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Guest Review by Joeybunny - Press Sample - Kenzo UFO

Hello All, Elvira here: I am so very honored and pleased to bring you yet another guest review by our very own Joeybunny! She was much better suited to review this perfume and I think she captures the scent perfectly in her writing. Please enjoy!

Last week, Elvira shared some exciting news from Kenzo, one of my favorite perfume lines, about their latest perfume creation (please refer to her entry here). Unidentified Fragrance Object, housed in an architecturally stunning bottle designed by Ron Arad (which is on display at MoMA in NYC right now!), is a limited edition scent - because of course, all good things are always limited edition, sigh.
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Now in her previous entry Elvira did a great job of listing the perfume’s notes and describing the intentions behind the scent’s creation (“scent of marble powder against a woman’s skin” - hmm, a little weird but sounds appealing to me!). And even better, she mailed me the press release sample! Elvira and I have totally opposing tastes in perfume. She likes what I’d call more feminine, pretty scents. Me? I’m still waiting for someone to make Eau de Man Armpit. I’m a huge fan of masculine, heavy, not-appropriate-for-daytime-usage kind of scents. Want an example? I LOVE Thierry Mugler Angel. My current favorite scent is Bond No.9 New Haarlem, which is heavy on the patchouli note. Apparently, I was a sweaty hippie in a past life.

I digress. I do love Kenzo’s scents; FlowerbyKenzo is one of my Holy Grail fragrances, and KenzoPower and KenzoAmour are high up on the Joey Loves It! scale. To say I was thrilled when Elvira kindly mailed me Unidentified Fragrance Object is an understatement, even more so once I smelled it!

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Clearly, Aurélien Guichard was thinking of me when he created this fragrance. It’s either that or his mother (his inspiration for the scent) smells like my dream come true. Whatever. This scent is gorgeous. It’s not for the feminine woman, the woman who likes roses and wears dresses and pearls and drinks wine spritzers in the evening with a salad. This is for the woman who wears leather and f*ck-me heels and can handle her whiskey and steak and isn’t afraid to play rough, because this scent definitely plays rough. It’s sexy as hell, really. I could not get enough of it. I sprayed myself and kept sniffing at my arms all day. My darling best friend took a whiff of it and told me I smelled delicious (I bought him dinner for being so sweet). I did smell delicious, dammit! Apparently Guichard disregarded the normal perfume structure (base note, top note, etc.) and played around with something called a “marble accord” and notes of Bulgarian Rose, Vanilla, Orange Blossom, and Frankincense. Well, upon first spritz I definitely smelled the rose and frankincense, and something else that I’m guessing is the marble accord (it smelled more like the faintest hint of sweat and patchouli than marble, but ok). The vanilla and orange blossom was more apparent as the day went on. This perfume really settled into my skin, and just smelled really natural and warm, but still strong. It also lasted a good 12 hours on my skin.

Here’s the sucky part - this is an extremely limited scent. Kenzo only released 1,000 bottles, and it’ll be sold for $188 at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC and the Kenzo website. However, I did discover something interesting. I realized at some point throughout the day yesterday when I was wearing this perfume that it smelled familiar to me. How could that be, you ask? Well, there was something about the frankincense note that reminded me of Bond No.9 New Haarlem (which has notable patchouli and vanilla notes). This morning, I decided to test out my idea. I sniffed the two scents together. They smelled incredibly similar, but the Kenzo had a fresher note to it. I then decided to layer Bond No.9 Riverside Drive over the New Haarlem (I chose Riverside Drive because I wanted the freshness of its basil and pineapple notes). Voila! I could barely tell the two scents apart. Did I dupe the Kenzo? Well, I came close. The Kenzo smells slightly more feminine than the Bond combination. But let’s be realistic. The Kenzo is limited edition! It’s going to be hard to come by, but the two Bond scents are not. So, if you can’t get your hands on the Kenzo, know that there’s something close enough to it.


  1. Great review, Joeymuffin! The bottle is so intriguing...glad you found a dupe!

  2. As always an awesome review Bunny! I'm so glad you like the perfume!

  3. Awesome review! I haven't been tempted by "commercial" perfumers in quite some time (the niche guys who create unsubtle scents heavy on the essentials get my love. stupid old lady musk, rose, sugar, and playdoh from the commies can take a hike) and now you've got me thinking about two at least! Angel for Men is also all up in my bidness as being awesome. Wears on the boy ever so slightly better, but still divine on me.

    Thanks for the review!

  4. Beccer - Thanx =D I try to spread my muffinyness.

    Elvira - Again, thanks SO much for your generousity.

    Anon- Glad you liked it, and I'm happy to find a kindred scent spirit! Angel for Men is so good...and Alien also, sigh. I recommend you check out this Kenzo, and if you can't, do try to obtain samples of the two Bond Scents I mentioned. Also Bond No. 9 Brooklyn may be of interest to you.

  5. Joeybunny, def not a perfume for me, I'm in the feminine Elvira camp but I reall, really, really, really, (is that enough?) enjoyed your review!!!!

  6. Cindy, thanks so so so so much!! =)

  7. Thanks, Joey, I will! I'm writing them down tonight so they'll be in my purse for future store wanderings. :D "Manly smells" are beyond awesome when on girl skin, no?

    BTW - sorry for the anonymity, but I don't have any accounts with any of those places! And I'm too lazy to start. :p


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