Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Poll

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It's been raining a lot here lately. It's quite annoying because it's not cold enough to wear a jacket. It's rather humid....duh it's raining 100% humidity....but my hair has been super annoying as well as my makeup. My husband has this fetish about "saving money" and has turned off the air conditioner so the whole house it a humid sticky mess. I hate it. He has no compassion for my frizz or my melting makeup. I am excited for this weekend because it will be around 90 degrees and Mr. Darthypie will be at work so I can turn up the A/C!! How sad is that? One thing I do plan to do this weekend is check out Ulta. I hear their name brand eye shadows are hit or miss but Michelle from
Pretty Stuff - Healthy Stuff blog told me about 2 new taupe eye shadows that are a hit! I'll be checking those out ASAP. I have acquired a new taupe eyeshadow that I hope to have ready for a review by tomorrow. Stay tuned. In the mean time, please participate in the poll. It's actually more fun for me to read everyone's responses than it is for me to create it. On to the poll!

1) Lip Of The Day? - Guerlain Kiss Kiss Laque # 740 "Baby Beige" A sticky lip gloss that is opaque and has no shimmer or glitter. It's a warm nude orangey pinkish brown. (hows that for non commitment?) It's a great neutral gloss that has longer staying power than my favorite Chanel Glossimers. It has a scent tho, and it's kind of annoying. I'm not sure if it's violet or apricot or what, but I would be completely in love if it didn't have a fragrance.

2) What's the oldest item in your refrigerator? - A jar of pickles. I think it may be almost 2 years old. How bad is that? My husband bought it, convinced himself that they never go bad and refused to toss it every time we clean out the fridge. I dared him to eat one. He declined. I think he may toss them this weekend.

3) Any recent beauty acquisitions? - Aside from a new Taupe eyeshadow to be named later, I picked up about 10 sheet masks at this Korean grocery store near my work. OMG they had a whole cosmetic section...well it's not that grand, but they do have
Lioele brand cosmetics from I'm gonna check it out the next time I'm there. I didn't have enough money with me when I visited and I was with a male co-worker who didn't understand the whole makeup thing.

4) In what room is your computer? - Obviously a moot question for those who have laptops and wireless internet, but I'm still living in the dark ages and my computer is a big clunker! We have it in the living room. This way I can play with Darthypie and his Mr. Potato Head and still blog and get on facebook and Dlisted and other trash at the same time. Darthypie and I like to watch videos on youtube. His most recent love is anything with R2D2 in it...but I like watching the movie
"Really Rosie" a Maurice Sendak movie on 4 of his books from the 1970's. Chicken Soup with Rice, Pierre and One Was Johnny are our favorites!

5) When was the last time you used a color eyeshadow other than nude/brown/taupe/cream combination? What color was it? - I used a dusty almost colonial blue eyeshadow. It was a disaster. No matter how I applied it, I looked bruised or like Flo from the TV show Alice. I seriously need need a lesson in color I think.


  1. Lip of the Day? Right now it's MAC Queen Bee Lipglass from the Naked Honey Collection, don't know if I'm loving it....a bit nude for me!

    What's the Oldest item in your refrigerator? Dunno, I think it may pickles also.....

    Any recent beauty acquisitions? MAC Blot Powder, I think this is true love!!!! This stuff if freaking amazing!!!! I may have to buy a backup before MAC F & F expries!!!!

    What room is your computer?? Computer???? What is this computer thing you speak of???? Is this technology??!??!?

    When was the last time you use a color eye shadows??? Probably last weekend when I worked my PT job for Clinique, I am fond of a purple/gold combo we sell called Beach Plum.

  2. Lip of the day- WILD ORCHID LIPSTICK by NYC. I love this lipstick so much.

    Oldest thing in fridge- Ugh, I think that it could be something like lettuce or something. I don't really want to know.

    Recent beauty aquisitions- Bare minerals glimmer eyeshadow in Envy, Bond Girl 007 perfume sample, and MAC pigment sample in Kitschmas

    What in your room is your computer- I have a laptop =]

    When was the last time you used a color eyeshadow other than nude/brown etcetc combo? What color was it?
    Well, yesterday, I wore a really nice silver eyeshadow. I found a way to make the HIP shadow sticks work!!

  3. 1) Lip Of The Day? - I haven't put one on yet. Perhaps lancome JT in Maharani Jewels? I've been loving that one lately.

    2) What's the oldest item in your refrigerator? - Nick is pretty good about having us clean out the fridge regularly and not keeping any "science projects" around too long. By the way, those pickles? Yeah. I got rid of some pickles like that recently. They were about 3 weeks past the date on the jar and already tasted extremely foul, so your husband is wrongwrongwrong about pickles not going bad. Anyways, we do have some Bartle&James wine coolers in strawberry margarita flavor that have been hanging around a long time...

    3) Any recent beauty acquisitions? - I just got a crapton of the new NYX palettes. They're fab.

    4) In what room is your computer? - The living room. -__- This is soon coming to an end though. After I move I will have an office. Yay!! I eventually want a laptop, but that is a pipe dream at the moment. Many other things much higher on the priority list.

    5) When was the last time you used a color eyeshadow other than nude/brown/taupe/cream combination? What color was it? - MAC Of Summer (lilac) on the lid with MAC Nanogold to highlight. Couple days ago. :)

  4. Yah its been a gloomy two days here , too. But I keep telling my self at least its not snowing!

    1) Lip Of The Day? - Love KissKiss stuff. I am wearing my old tried, tested and true Dior Addict High Shine in Front Row Fig.

    2) What's the oldest item in your refrigerator? - Hmm some unopened Mennonites apple cider from sometime in March/April?

    3) Any recent beauty acquisitions? - Yah tons, the most recent though is Clarins Instant Sunlight Shimmer Palette bought last night.

    4) In what room is your computer? - Currently we have three laptops in various places around the house depending on where we feel like se need to peruse the Internets. The old computer in in our library/computer room though.

    5) When was the last time you used a color eyeshadow other than nude/brown/taupe/cream combination? What color was it? - I used the Sephora Calypso Soul Palette last Thursday. I used the sandy colour all over, the darkest colour on the crease, the ivory on the brow bone and the blue to line the lower lash line, topped off with Urban Decay Big Fatty mascara in Flipside.

  5. 1) Lip Of The Day? - Vincent Longo Gel X lipstick in LUST. It's a deep red.

    2) What's the oldest item in your refrigerator? A container of flour. It must be at least 4 years old. I bought it to make scones for DH (which he didn't eat. He'd rather BUY scones) and Sacher Torte cookies. Haven't baked since.

    3) Any recent beauty acquisitions? - Stila Jade e/s, Stila Ebony e/s, Giovi "cooked powder" eye shadow in #3. This is a gigantic dome the size of MAC MSFs. Kind of an antique gold.

    4) In what room is your computer? -
    First room (yes, in NYC, when you have a three room apartment, you have a first room, middle room and bedroom). The first room is off the kitchen area (literally a sink and stove with no counter space, three drawers and two wall cabinets. The fridge is technically in the first room) and can be considered office/library. Our sole TV (13") is also in the first room.

    We have lap top that I usually watch DVDs on in the bedroom.

    5) When was the last time you used a color eyeshadow other than nude/brown/taupe/cream combination? What color was it? - I wore Stila Jade in the crease and outer corner yesterday.

    PS> Elvira, Check out Ulta e/a in Twilight when you go to Ulta. It's a perfect eyeshadow. Sandstone is nice too.

  6. 1) LOTD - NYX Rhea w. Boy Bait CSG

    2) Everything in my fridge is less than a year old, because thats when I moved into my apartment.

    3) Joeybunny and I swapped for some awesome - MAC 217, Henna b/u and Wolf P/G

    4) My living room - my computer is an '04 special (huge hard drive, clunky screen)

    5) I wore color yesterday. I was testing out an Aphrodite look for a series about Greek Goddesses I'm going to do on my blawg. I had MAC New Vegas MSF all over the lid and the Red side from MA Mi'Lady MES duo in the crease, outer v and lower lashline. It was le hawt. I'm actually wearing it today to - I have L'Oreal Midnight Blue F/L on my lower waterline.

  7. 1. Sonic Vibe lipglass today- nice bright pink
    2. I don't think any of us want to know that.
    3. I'm on a nail polish kick- I got a bunch of new polishes from a local beauty supply's clearance aisle- some Orly and Essie, plus the new Essie Chubby Cheeks.
    4. The bedroom- easiest to watch movies in bed on.
    5. I've worn mauve/pink two days in a row now. Today one of the old Stila mousse pots in a sparkly pink, yesterday was Ulta's Tiara. And Elvira, if you don't have Ulta Twilight, you are missing out on some beautiful taupe-dom.

  8. 1. MAC Pro Longwear Lustre Lip color in Betwixt w/ Sephora Bronzed Beauty gloss on top.
    2.The oldest thing is my (almost) 5 year old wedding cake top!!! I'm scared of it. Plus it's taking up precious booze space in there.
    3. I just bought silicone-free primer, tinted moisturizer, bronzer (it was a kit) and a face powder from Korres. LOVING IT!!!!! Also, "girl's night in" kit by Benefit, and Lancome Oscillation.
    4. No laptop here either, our PC is in our game room.
    5. Today!!! I'm wearing Benefit's Skinny Jeans as a base w/ UD Shakedown on top. Because of my snarky co-workers I went neutral for a while, and I'm barely getting into color again. I still feel clumsy and I swear I knew how to blend...

  9. 1) Lip Of The Day? - I didn't wear anything today, but yesterday it was a Chanel Glossimer (#117, which is Icerose). Icerose is a gorgeous shimmery mauvey-pink.

    2) What's the oldest item in your refrigerator? - A carton of expired EggBeaters =/ eep.

    3) Any recent beauty acquisitions? - the Stila Charmed palette and TFSI Cream eyeshadow in Bedroom Eyes. Expect a review on Monday!!

    4) In what room is your computer? - Wherever my lap is. I got a 13in Macbook Pro today =D I am IN LOVE!

    5) When was the last time you used a color eyeshadow other than nude/brown/taupe/cream combination? What color was it? - Yesterday - UD Sting! It's a bright reddish-pink. Used it with MAC Phloof and UD Underground.


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