Friday, July 17, 2009

Press Sample - L’Occitane - Ultra Rich Body Cream in Rosebud. Not your momma’s rose!

As oily as my face may be, the rest of me it pretty dry. Perhaps neglect, perhaps the constant move between air-conditioning and hot humid heat and back to air-condition, but something takes a toll on my skin in the summer. Not as bad as in the winter in which I actually get ashy…let me tell you, having been mistaken for a sheet of drywall / paper /(insert anything really white here), to be able to call oneself “ashy” is quite an accomplishment in dry skin. Oh but enough woe is me. Here comes L'Occitane Ultra Rich Body Cream
in Rosebud to the rescue. This limited edition scent is in celebration of the “20th Anniversary of Shea” from L’Occitane! I had no idea they were celebrating Shea. That Shea with a S not with a C minus the a. (Joking) OK. Not that funny. Moving on.

First let me start out with the 25% shea butter in the product. Perfect moisturizing for my skin. I love using this rich creamy product on my feet, legs, arms, hands, almost anywhere. I honestly didn’t think I was going to like this body cream as much as I do. However, the more I use it; the more I see results and love it. I need a little less every day to maintain the soft moisturized feel on my skin. I usually shower at night and put this on after I shower. I love the fact that it really sinks into my skin and does not feel greasy. However, if I use this in the morning I do use it sparingly and allow a little time for it to sink in before I dress.

The scent I selected is Rosebud. The limited edition scent is pretty and L’Occitane offers 4 other limited edition scents including Vanilla, Ylang Ylang, Frangipani, and Acacia. They also have the original and lavender in larger sizes. Psst. The original smells a bit like almond and honey. Yumm! The rosebud scent in not your typical chemical synthetic old fashioned rose fragrance. It is derived from the Moroccan rose. This delicate, almost earthy scent is divine. It reminds me of the scent of roses in a garden after a hard rain. The scent of the rose mixing with fresh ozone and rich soil. It really is perfection. I’m a sucker for rose perfume and wear very different rose perfumes. I don’t find that this scent in the L’Occitane body cream conflicts with any of my perfumes.

A 3.5 oz tub will run you $21 USD for the limited edition scents. Larger tubs of the original Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream and Shea Butter Lavender Body Cream will cost you $39 USD for 7 oz.

Do you need this? Yes. I believe this surpasses my holy grail, Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter! The rose scent is awesome, but if that is not your cup of tea, maybe another scent. It’s moisturizing enough for the winter, but light enough to hydrate your skin in the summer and protect it from the air conditioning/hot air blast your skin is exposed to. I got the body cream HERE on the L'Occitane website. I’ll probably be purchasing the Shea & Organic Cotton Discovery Set a skin care set for sensitive skin. As Joeybunny isn’t here to talk me out of buying a new facial mask. Hee hee!

Last but not least. I just noticed that the top of my body cream has braille on it! This is the first beauty product I think I have ever owned that actually uses braille so that the blind and vision impaired can read the label. How freakin' cool is that?



  1. i love L'Occitane's products! xD
    thanks for the review.

  2. this is one brand i always avoid checking out for no reason. there are boutiques around town and i pass one store at least once a week! i guess i should reconsider this brand after reading your review.

  3. Glad to see a L'Occitane review. I love the brand and pretty much everything they sell!

  4. LMAO @ Ashy. I get so dry it looks like someone set me on fire and let me burn down to charcoal flakes. This sounds right up my alley.

  5. I almost went into L'Occitane today because of this post! By the way - I may be in LOVE with a facial mask. And no, it's not a sheet mask! Remind me to tell you about it =D

  6. Yesterday I saw some body washes with braille on them. They caught my eye too! I think it's a great idea, hope all the products will have braille on them soon.
    I'm kind of tempted by your L’Occitane rosebud cream but I should finish my other gazillion creams before...(T.T)

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  8. We really loved this blog post. Not only is it a glowing review of this product, but it's extremely entertaining and informative. We loved it so much that we tweeted about it at and posted it on Facebook

    Thepunkcat, and anyone else who is interested by how we started putting Braille on our products, you should check out our website to learn more about this very important aspect of our company and products.

  9. Great review. L'Occitane really knows how to do "rose".


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