Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Poll

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The unexpected. I recently saw a wedding video that had a most unexpected procession. Watch for yourself here Unexpected Wedding Video
It made me smile, laugh and most important, think. When was the last time I did something unexpected? Am I so caught up in the "Status Quo" to remember that I don't have to be like everyone else? I think the daily grind gets to everyone and, if we're not careful we lose ourselves in the ebb and flow of day to day tasks. It woke me up. It made me realize that I don't have to just blend in and get by.
While my cliché ridden paragraph above may be annoying, what's more annoying is forgetting who I am. I am a freak. (In a good way) I used to wear combat boots, dye my hair purple and listen to Bands like Throbbing Gristle, Ministry, Front 242 and others. Now I blend in with the suburbia that surrounds me. I wear capri khakis and Keen® sandals. My hair is it's own natural color and not one part of my head is shaved. I still listen to Front 242 and the like but now it's from a Volvo station wagon. Have I sold out? Have I become a "mundane"? Or have I grown up and traded in my combat boots for a 401K and a Mortgage? I'm not sure. I know it's some unexpected fun when the house fraus at the local pool see my tattoos. But really it's not that shocking. Enough identity crisis angst. On to the poll.

1) Lip Of The Day? - Besame Red Velvet. A deep red that lasts and lasts. this is the old formula that I adore. Besame has come out with a new version which I will be posting about very soon.

2) Recent unexpected, really good, beauty acquisition? - The Sponge Rose & Sage cream I posted about this week. I was really surprised that I liked it so much. I had such a blah feeling about it at first, but after a while it became a "Holy Grail".

3) What would you do with an unexpected windfall of $100? (p.s. you can't spend it on bills or anything responsible) - I would buy some new shoes. I am stuck in the 1970's and adore high heel clogs. My most loved pair finally bit the dust this week. I need a new pair, but summer is really the worst time to buy such shoes...oh and it's 2009. Not the most fashionable shoes out there. But I'm comfortable in the high heeled wooden soles. I just need me some new shoes darn it!

4) Have you ever had a Surprise Birthday Party? Would you like one? - No I have never had one. But once in high school my friend Tanya had a surprise party for me at my home. No birthday, just a surprise. It was really nice. I really would love to have a surprise birthday party but I don't think anyone would ever throw one for me.

5) Anything unexpected happen to you this week? (good, bad, indifferent?) - My buddy Lachesis (Lindsay) writes for the Allentown She writes a beauty column and it's really very good. It's like an extension of her blog but with a more journalistic approach. Well she unexpectedly e-mailed me this week asking if she could do an article about my blog. I was so flattered and pleased. Of course I said yes. Free press is always welcome! So here is her article. CLICK HERE It made me so happy to read it. Thanks Lindsay!


  1. Haha.
    I recently shaved half my head due to a case of "omg - I have become grown-up and a normal/boring person maybe I must show off my tattoos all the time to make up for having my natural hair colour...". Then four days later Rhianna goes and shaves her head just like mine. Duh. So much for being individualistic!

    And as I'm here. Let me do your poll:
    1) lip of the day: MAC - most popular
    2) Nope. I'm in a total rut.
    3) 100$ just for me? I'd buy that $70 bag I'v had my eyes on and then spend the remaining dollars on shipping to Norway!
    4) No. But I'd love to have one. But like you, I'll probably never have one. But I once threw a suprise baby-shower!
    5) I found out that some money I had counted on wont arrive until next year. Financially that's really bad, but I'll be happy about the extra cash next year I guess.

  2. 1) Lip Of The Day? - NYX round lipstick in Hebe

    2) Recent unexpected, really good, beauty acquisition? - HIP Loose Kohl in Burgundy which I bought at the junk shop for $1.99. Great color -- not too red or purple.

    3) What would you do with an unexpected windfall of $100? I desperately need new black pants.

    4) Have you ever had a Surprise Birthday Party? Would you like one? - I had a suprise Bridal Shower at work but no B'day. I'm too old for one now.

    5) Anything unexpected happen to you this week? (good, bad, indifferent?) - not really unless you count finding an old crush on Facebook (who I am not friending) and seeing that he looks positively ancient and much older than your husband who is 10 yrs older. I lead a boring existance sometimes.

  3. Sometimes I think you must be my doppelganger! I too left my days of Danielle Dax, Judy Bats, and semi-wild dress in the past. However I still have my tattoos and unrelatable musical taste. Most of the people in my suburban social circle don’t really get me (even though I look like the girl next door now). I live my life in limbo, and in six years when my son graduates from high school I plan to move back into the urban scene where I belong. For now, I am happy to live amongst the “other” and observe.

  4. 1) Burts Bees Lip Balm

    2) Not unexpected but equally awesome - Trucco Angel Face Palette.

    3) MUFE HD Foundation and Primer and some Illamasqua E/S.

    4) No - my birthday 17 out of 18 times was on the first day of school. Yeah I think it would be fun to have a surprise party, but no bigs.

    5) I'm getting my awesome retro sundress for 15 dollars and probably doing a mini haul at Rite Aid.

  5. Lip of the Day; Started out as Clinique's Currant Superbalm and morphed into the NYX Iced Latte that sits on my desk @ work.

    Recent, unexpected, really good, beauty acquisition? The new NYX 10 pan and 5 pan eyshadow palettes! For $9 these really are great quality for the price!

    Unexpected windfall of $100? SPA DAY!!!! I live near Hershey, PA and the Hershey Hotel has an amazing spa,,,you can get a chocolate wrap great is that????

    Surprise Birthday Party? mmmmmm, nope, got surprised one year with a fried ice cream in a Mexican Restaurant, but I don't think that counts.

    Anything unexpected this week? Actually I posted on MUA all the goodies coming up from Clinique (I know the Sith has no love for my line, it's OK, we agree to disagree). However, anything blog (Diamond in the Rough by ShuUmeralove on MUA) picked up my post and blogged it!!!! WOW, I've been mentioned on 2 blogs, here and that one!! Pretty cool!

  6. 1) Lip Of The Day? - I didn't wear anything today. You know exactly why =D

    2) Recent unexpected, really good, beauty acquisition? - the $1.99 Studio Tools crease brush KarlaSugar posted about - it ROCKS and is WAY better than my MAC 226 or my LM Pony Hair crease brush. WOW! I still need to test out my Sonia Kashuk flat top eye blending brush also.

    3) What would you do with an unexpected windfall of $100? (p.s. you can't spend it on bills or anything responsible) - Are clothes responsible? I need new jeans. Well that does sound responsible...I'd buy a few iTunes albums, a new Bond Bon Bon (Riverside Drive) and then get a NARS eyeshadow or two =)

    4) Have you ever had a Surprise Birthday Party? Would you like one? - When I was younger, yes and I hated them. I like parties that end up surprisingly fun, like my 16th birthday party or my night last night =D

    5) Anything unexpected happen to you this week? (good, bad, indifferent?) - Well let's see - I had many wonderful conversations, work went by pretty well, my three guy friends and I killed a White Castle Crave Case while sober, and I went to Target! Oh, that Sephora VIB thing was pretty unexpected too lol, as was my night last night lol

  7. 1) Lip Of The Day? I haven't started my makeup yet, but it will probably be a pinky lipgloss.

    2) Recent unexpected, really good, beauty acquisition? Milani Beach Sand. I got it in a blog sale. It is unexpectedly good as a cheek highlight!

    3) an unexpected windfall of $100? Buy a MAC 187 brush (which costs $70 in Japan!) or go on vacation...

    4) Surprise Birthday Party? I once threw a party, and the invitees changed it into a surprise birthday party for me! WOW that was soooo surprised.

    5) Anything unexpected happen to you this week? I got flowers at work!

  8. 1. skinmedica lipplump system

    2. see above (stash shopping)

    3. squirrel it away for my skiing season-pass

    4. i have had one tried on me, but i could see it coming a mile way.

    5. unexpected? oh yeah. major tummy 'bug'. i'm on the upswing now but it was a rough couple days. the queen was spending much time on her throne...


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