Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Press Sample - Kenzoki Energetic Face Mask with Bamboo Plant Water - A hydrating treat even for my oily skin.

image from kenzousa.com

Ask Joeybunny. I'm a complete sucker for facial masks. She talks me out of buying most of them but I recently had an opportunity to try out Kenzoki’s Energetic Face Mask with Bamboo Plant Water. Joeybunny can't be everywhere to talk me out of stuff! The creamy, non drying mask is supposed to soften and improve skin firmness. It’s also supposed to provide a sort of cooling relief to the skin. As far as cooling goes, I can’t agree with that. Calming, yes. Cooling, no. It does leave my skin soft, but since I refuse to admit my age I will not say if it firms. OK. It did seem to “firm” my skin. It did hydrate my skin well, which in turn plumps it up, which in turn makes it look firmer. Not that I need to firm my skin. Why I’m a spring chicken. I’m barely 29 (yeah right) years old.

This mask is really rich and does not melt or dry while you are waiting for it to work its "magic".

I’m a big fan of the Kenzoki skincare line. I loved their cleanser, and serum. You can read a review here. Either I’m slow or I didn’t read the directions, but this colorless creamy mask came with a small disc like sponge for what reason I had no idea. I thought it might be used to apply the mask, as it does come in a large tub and there is no spatula to extract the thick, creamy, mask from the packaging. But I could not find why this sponge was included. It didn’t make application any easier or less messy. I rinsed off the sponge after I applied the mask and set it aside to dry. I relaxed for a few minutes, put some cut cucumbers on my eyes and hoped that Darthypie wouldn’t need anything for the next 10 minutes. Fast Forward to 10 minutes later. I want to eat the cucumbers but the mask has touched them to I toss them in the trash. Now I’m hungry and I need to wash this mask off. I go to rinse off the mask and while the creamy mask has not dried on my skin, it certainly is not a breeze to remove. I’m kind of rubbing with my hands now and the mask is still not coming off as well as I would like. Now I’m getting annoyed and I’m still hungry. I remember that silly sponge and begin to use that to remove the mask. AH HA! “That’s right Sherlock. The sponge is there to help REMOVE the mask.”, I say to myself. Hey, I was a ‘C’ student what do you all want? I’m a little slow when it comes to things like that.
A close up of the "sponge of confusion".

Once I figured out how to remove the mask I was able to reap the results of the mask. My skin just glowed! As oily as my skin is, it’s still dehydrated (annoying), so using a mask that re-hydrates without irritating my skin is a godsend. I love the smell. The bamboo plant water is hard to describe. It’s green, it’s clean and sweet all at the same time. Like I said before; it reminds me of the smell of the lone ice cream shop at Bethany Beach in the late 1970’s / early 1980’s. You know; the one next to the putt-putt golf place that was $1.25 a game? Ahh memories!

Do you need this mask? Well let’s put it this way. No one needs ANY mask. With proper cleansing and moisturizing and by having a healthy diet and lifestyle, you don’t need any of the potions and lotions anyone sells. I do not need it, but I like to indulge from time to time and since I don’t eat well or get my 10 glasses of water a day (unless diet orange soda counts towards my 10 glasses), any extra help in that arena is much appreciated. $42 will get you 1.7 oz of this mask. It’s definitely on the pricey side, but since you only have to use a very small amount for your entire face and MAYBE use it once a week I think it’s a fairly good value when it is broken down into cost per use. You can purchase Kenzoki skincare directly and only from the website.


  1. >.< 42$ still seems like a lot to pay!

  2. This sounds pretty good! and I loved how funny your review is. However, I'll still be there as much as possible to convince you that you don't need stuff =D *squishes*

  3. sounds nice! I love the scent of Kenzoki products. I'll try the serum or the cleanser first though :)


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