Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Press Sample - Bond No. 9 Andy Warhol Success is a Job in New York - The longest perfume name ever

image from Bond No. 9 New York

Let me start out by saying that I am in no way a perfume reviewer. My primitive “nose” has a hard time picking out “notes” in perfumes. I can’t tell the difference between osmanthus and lily of the valley but I’m sure if I were to smell pure osmanthus and pure lily of the valley I could tell the difference. Anyway. What I’m trying to say, in an ever so blundering way, is that I’ll be venturing into the world of perfume reviews. BUT this is my warning. If you wish to read a perfume review that waxes philosophic about tuberose notes mingling with saffron and cinnamon and drying down to a rich vanilla base…this ain’t the place to do it. I will however, give my own unique Pink Sith take on the perfumes I have tried and sniffed.

One more thing. I recently went to a mini meet up of some members of Makeup Alley’s perfume board in Tyson’s Corner, VA. Let me say that those women are freakin' HARD CORE. That’s a good thing. They sniffed so many different perfumes it would make your head spin. I know mine was spinning after a few HOURS. I envied their ability to detect notes in perfumes, I envied their ability to read the French names and speak them with the ease of a native French speaker. (5 years of French in school and all I can do is count to 10 and say. Je ne parle pas français.) I envied their endurance. After 2 hours almost in one store, Art With Flowers, (OMG They are awesome and were ever so generous and patient. The owner was a gem and I will definitely be going back to make more purchases. You all, if you are in VA should check them out too.) the ladies all stopped for lunch, passing tales of perfume stories around the table and passing samples and decants for others to smell too. Then when my headache had almost reached full tilt, they announced that they would be moving on to Neimans and Saks to sniff even more! Oh how I wanted to go play and be a big girl. I wanted to be in with the in crowd. But my spinning head and Darthypie needed attending so home I went.
Those ladies were awesome. I hope they let me play with them again.

This leads me to the main point of my article. A sample of Bond No. 9 New York’s new perfume was waiting for me when I arrived home. Being “sniffed out” I delayed my first sniff of this little treasure until the next day. I’m glad I did.

Bond No. 9 New York is a lovely perfume house located in, where else? New York. They have a huge collection of fragrances but they are all not cookie cutter and each one has its own personality. This Fall, Bond No. 9 is selling Success and Money! (OK. Not really.) Bond No. 9 will introduce their latest creation; Andy Warhol Success is a Job in New York. “… with a $cent as $eductively $weet as a dollar sign.” According to Bond No. 9 “Just like money, the scent is genderless -- a warm and spicey gourmand. And just like money, it lures and intoxicates all who give it a sniff. Its spicey-citrussy top-notes -- coriander, cardamom, mandarin, bergamot -- lead into a throbbing heart of jasmine, tuberose, rose, plum and pimento that seques into an oriental base of vanilla, patchouli and amber.”

The signature Bond No.9 bottle shape bears the Warhol image from his collection of 1981 Dollar Signs series. The “…tongue-in-cheek neons (in fashion this fall), are unorthodox too: coral for the front of the bottle, bright blue for the back.”

What I, Pink Sith, encountered when I tried this perfume. Wow! Strong. But in a good way. Not strong as in an old bottle of Estee Lauder perfume that has turned. Strong as in, it makes a statement. You first smell Cardamom and Coriander when you apply to your skin. Then the perfume tends to mellow and while I was unable to detect any rose, jasmine or plum notes, I did smell the rich and warm oriental vanilla, patchouli and amber. The perfume melts into your skin. It is positively striking. I will say that this is NOT a perfume for me. I prefer flowery notes, white flowers, roses and green scents. But I can appreciate this scent by the fact that I feel it is unique and truly does smell “rich”. By the way, I made Mr. Sith wear it. He said it was OK. That means, “it smells nice” in Mr. Sith speak. It really did smell good on him. I think it mixed with his body chemistry very well.

I have decided that Joeybunny needs this perfume. She prefers stronger scents. This one is almost tailor made for her. And heck, she’s looking for a new job in New York, so this is perfect for her.

Do you want a real detailed review of Andy Warhol Success is a Job in New York? Then visit Annie’s review on BlogdorfGoodman. She is much more eloquent and poetic about this. My ham handed attempts to describe perfume look like crayon drawings next to her classic oil paintings.

Bond No. 9 New York’s Andy Warhol Success is a Job in New York will be released in October.


  1. Oh Elvira, I love you. We'll make a trade - since we're on the complete opposite end of the perfume spectrum, I'll send you my sample of Saks for Her ok? And to the makeup gods, wherever Ye be, get me a new job! LMAO! =D

    Oh and for anyone else reading this, do NOT hesitate to visit a Bond store while in NYC!

  2. I am really sad I couldn't make it out to meet you but I'm glad you had fun with the rest of our "coven" LOL!!! It seems like these get together happen about every 4-6 weekish and I'll make sure I can come down for the next one! Looking forward to getting my review sample of this one in the mail.


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