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Follow-up: Besame Cosmetics' Founder sends me an e-mail.

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I recently gave a "so-so" review of Besame's new Voluptuous Lipstick in Red Velvet. Much to my surprise, my little blog grabbed the attention of the Founder of Besame Cosmetics, Gabriela Hernandez! Ms. Hernandez took the time to point out some things I did not know or had not clarified in my original post. I, being very open to criticism and comments (Constructive mostly thank you. I have feelings like everyone else does), welcomed Ms. Hernandez' e-mail to me and would like to publish it here for all to read. I think that her points are very valid and my original post about the new Besame Voluptuous lipstick, may have been a little misunderstood. So with Ms. Hernandez' permission I provide you with her e-mail to me.

Hello Elvira:

Thank you for the thorough review of the Voluptuous lipstick. I appreciate your honesty and value your opinion as a fan of the line.
I want to take a moment to address some of the points you made so you can see where I was going with this product.

Voluptuous was in no way intended to replace the classic color formula we created. I still love the original, simple formula and will be bringing it back with a full size 1935 model by Christmas. Just bear with me on time, since all the classic products are custom molded and take some time make.

Voluptuous has a more moisturizing formula, so even though the color is the same, it looks more sheer with a single coat application. You can layer a couple of coats and should be able to get more intense color.
The formula has more beneficial oils and is meant for drier lips, or older customers. The was intended to be a larger distribution product, therefore the color choices are more universal. This product was not meant for Besame's current customers, but for new customers that are used to a more mainstream color product.

The brush should be wiped clean after use and should be fine to carry with you. I carry mine and have not seen a lot of transfer if I wipe the brush before packing it away.

As you know, it is very difficult to be an independent manufacturer these days. It is very expensive and time consuming to make custom products, but I love to make them for you and others like you who appreciate it. I will continue to make items that will hopefully delight you. I am disappointed that you did not like Voluptuous, but I can't say that I did not expect it.

I welcome your suggestions for new items you would like to see from us and thank you for your patience and support.


Gabriela Hernandez
Besame Cosmetics Inc.

Well then. Does this change my mind completely about the new formula? No. Not completely. I still prefer the old formula but I understand how this new line may be a better introduction to newcomers of Besame Cosmetics. However, I believe Besame should have marketed the new lipstick differently if they didn't intend it for their regular consumer base. Like I said in my original post:
"Actually I think this new formulation will have a broader appeal to the average consumer. I am not an average consumer, as I think you have all figured out by now."


"This larger size will appeal to the main stream consumer."


"The new formulation of Besame Red Velvet will have a much broader appeal to consumers, is more user friendly and the finish is more modern. That’s great. I would love to see a niche cosmetics brand like Besame thrive and survive in this poor economy. The customer service is exceptional, the product is unique and the look & feel is quite luxurious."

Ummm so aren't we on the same page for the most part? But whatever.

Am I going to give the new Red Velvet another chance? Absolutely! I love the color. I will always love the color. But I'm still not a fan of the idea of more layering to achieve the same color from the original formula. I'm also still not sold on the brush. I'll keep using my retractable lip brush and keep the one Besame includes at home.

(Pssst! Just an aside between you and me. Don't tell Gabriella, but I'm flattered as all heck that she wrote to me. I'm a little sad that I kinda pissed her off and she misunderstood my original post. But Jeesh! I didn't think I would ever have a founder of a cosmetics company write to me and school me! Whoot! YES. I'm actually excited! Oh and she sent me a picture of the upcoming NEW original formula FULL SIZE lipstick!)
image provided by Besame Cosmetics

So there you have it. I hope I have set the record straight. I hope that I have presented you with all the facts. With the information from my original post and this new post you are able to make an informed decision. Just for reference, I own the entire line of Besame Cosmetics. I think that speaks volumes about how much I like this brand...and how I obviously have a problem... but you all already knew that. Now if they would only come out with a taupe eyeshadow...


  1. Woot!!!!!! Congrats on getting the attention of the founder of a major cosmetics company!!!!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I've never heard of Besame either... Is it a European brand? Great that you got some input from the founder!

  4. you are so big time now!! My friends cosmetic studio has her besame products 50% off. It is

    I have not tried her ls but I am sad to see the creme foundation going away. It was a perfect match for me!!

    and what was up with the snarky"but i expected it" comment??

    Reading your blog is the highlight of my day!! LOL

  5. well, it's great that the old formula will still remain; I quite like the look of the new case!

    I'd like to try red velvet sometime :)


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