is rude and obviously you knew others would disagree so what are you calling all of the moroccan oil lovers out there?? I guess we are all stupid. "

Dear Anonymous. I believe you did not comprehend my post as it was written. I apologize if I was not clear. I did not call anyone who likes this product "stupid". I simply stated that I found it no better than OTHER silicone products out there. I also stated that there is no strong scientific evidence that Argon oil has any supernatural benefits for the hair or skin. I acknowledged that people may disagree with my opinion and I also asked them for their feedback, but you, anonymous poster, seem to take it so personally that I didn't like the stuff that my comment about MoroccanOil was akin to calling your baby, "ugly". Really? Is Moroccan Oil such a key item in your life that you have to get so riled up about one person's opinion?

So here you go Anonymous. Here is your comment for all to see and agree with or disagree with.

For the record.
I do not believe that people who use MoroccanOil are stupid. Nor would I ever call ANY of my readers stupid...even you "Anonymous"! Without you all, I'm shouting into the wind. All readers are valuable to me. You, a reader who disagrees with me, is valuable. I write this blog so others can see what I have to say. A self indulgent and narcissistic reason, but a reason none the less. Just because someone disagrees with me does not make them stupid. They just disagree with me. That's all. Life is too short to get upset over such trivial things.

Now I feel better. How about you?


  1. Oh dear... why must some people be rude? Hugs to you, Elvira.

  2. Ever notice how the rudest comments are usually the least grammatical?

  3. I think that that lady go incredibly defensive. It's just a person stating thier opinions on thier blog. If you don't like it, just don't read it and leave!

    Props to you!

  4. It is your blog and your product reviews, if somebody doesn't like it then they can start their own blog. It sucks that there are other people that take these things so seriously. I love your blog, BTW.

  5. I feel like you should have a comment fail portion of your blog. Or write a tutorial on how to effectively leave a negative comment for maximum effectiveness. :P

  6. It always amazes me what a limited view some people have, especially about hair. Hair has different textures which means different hairs respond to different products differently!

  7. You know, if it doesn't work at all for you, I don't think it's rude to call it crap. Not exactly tactful, but hey. It does crap for you, after all. One woman's trash is another woman's treasure :)

    And I get annoyed by products that are over-hyped (like Kiehl's lip balm). I guess people can get emotional about it all.

    But I ramble. Good for you for posting the comment; open discussion is healthy and in the end everyone can decide for themselves whether they like the product or not.

  8. I hate silicones with the heat of a thousand hair dryers. Why?
    1.They make me break out IMMEDIATELY.
    2.They don't improve your hair or skin, it just *feels* softer because it coats it w/ silicone, and personally I don't want to fake it, I want to fix it.
    3.Not biodegradable!!!!!!
    I hate even more when ppl try to discredit a personal opinion. I've always thought it was weird (nice word for dumb) that people seem to get offended if you don't like something they like. Whatever tickles your pickle, whatever floats your boat.

  9. that was very...mature of you. I think you handled that well and stated your opinion appropriately. I would be upset if someone left that comment on your blog. From what little of your site I've seen I think you do a fantastic job and forget all the naysayers. First Amendment right bitches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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