Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Purchase - Guest Reviewer-Joeybunny on MAC Odd Bits eyeshadow quad from the Colour Craft collection

Today I bring to you all one of my latest purchases - MAC Odd Bits eyeshadow quad from the new Colour Craft collection.

Colour Craft is MAC’s latest LE collection, although I’m sure that by time this is posted 100 more collections will have come out (can you tell I’m jaded?). It’s chock full of overly shimmery Mineralized products and frosty lipcolors (please for the love of all things holy, stay away especially from the blushes - they were horrific), but the brushes and eyeshadows in this collection were actually pretty nice. I picked up the 109 brush (not featured in this review) and Odd Bits. The other two brushes include the 130 (a long, rounded, flatter 188) and the 226 which had been released with Blonde, Brunette, and Redhead a few months back. I have the 226 and don’t particularly care for it, and I swapped my 188 a couple of months ago so the 130 definitely did not appeal to me.

All of the eyeshadow quads in this collection had pretty good pigmentation minus the sparkly black shade in two of the quads (Assemblage and Fashion Patch). Also, two of the quads had awesome taupes - Assemblage has a warm taupe, and Odd Bits has a strange-grey blue that (at least on me, guys!) swatches a very pretty taupe. My first impression of Odd Bits was that it was a much more color coordinated Stila Charmed palette (please refer to my earlier review of this). What I mean by this is that the colors in this little quad actually seem like they were made to be worn together, but are pretty similar to those in the Charmed palette (blue, pink, gold, plum). Of course, the Stila shadows are of a much better quality and texture. MAC’s mineralized shadows have a strange flaky, slightly gritty texture and are somewhat sheer when applied dry. I recommend that they be used wet if you’re really looking for pigment saturation. Also, the texture of these shadows demands a less fluffy, and more compact brush for application. Please, pat these on if you want them to show up!

So, back to the colors - we have, going clockwise from top left, a: grey-silver-blue-taupe weirdness (I really think my darker skin tone brings out the taupe in this), rose-gold, a burgundy with gold sparkles, and a warm gold. For those with lighter skin tones, there’s no real brow bone/highlight shade, but since I’m a NC42 at the moment (I tanned a little) the rose gold works wonderfully as this. The most pigmented shade in this quad (swatched dry) is actually the weird taupe color. The burgundy is disappointingly sheer. The rose gold and gold are ok in terms of pigment. Of course, pigmentation is better when the shadows are used wet. But they all work well together, which is a plus. I have this issue with eyeshadow palettes - I hate when there’s an odd color or two that don’t seem coordinated with the rest! Feels like a waste of money to me.

FYI guys - my swatches are kind of heavy, and all done dry - trust me, these shadows are NOT this pigmented.
Now here’s a normal NON HEAVY set of swatches dry (one finger stroke over the shadow, not pressing too hard) versus a set of wet swatches done with normal pressure.

Now, here’s the important question: would I recommend this to you all? Eh. These retail for $19.50 and are the size of a normal MES duo. This means each individual shade is tiny. Secondly, I’ve already discussed the pigmentation here. You have to be willing to really work with these shades (and yes, the pigmentation of the rest of the palettes is on the same level if not worse than Odd Bits - minus Girlish Romp, the pastel one, because it had the smoothest texture and thus was the most pigmented). Usually MES fans understand this and are willing to shell out cash anyway. But for those non MAC addicts, save your money unless the colors of this or any of the other quads REALLY appeal to you. I don’t mind so much because I have and like a few of the previous MES eyeshadows, I usually wear my shadows wet, and I loved the colors in this quad. Otherwise, there’s no way I would have paid for this.

Really, and this is just my honest opinion here, if you’re going to buy any MAC products at all, please only buy from the permanent line. The quality of MAC’s permanent products is much greater than the quality of their LE products for at least the past 2-3 years. This newest collection is no different.


  1. Finally! Someone who believes that MAC's permanent line is better than the 2934875 LE collections that they release! LOL
    I appreciate your straight talk! While some of the LEs must be fabulous, not all of them work for everyone!

  2. Elvira my love, my third pic is mislabeled - the bottom part is normal pressure dry, and the top is normal pressure wet!

  3. K - I own a ton of MAC's permanent line, especially the eyeshadows, and the perm line is WAY better than anything that they've released as LE in the past few years. Even the "new" permanent stuff (like the Mineralized collection) isn't that great. It's really aggravating to cave into hype all the time and end up with lackluster products =(

  4. I went by the mac counter last week just to check out those shadow, but they just look like plain (chalky) powder shadow shaped like domes.

    Those marbleized ones last year are at least sort of pretty.

  5. Thanks for your dissenting opinion! Everyone I meet say that they love the mineralized stuff, but I was still skeptical. Thanks for the swatches!

  6. I love Joey's reviews! Elvira, you never told us what the Ulta taupe shadow was that you got.

    I also agree- MAC's perm line is so much better than the LE stuff. I generally only get LE lipsticks. And I'm just not a Mineralized fan, except for a handful of MSFs. That said, I did buy Girlish Romp e/s quad from this because the lavendar is identical to Lovely Lily pigment on me!

  7. Citrine - The shadows from last year were so pretty! These new ones aren't chalky as much as they're chunky/not as finely milled as the other MES.

    Y - You're welcome! I personally find the vast majority of the Mineralized products to be too glittery/too frosty.

    Marley - Thanks =D Girlish Romp was very pretty and I'm sure it's lovely on you!


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