Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Purchase - Bobbi Brown Bash - Don't Judge a Shadow by its Color

Have I mentioned that I have a new obsession? It's not taupe but it is eye shadow. Bobbi Brown Metallic eyeshadow to be exact. It's GREEN! Forest green...well Ivy Green. It's called Bash and it is part of Bobbi Brown's new Ivy League Collection for fall 2009.

Now many of you may say. " Bah. Green eye shadow? You are losing it Elvira!?" I say. NO! I am simply enhancing IT baby! Now granted the model for this collection is photo shopped to within an inch of her life, the message is still clear.


See? Wasn't that simple? Bobbi has come out with three different green shadows in three different formulas, however I ignored the other two because Bash, in the metallic formula, is just that freakin awesome.

Look at it!



Yeah. that's it. Now you know what I'm talkin' about!

The formula for Bobbi Brown Metallic Shadows is nice. Minimal fallout. Soft texture. The shadow applies smoothly and evenly. Bobbi Brown claims that it will be crease free, but NO shadow is crease free on me without an eyeshadow base. Having worn this with a base and I have to say that it lasts just as well as any other shadow I use with a base.

HOWEVER! Bobbi Brown Bash eye shadow does not looks as warm and golden green when applied to my eyes. It turns almost teal! Ugh. I can't say this will happen to you when you apply it, but when I paired it with Bourjois Ombre Stretch eye shadow in Brun Nylon 09, the loverly warm forest green turned to a cool blackish teal. So be warned...swatches are not always what they appear to be.
EOTD using Bourjois Ombre Stretch eye shadow in Brun Nylon 09 all over lid, Bobbi Brown Bash in crease, Bobbi Brown Navajo to highlight, Becca Barbarella liner, Shu Uemura The Basic Mascara

I did a second eye of the day where I really packed on the shadow and the deep green did show up, but sadly it just isn't as pretty on my eyes as it is swatched on my arm. It goes to show that not all swatches are created equal.

EOTD using Bobbi Brown Bash on lid, Bobbi Brown Iced Mocha blended into crease, Bobbi Brown Navajo to highlight, Shu Uemura The Basic Mascara.

Do you NEED this? Let's put it this way. If you want a green shadow please try this out on your eye - not your hand prior to purchase. If you are OK with the possibility of it changing to teal, go ahead and buy this, but if you don't like surprises I suggest you pick up a different green shadow...perhaps Shu Uemura ME Green 550 or Chantecaille Malachite.

Do I like this shadow? Not all that much anymore. The total difference in the pan versus on the eyekills it for me. I can still use it but I don't love it as much as I thought I would. I'm thinking I might get a different color to complete my three pan palette tho. Any Suggestions? I have Iced Mocha and Navajo. (Taupe and Cream) Maybe a Navy or Deep Purple?


  1. I like the idea of navy ;)

  2. bummer.

    i LOVE your second EOTD's truly lovely.

    i love green eyeshadow but i certainly wear less of it than i used to because i prefer it somewhere between "so office-friendly that it's invisible" and "elvish ectoplasm forests".

  3. Your eyes are gorgeous! You don't really notice the just notice how beautiful your eyes are!

  4. Aaaah, green you're speakin' *my* language. I have more green eyeshadows than I know what to do with, but surprisingly I own no BB green eyeshadows. BUT, I think the green you're looking for, the one you wanted this one to be, is actually Urban Decay "Mildew". I might even bet some money on this, if I were a bettin' kind of gal.

    PS: As for another BB shadow to replace Bash, have you tried BB Woodrose? The website calls this "A brownish pink" but I call it the softest, lightest most creamy-looking taupe I've ever owned. It looks much lighter in the pan than what you get on your lids, and it makes the perfect lid color to use with other matte taupes in the crease. Just lovely, and you can even wear it alone as a wash and not look washed out. It's a 5-star shadow for me, in terms of color and versatility.

  5. That's fracking gorgeous on you! It matches your eye!!!! NO FAIRSIES!!!

  6. SO weird!! Bash is the exact same color on my lid as it is in the pan =( I'm sorry Elvira!!

  7. I thikn that a deep purple would be awesome! I know what you mean when pan =/= eyelid color. It happened to me when I used L'Oreals Kerry's bronzes quad.

  8. i like how you tested it. this is about the same feeling i have with a clarins e/s single, which happens to be a green too. grr...

    i thank you for being so honest. i don't like surprises so this will be a pass for me. i was hoping the new BB e/s were better. wrong again. i am still BBless

  9. yay i love green! that's an awesome shadow!

  10. You know what makes a huge difference in keeping the color true? I found this out because I always had trouble with colors losing their 'oomph'. If you apply a colored base underneath it makes the world of difference. I swatched bash alone and under one of the BB shimmer gel eyeliners..Ivy I think? But it made the green brighter and more vibrant. It really works. I love the green Night Porter shadow from Nars but when I put it on it just looked black. Then I layered it with the green Nars cream shadow and it was gorgeous!! Try it out (try a couple different bases to see what works) - it might renew your love for this shadow! And I actually LOVE the color on you as is. I know its not the punch of green you were looking for but it is a beautiful color on you! :)

  11. I actually think this looks gorgeous on you but I'm sorry it wasn't like what you expected!

  12. Yes YOU NEED After Hours (if you don't already have it)...a dark purply taupe. It would be fab on you!


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