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Press Sample - Sponge Skin Care Krema Triantafillo Rose and Sage Cream - A possible Holy Grail!

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A few weeks ago I was all ready to write a very neutral review of Krema Triantafillo - Rose and Sage Cream by Sponge Skin Care. I was going to tell you to save your money, that I thought it was a gimmick. I'm glad I didn't. I didn’t realize, until recently, how amazing this new cream I was using really is. I hadn’t given it enough time to work its magic on my skin. Now that I have been using it for a full month I am happy to say RUN do not walk to your nearest computer and get this amazing moisturizer.

OK. Let’s start from the beginning shall we? Krema Triantafillo - Rose and Sage Cream by Sponge Skin Care is one of the limited range of skin care items by Sponge Skincare. Those of you not familiar with Sponge Skincare should know that Sponge skincare was originally formulated by a doctor for the care of his pregnant patients. According to the Sponge website: Sponge has been able to pinpoint nature’s most powerful plants thru a chemical-free extraction process then hand-blends each product. Each cream has a base of first pressed extra-virgin olive oil to promote firming, anti-oxidant and overall health benefits to the skin. Manufactured from plants in Greece Sponge skincare is cruelty free and meets many high dermatological standards. Aside from that they are very conscious of their “carbon footprint”. Sponge uses only bio-degradable soy ink, 100% recyclable materials and in the print practice, works exclusively with companies that are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified, the strictest in the industry. FSC’s social and environmental requirements are also the highest and meet the social, economic, ecological, cultural and spiritual needs of present and future generations including criteria such as respect for human rights of indigenous people, prohibition of use of hazardous chemicals and conversion of forests or any other natural habitat.

OK. So what about the benefits? It’s great and all that they care about the environment but I’m not saving any trees if I purchase yet another cream that I will eventually discard because it’s more hype than benefit. I can safely say that the Krema Triantafillo - Rose and Sage Cream has worked wonders for my skin. I really love this product so much.

First of all let’s start with what Krema Triantafillo - Rose and Sage Cream is purported to do to your skin.
According to Sponge: This cream features a strengthening and balancing blend of high-quality rose hips and sage. It calms irritation and protects even the most sensitive of skin types from becoming irritated or uncomfortable. Lightweight yet highly moisturizing, it improves suppleness and radiance for a more beautiful complexion.

Breaking this down. Rose Hips. YUMM. Smell beautiful and are used in many skincare products to calm irritated skin. Ding! Sage. YUMM. Another wonderful scent that also has been used in many skin care products to calm irritated skin. Ding! This cream is lightweight and very moisturizing as well. Now I will say that while my skin is sensitive, it is also oily so I did not wear this cream during the day. I only used it at night but once a day application has turned my red irritated skin around to calm smooth skin. Ding! Applied at night after my Glycolic Acid gel (yes I still need to use this) my red face turns back to its peachy shade in a matter of minutes. The cream sinks in quickly and I never feel like I have a grease pit on my face, nor do I feel that the Krema Triantafillo - Rose and Sage Cream is not moisturizing enough. Ding! The proof is when I wake up. In the morning my skin practically glows. Even Mr. Sith has complimented me on how pretty I look in the morning. DING !!! DING!!! DING!!!

After one month of use I have noticed a sincere decrease of pimples, dryness around my cheeks and eyes, my pores seem less congested, which in turn makes them look smaller and best of all my skin is smooth and calm looking. I really am amazed at the results. Now the fact that the cream smells wonderful is a huge plus. It’s not chemically or synthetic. Just pure. Light rose & sage and some other scents I can’t quite name yet. The unassuming glass bottle with hygienic pump is as minimal as can be…which I like. I don’t like the thought that I’m paying for packaging like I feel I’m doing with some other brands. This is simple and straightforward. What counts is on the inside!

Here’s the thing. 1.7oz will run you $85 USD. OK. OK. Now before you all get your panties in a bunch over $85 dollar face cream I must share with you my philosophy. You don’t have to agree, but I just wanted you to know where I stand on this. I will spend whatever it takes to make my skin look beautiful. I truly believe that if I use the right products that actually work for me, weather it is a $7 face cream or a $70 face cream as long as it works I will buy it and use it. I have spent countless dollars on products trying to undo the effects of skincare that doesn’t work for me. It doesn’t make sense to cut costs on a face cream if I’m going to spend 10 times that much in products trying to reverse or cover the damage done to my skin by using a product that doesn’t work. For example. I thought I would save some money and stop using the DDF glycolic face gel. What happened? My face started breaking out, my pores became inflamed and I had dull looking, tired skin. I spent even more money trying to “fix” my skin, from additional creams, to lotions to acne treatments to makeup. What I learned was that if I had just spent the money on what worked, I wouldn’t spend money trying to fix something that didn’t work. That being said, Krema Triantafillo - Rose and Sage Cream works for me. No sense in trying to find a cheaper alternative and then spending hundreds of dollars trying to fix my poor results when I know I have something that works and in the long run I’ll save money.

I think that the 1.7 oz cream I have is going to last me quite a while. Having used 2 pumps every night for an entire month I see that I have a good 96% of the product left in the bottle! That’s awesome. When broken down into cost per use I really see this as an amazing value. Oh and not to mention that the ruddiness in my face is starting to disappear with continued use, which means less need for foundation and concealer. Maybe one of these days I’ll just go out with some tinted moisturizer or BB cream and call it a day. How awesome would that be?

Do you need this? YES. If you have sensitive skin. I really have not felt the need to tout the wonders of “all natural” products in the past, but this is the rare exception where I will say. Yes. You need this. Done.

You can purchase Sponge Skincare directly from their website
HERE or from The DermStore HERE Honestly. I would like to try Ladi Avokanto Avocado Oil and Aromatotherapia Giasemi - jasmine aromatherapy mist in the future. But for now I’m very, very happy with the Krema Triantafillo - Rose and Sage Cream.


  1. Yay I'm so excited this worked for you!! I'm happy we're both finding skincare that works for us =) Oh and I totally agree with your philosophy on spending on skincare! =D

  2. I share your philosophy. I have an $8 cleanser that works great and $30 shampoo =)
    Its worth it.
    I have a question for you. You mentioned that you were going to write a neutral review for this. How long until you started seeing benefits? Did you stop using it and your face got mad at you? lol
    I've never had a moisturizer that I've *loved* before, still on the hunt... thanks for pointing out an option that I never would have found myself =)

  3. Joey: Yay! Happy skin! lol

    Jessie: I would say that after 3 week I started to notice I needed less foundation less acne cream and was having to use less concealer. I realized it was the moisturizer because a few nights in a row I didn't use it and my skin was all blotchy and angry again. I started using it the next night an my skin went back to normal. This is the first moisturizer that I have used that I would consider purchasing again.

  4. Gah it sounds so great but the price...
    I get the breakdown but still. However, I have no room to say much because I have tried pricey items that I feel are totally worth the price.


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